How to Wear a Bodysuit with a Big Belly (You Won’t Feel Self-Conscious Again)

If you’ve ever worn a bodysuit, then you know that it can be tricky finding the right one that fits well and still looks great on your body type and shape. Bodysuits are figure-flattering, but they can also make it hard to hide tummy rolls and other parts of your body that aren’t so toned.

We’ve found some helpful tips for wearing bodysuits without feeling too self-conscious: from self-love, styling with leggings, layering under cardigans, and more.

How to Wear a Bodysuit without Looking Fat

1. Self-acceptance is key

If you don’t love yourself, no one ever will.

The only way to rectify a problem is to first accept the way things are. Otherwise, if you hate your body, this can lead you to dreadful reactions such as eating disorders, social seclusion, and depression.

Everyone has their flaws and insecurities, so ignore what you think people think about you so that you can get on a journey towards self-acceptance and self-love. And feeling confident and comfortable in whatever outfits you choose to wear.

2. How to wear a bodysuit with jeans

When you have a big belly, it’s hard to find clothes that fit. But what if I told you there is an outfit where your curves can be on display and still look good? The key is in high-waisted jeans – the perfect pairing for any body type.

If you had a well-defined hourglass waistline before the beer belly or mommy pooch, then high-rise jeans will nicely compress your tummy and get you back into a more attractive silhouette. High-waist denim can flatter any other type of body shape as long you know how to create balance. If you tend to gain more weight in the midriff, then yours is an apple shape and you should wear spacious jeans since those that are too tight will create a muffin top. If you are pear-shaped, your waist is slender and your hips are thick and so your high-cut jeans should be narrower in the waist and wider in the hips and thighs.

The good thing with high-waist jeans is that once you compress your big belly, you can accessorize the jeans with a wide and colorful belt so that attention goes to the belt and not to your curves.
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3. Consider styling your bodysuit with leggings or tights

Leggings are a wardrobe staple we can’t imagine doing without. They’re just so comfortable and versatile. Styling your bodysuit with leggings will slim down the look of any belly or muffin top and give you a firmer silhouette from your bust to your thighs and the lower legs.

Let the tights be high waist to seamlessly match the bodysuit on its lower side. You can pull the tight over the bodysuit or snap the bodysuit over the leggings. There is no wrong way to do it. It will depend on the design and size of the two garments as well as on your taste.

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4. Wear a wide belt above your belly

When you need to put on a bodysuit, but want to avoid those pesky bulges that come from belly fat, one of the best ways around it is wearing a wide belt above your belly.

The belt notwithstanding, it’s important that you remain conscious of maintaining a straight posture and make sure that the belt doesn’t exert too much pressure on certain areas like bellybutton or your lower back. This will only cause discomfort after a long period of wear.
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5. A bright colored jacket or cardigan over the bodysuit

Wondering how to wear a bodysuit with a big belly?

Pairing the bodysuit with a bright-colored blazer or jacket and accessories is a creative way to divert attention from your tummy to the more attractive detail. Just ensure that the overcoat covers your waist and that its color blends with the bodysuit. If the bodysuit is plain colored, then you can try to blend it with a floral prints jacket and vice versa.

Long jackets and tunic cardigans with loose front drapes are great for elongating your vertical detail and making your midsection appear leaner.
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6. Try a bodysuit with floral print or lace overlay

Floral prints or lace are not just appealing but visually busy and so people will hardly notice that there is a pooch on your stomach. According to, the golden rule of cloth prints is that the smaller they are, the smaller you appear.
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7. Horizontal or vertical stripes?

Scientists that are generations apart have confirmed that contrary to popular belief, vertical stripes don’t necessarily make you appear taller and leaner. It can actually be the other way round. Further tests in the fashion space have revealed that either horizontal stripes or vertical stripes may work for different body shapes. If you’re apple-shaped and thus wider in your midsection, vertical stripes will help to elongate your frame and make this section appear leaner. If you’re pear-shaped, your hips are fuller than other parts of your body and horizontal stripes can help fill this area creating a slimmer illusion.

A rule of thumb with stripes is that the thinner they are the slimmer you look.

8. Dark-colored bodysuit

If you want to make your stomach look smaller, then wear a dark-colored bodysuit.

The way that light reflects off of our skin reveals every little detail-but not in your best interest when you have a problem area. This just makes them stand out more prominently against other areas. So instead, try layering with lighter colors on top so those problem zones become less noticeable.

9. Linen or silk fabric

Linen or silk are great fabrics for concealing problem areas.

In our opinion, bodysuits made of linen or silk fabric will help you look slimmer and give your figure a better shape by making it appear less round than if you were wearing only jeans/pants with no foundation top at all.

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You don’t have to avoid bodysuits if you have a tummy pooch, because you can wear them with high waist jeans, leggings, or tights. You can also put on a wide belt around your tummy, choose a bodysuit with lace overlay, among many other hacks. If you’ve been wondering how to wear a bodysuit with a big belly, you now know that it’s doable.

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