How to Hide Lower Belly Fat in Jeans (AMAZING RESULTS)

Don’t get it twisted that you can ever have a wasp-like waist. Everyone has a belly – albeit of different sizes – and so the question should be about how to handle your tummy when you want to feel more confident.

There are many ways in which you can hide your lower belly fat in a pair of jeans without looking awkward or losing your sense of style.

Take a look.

How to Hide Lower Belly Pooch- Best Clothes for Hiding Lower Belly Fat

1. Lower belly pooch shapewear/ bodysuit

Shapewear is and bodysuits are a godsend for any woman who wants to hide her bulging stomach in the mirror. You can wear shapewear underneath your favorite outfit, and it will make you look like an entirely different person! The best shapewear for lower belly pooch will hold your lower stomach at a better position and define your midsection into a sexier curve.

Perfectly fitting shapewear is the only way to roll up the fat and prevent a sagging belly, fupa, muffin top, and love handles. And it will allow you to wear slimmer tops and t-shirts that you couldn’t have worn without looking plumpy.

Ensure that you only wear bodysuits or body shapers with breathable fabric. Remember that you are in close-fitting clothes down to the ankles and therefore excessive sweating will be unbearable.
One of the best shapewear for tummy made by ShaperQueen, best body shaper for lower belly pooch

2. How to hide lower belly fat in jeans- Loose tops

Loose tops are the way to go if you want your potbelly covered up. Wearing a too-tight or short a shirt will only show off any cellulite, and this is a no-no when you’re trying so hard to achieve a chic look. Go for tops, shirts, or blouses that reach the top of your thighs, effectively covering your tummy area.

JUST MY SIZE Women's Plus Size Cooldri Performance Scoopneck Tank Top. best top for hiding belly fat when you are wearing a pair of jeans. Here's to how to hide lower belly fat in jeans

3. Draped or ruched tops

Want to avoid that “beer belly” look? Draped tops are designed with flowing fabric to give the illusion of an uneven surface, which can help conceal any unwanted lumps on your stomach.

And you’ll feel more confident in anything from fitted shirts, dresses, jeans, and skirts because they make everything seem seamless by hiding unsightly problem areas like muffin tops.

Zeagoo Women's Ruched Cowl Neck Tank Tops Sleeveless Stretch Blouse with Side Shirring. Best top for concealing a pot belly

4. Asymmetrical top

If you want to hide your belly in a pair of jeans, wearing unsymmetrical clothes over the denim can be a great idea.

You can ensure that people don’t notice how much weight has crept around your midsection by putting more emphasis on other areas using stylish tops. Asymmetrical tops, blouses, and sweaters feature designs like one shoulder off, bubble or lace hem, ruffled pattern, tie-front style, attractive prints, and much more. With these, people will only see what looks good from angles away from the lower belly.

ANRABESS Women’s Turtleneck Long Batwing Sleeve Asymmetric Hem Casual Pullover Sweater Knit Tops

Types of Jeans for Hiding Belly Fat

How do you wear jeans when you have a belly?
Hiding your belly in a pair of jeans is all about personal preference, but here are some types of jeans that might work for you.

1. Find a pair of jeans that are the right size and fit

Most importantly, whatever shape of jeans you want, try out different sizes until you get one that fits you closely but as comfortably as possible.

Avoid baggy and wide-legged jeans because they will make look bulky thus accentuating your stomach. Go for a slimmer pair of jeans whose legs end at the ankle- not above the ankle and not bulging below the ankle. The former will give you a leaner silhouette while the latter will make you look shorter and round-shaped.

2. High rise jeans

If you have a bulging lower belly pooch or you’re worried about your fupa, muffin top, or mom pooch, a high-waist pair of jeans is the best because they will sit above your tummy. In fact, some high-rise jeans are made with in-built tummy shaping construction. The best example is Miraclebody by Miraclesuit Women’s Thelma Denim Leggings.

Miraclebody by Miraclesuit Women's Thelma Denim Leggings. One of the best jeans with built-in shapewear

3. Mid rise jeans

Mid-waisted jeans are the next best pair because they will sit flat on your tummy, helping to compress it a bit and camouflage the belly fat, and also deter you from overeating during the day : ).

Avoid a low-rise pair of jeans. That’s not how to hide lower belly fat in jeans because it will push up your tummy fat thus revealing it even more. They will also give you a muffin top.

4. Tailor-made jeans

A professional tailor will be able to measure the size of jeans that will perfectly fit your midsection and overall physique, giving you something that you will love to wear until it wears out.

5. Dark-colored denim

Black or dark-colored fabric is the better option when you want to avoid attracting attention to your lower belly pooch. Stay away from white or bright colored jeans as they will illuminate your tummy bulge making it more noticeable.

Get the Right Accessories

1. Avoid a waist belt or suspenders if you can

Avoid wearing belts or suspenders because these draw attention downward to the areas that you’re trying to disguise.

If you have to wear a belt with your jeans, do not tie it around the hip area. It will pull your lower tummy into two hanging bags or fat. I do not know how weird you find that.

Instead, you should wear the belt higher up your waist so that the focus is on the waistline. If you’re plus size, your belt should be preferably wide to provide better compression.

2. Heels and wedged shoes

High heels, blocks, wedges, and stilettoes will elongate your height and make you appear leaner. Go for them when you wear tight-fitting jeans. Baggy pants on the other hand should be matched with flats.

How to Get Rid of Fupa in Jeans

FUPA, also called “fat upper pubic area”, sits above the pubic bone and thus high-waist pair of jeans are the best jeans for hiding fupa because they will sit above your tummy. The denim should match your body shape: for instance, if you have an apple-shaped body, then it should have wider hips and a smaller waist to create a flatter abdomen and shapely waist.

You can get better results by wearing fupa control shapewear under the high rise jeans. The best shapewear for fupa include Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear and SEXYWG Women Waist Cincher Tummy Control Girdle because they compress the lower tummy areas and they have a tight waistband to prevent the shapewear from rolling down.

Wondering How to Get Rid of Fupa in Jeans? Or to How to Hide Fupa in Jeans? Get this Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear Hi-Waist Double Tummy Control Panty Waist Trainer Body Shaper

There you go.

For those who have pot bellies or fupa, these are some easy ways to hide them in a pair of jeans.


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