Clothing with Built-in Shapewear

Matching the design and shape of shapewear with those of your outfit is a tricky balancing act. You may have the wrong size of a body shaper under a bodycon dress making it bunch up. The shapewear may also be the right size and shape for you but you may have to endure sweating and such-like discomfort.

And who likes visible panty lines by the way?

A dress or any other garment with in-built shapewear lets you avoid the above troubles because the shapewear is custom-made for the outfit.

Let’s see a few options.

Clothing with Built in Shapewear

1. Slimming Pants and Jeans with Built-in Shapewear

Miraclesuit is a familiar brand for swimwear and shapewear but they also have a line of cute clothing that comes with built-in shapewear to let you flaunt a sleek look without a bulky layer of undergarments.

i.) Miraclebody Women’s Thelma Denim Leggings

These include denim and pants such as these Miraclebody Women’s Thelma Denim Leggings with a hidden tummy flattening and control panel and a contoured waistband. Crafted using super stretchy fabric, the jeans make you look slimmer and flawless without sacrificing comfort.

Miraclebody by Miraclesuit Women's Thelma Denim Leggings. One of the best jeans with built-in shapewear

ii.) NYDJ Women’s Petite Ponte Trouser Pant

You should ensure that you buy a size smaller for a perfect fit of these NYDJ pants because they’ll surely slim your silhouette. All NYDJ bottoms are designed with a patented lift tuck technology that makes you appear a full size smaller. This is a proprietary slimming panel featuring an innovative criss-cross design that flattens your lower tummy and curve-contouring constriction in the back to lift and enhance your bum for a more petite and attractive look.

NYDJ Women's Petite Ponte Trouser Pants with built-in slimming and shaping panel

2. Stretch Dresses with Built-In Tummy Control

i.) Miraclebody by Miraclesuit Women’s Marilyn Stretch Dress

The Miraclebody by Miraclesuit Women’s Marilyn Stretch Dress has an in-built torso slimming liner to perfect and flatter your figure. Made of 95% rayon and 5% stretchable spandex, the dress has a turquoise print, the colors of luck, peace, and protection.

The patented shaping innovation lets the garment fit into your unique shape and lifestyle, instead of you being forced to fit into undergarments that are not working for you.

Miraclebody by Miraclesuit Women's Marilyn Stretch Dress Size XL with Turquoise Prints. Clothing with built in shapewear

ii.) Alex Evenings Women’s Short Sheath Slimming Stretch Halter Neck Dress

Shapewear doesn’t always have to be a hard and rigid undergarment that takes away your comfort just to look good and sexy. We can think about the design and styling of the dress done to hide or flatter your trouble areas. Alex Evenings stretch Halter Neck Dress is a slimming dress that has a side ruched waist which stretches at least to shape and flatter your tummy. It’s made with the best-selling stretch compression fabric that will get people asking where you got the dress from.

Alex Evenings Women's Short Sheath Slimming Stretch Halter Neck Dress. best slimming dress for flattering the tummy

iii.) NUE by Shani Shaping Dresses

NUE dresses, crafted by designer Shani Grosz, are a number of dresses made to make you feel comfortable but free in your skin with a built-in shapewear secret that no one needs to know about. Dresses such as NUE by Shani Women’s Shoulder Cut Out A-Line Dress and NUE by Shani Women’s Flutter Sleeve Cocktail Dress have an inner lining made of compression lycra fabric that shapes and molds your abdomen, making you appear a size smaller. This eliminates the pain of the boning, zippers, hooks, and wires associated with corsets and girdles.

NUE by Shani are the perfect dresses to meet the demanding lifestyle of a modern woman.

NUE by Shani Women's Shoulder Cut Out A-Line Dress. Best body shaping dress with inner compression lining

3. Yoga Pants

Gym people are all about getting fit and in shape and yoga and gym leggings should be in line with this aspiration. Here are some of the best workout pants with shaping capabilities.

i.) Sweat Shaper Women’s Sauna Leggings Compression High Waist Yoga Pants Thermo Sweat CaprisHere is the clothing with built-in shapewear. Sweat Shaper Women's Sauna Leggings Compression High Waist Yoga Pants Thermo Sweat Capris.

The Sweat Shaper High-Waist Compression Leggings not only slim and tone your legs, but also stimulate sweating so that you can get more out of your workout. They have an innovative heat-trapping polymer fabric that will give you a sauna experience as your work out, do yoga, run, or cycle. The ergonomic design is comfortable and stretchable, allowing your muscles to move freely so that you don’t end up with the all-too-common post-workout soreness.

The high-waist design will compress and control your tummy, thighs, and tone your glutes for a more natural silhouette.

ii.) Urbane Soul Women High-Waisted Gym Workout Body Shaping Tummy Control Yoga LeggingsUrbane Soul Women High-Waisted Gym Workout Body Shaping Tummy Control Yoga Pants Leggings.

Yoga leggings with side pockets let you keep your valuable items such as phones and cards close to you as you engage in light exercise. The Urbane Soul Women’s High-Waisted Gym Pants is a compression tight fit that will tone and shape your body. It has a slimming high-rise and wide waistband that will gently compress your midsection, enhancing your silhouette. The waist band lies flat on your body without digging in or sliding.

Finding non-see-through gym pants is a hassle for many and this legging is perfectly safe for squatting and spreading your legs.  Its 4-way stretchy fabric is designed to wick away moisture and the design will enable you to wear the pants to the gym, at work, or when hanging out with friends.

4. Stretchy Work Pants

There is no need of struggling to breathe under layers of underwear, shapewear, and thick pants, just to look curvaceous at a business meeting. You can now get business casual stretch pants that you can wear to the office, to a yoga session, and even leisure.

I made the right choice with IUGA Bootcut Women Yoga Pants with Tummy Control. They are well constructed with good no-show fabric and 25% spandex means they’re super stretchy for shaping. They snuggly fit the butt and thighs, down to the knees from where they flare.

The stretchy bootleg pants are affordable and versatile, so you can use the same pair for business hours, exercise and yoga hours, or even match it with an overcoat for happy hour.

IUGA Bootcut Yoga Pants with Pockets for Women High-Waist Workout Bootleg Pants with Tummy Control. best business casual yoga pants

There you go. If you need to avoid wearing shapewear perhaps because it rolls down, it’s uncomfortable to wear for long, or it shows under clothes, you can choose from our list of clothing with in-built shapewear.

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