Does Not Wearing a Bra Cause Sagging? -Pros and Cons of Not Wearing a Bra

Social isolation has forced us to stay indoors and you might have decided to let the diddies hang free in your privacy.

For the carefree like me, we’re even spending some days in pajamas, especially, when I know there won’t be a zoom session with my supervisor.

But are there pros and cons of not wearing a bra? It turns out there is, as we’ll discover shortly. Does not wearing a bra cause sagging? We’ll see what the experts have to say.

Benefits of Not Wearing a Bra

i) We never get it right with bra size

Right away, the main advantage of going braless or wearing the best bra alternatives has to be the fact that almost all women all over the world never get to wear their right size of bras. It either they don’t know the correct size or they don’t get the right bra size, even if they know it. This leads to a cocktail of mismatches, such as undersize bra cups but the right band fit, oversize straps but a fitting band, the right size cups but a band that’s too tight, and so on. It causes fuller-busted and heavy breasted women myriad troubles such as neck and back pain, overflowing breast tissue, or just utter discomfort. Unless you have the best wireless bras for big busts, you can also experience pain in the rib cage. In such a situation, freeing the nipples feels better.

Carole Martin Full-Freedom Wireless Comfort Brassiere for Plus Size Women, Best Full Coverage Bras for Large Breasts

ii) Less sweating

We are getting into the hotter months of the year and having multiple layers of garments just increases sweating, chaffing, and irritation. But this comes down to wearing the right material. Most sports bras are breathable, thus allowing you to sweat and remain dry. You should also ensure to rotate your bras among different designs, such as wire-free and underwire bras, etc because overusing the same pair makes it starchy and irritating. I know for sure you don’t like the red rash and acne emanating from smelly undergarments.

A woman with a red rash under the brassiere straps.
           A red rash under bra straps

iii) Cash savings

You’ll spend less on purchases when you stop wearing a bra. Undergarments make up a minuscule portion of our budget and when things get back to normal, you’ll actually regret not having spent this time to get yourself a good collection. So it’s not an advantage to count on.

And now to the cons;

Side Effects of Not Wearing a Bra

i) Low self-esteem and confidence

Women with tiny breasts can get away with putting on a t-shirt over the nipples, but if you have a larger bust and saggy boobs, you don’t have that privilege. A properly fitting bra makes you well-proportioned and curvy, helping you to feel sexier. Your tits are not just tools to feed your newborn or playthings for your significant other; a sexy cleavage can sell cars, rule the runway, and many other heights of achievement.

ii) Neck and back pain

Bras support the weight and internal structure of the boobs, relieving various muscle groups (neck and back muscles). This is especially important when you’re in motion and active, and it helps to prevent back pain. Mind you, your boobs can jiggle up and down and side to side between 3 and 4 cm when you’re walking and lightly active. Proper breast support would prevent such movement, providing you comfort.

iii) Improper breathing

A properly fitting brassiere has a number of benefits, the second one after back pain relief being proper breathing. This might come as surprise, but for you to inhale enough air, the diaphragm has to contract and pull downwards, while the muscles between the ribs have to relax, thus expanding the rib cage. A properly fitting bra takes the weight of the bust off the ribcage, allowing it to expand as it should.

Does Not Wearing a Bra Cause Sagging?

Breast sagging is caused by some genetic and biological factors (such as age, number of pregnancies, and smoking) and there’s no evidence that it can result from going braless. Anything that decreases the skin elasticity such as smoking, breastfeeding, and aging are bound to make your boobs slump. Also, weakening of the cooper’s ligament (the tough connective tissue bands that support and shape your breasts) due to aging, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations will cause breast ptosis.

However, when engaging in an intense activity such as running or working out, a well-fitting sports bra will do more to prevent sagging than not wearing a bra.

To wrap up, it seems not wearing a bra will have advantages in certain situations, but wearing a bra outweighs the pros of going braless.

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