How to Wear Crop Tops if You Have a Belly (9 Key Hints)

You don’t need to have a flat belly to look exquisite and confident in a crop top. In any case, it’s not easy to have a chiseled tummy after 30, or after becoming a mom, and so the question should be about how to wear crop tops if you have a belly, and not whether or not you should wear trimmed tops.

If you like showing a bit of skin, wearing crop tops does not have to be so much of a challenge. You can go for flowy crop tops, match the midriff top with a high-waist bottom, and so on.

Here we discuss these and other tips for hiding your tummy pooch when you decide to wear a cropped top.

How to Hide Belly Fat When Wearing Crop Tops

1. High waist bottoms

High waist bottoms and crop tops go perfectly well together and even give you a slimmer silhouette. When you wear a high waist bottom, your belly fat gets squeezed more inside while your hips and waistline are made to appear more defined.

Besides making you appear leaner, your contours are accentuated, making you more attractive. High waist jeans do a better job of shaping and concealing your belly (read more here than high-waist skirts and pants, although the high rise pants and skirts will still hide your tummy.

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2. Baggy or flowy crop tops

If you prefer form-fitting crop tops to baggy ones, you should be willing to deal with the exposure of your belly fat and love handles.

If as a mom, the exposure of your belly fat will reduce your confidence levels, you can conceal it by wearing trim tops that are baggy or flowy. They do an excellent job of giving you a smaller torso while taking away all the attention from your big tummy area.

3. Undergarments such as a camisole or T-shirt

Camisoles and chic t-shirts are great when layered under your crop top. Their work is to conceal your tummy and their color should give more prominence to the midriff top. They can also be neutral colors like black or white. Let the camisole’s color and design complement your crop top for you to look elegant in this combination.

A woman wearing a camisole top under a crop top

4. Wear dark crop tops with dark high waist bottoms

It is probably not news that dark outfits make you look skinnier. This is not a hoax. If you are plus size with undesired lumps on some parts of your body, dark outfits will do an excellent job of camouflaging them.

Your entire body will appear to have a smooth outline as all your contours, including your belly, are leveled. Black high waist jeans and dark-colored crop tops are one of the best combinations for hiding belly fat. They make your tummy look smaller, so there is little or no attention around there.

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5. Cardigans and Jackets

After indulging in a fatty diet for a long time, it is normal to feel absurd about your belly which has started to protrude. When you have nothing to cover the belly fat hanging underneath your half top, insecurity gets worse. You can change this by incorporating cardigans and jackets if you must wear crop tops.

Cardigans and jackets play a vital role in hiding the lumps on your lower stomach. There is no focus gazed at your belly area and so no one can tell whether or not you have a big belly.

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6. Low waist pants or trousers

Low waist pants and trousers are also great with trim tops regardless of your excess belly fat. The secret is to wear a tight inner bottom. Let the inner be black. The tightness will squeeze the excess belly fat, aligning your tummy with the rest of your body.

7. Pair your cropped top with a structured fabric

Traditionally, you should wear your crop tops with garments such as high rise leggings. There is an exception for people with bigger tummies to wear fabric structures such as knit or woven fabrics.

You can wear a high waist tweed denim that sculpts your belly, making you look slimmer and with a flatter tummy.

8. Pair your trimmed top with a sweater dress for winter

Winter days are cold, but you may want to wear a crop top regardless of your big belly. To ensure you look great in the top, consider pairing it with a sweater dress.

Besides keeping you warm in the winter season, the sweater dress helps to hide the shape of your tummy and focuses more on giving you a great look.

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9. Layer your crop top

Layering your crop top over a stylish shirt gives you a formal look, besides concealing your tummy fat.

The crop top alone will display your belly fat and other parts of your body that you may want to hide, such as your love handles. Layering is a great way to conceal all this.

What’s the difference between crop tops and tank tops?

Most tank tops are sleeveless tops that reach up to the waistline thereby covering the whole belly, while others go down to the hips or upper thighs. Most tank tops also have wide shoulder straps, while a few have thinner and spaghetti straps to your liking, such as the MANER Women’s Plus Size Cami Casual Pleated Chiffon Tank Top that has beaded straps.

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Crop tops are also sleeveless tops but the garment is trimmed to reveal the abdomen, the lower stomach, or sometimes revealing only the waistline.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned tips are a great way to wear crop tops if you have a belly, something that can get embarrassing if done the wrong way. However, it is essential to note that the more you embrace your flaws and imperfections, the better you will feel in your skin and clothing.

You do not need a nice body to wear particular clothing such as cropped tops. Regardless of your size, you can rock in them. However, the ultimate secret to self-confidence is to love your body and your flaws as they are.

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