How Many Pairs of Bras Should a Woman Own?

With so much variation in style and design out there for ladies’ undergarments – from bras, thongs, to high-waisted briefs – how are you expected not only to find your perfect fit but also determine the “right” count that will last you until next season when new styles roll around again? It sounds like more than enough work just finding your favorite pair among all these options; then throw in determining if you have too few or too many garments at hand.

Good bras are not cheap, and your wardrobe may require multiple styles to accommodate different outfits and occasions. So what’s the right number of bras for you?

Here are our thoughts about how many bras should a woman own.

How many bras should I own if I’m a minimalist?

A minimalist’s wardrobe is typically made up of the clothes they wear regularly. However, with bras being an essential part of every woman’s outfit, it can be difficult to decide how many bras you should own and what size of bra fits best for your body type! We typically need two major types of bra: one type that provides support and comfort during day-to-day activities (i.e., work and leisure) and another for more intense physical activity such as running or high-intensity workouts at the gym.

Bra types and lifestyle notwithstanding, experienced opinion is that a woman should have at least 7 to 10 pairs of bras. Within this number, you should mix different types of bras depending on your taste and life choices. For example, if you prefer support to comfort, then you can have 3 to 5 everyday support bras that can include a pushup bra, an underwired bra, and a full figure bra. Conversely, if comfort is your main priority, then your daily bras can include wire free bras, lounge bras, and bralettes. When it comes to color, a good rule of thumb is to go for neutral or darker shades that won’t stain easily.

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Your closet should also have 2 or 4 bras reserved for special occasions. Do you keep fit? If yes, then your need at least 2 pairs of breathable sports bras. The others special bras should include strapless bras, backless bras, and even breast tape for those night outs and weddings where you want to wear a shoulderless or strapless gown.

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The reason behind this number is to avoid wearing the same brassiere consecutively and also, if you do happen to wear all your favorite ones out before being able to rotate them all, then having both an old standby and new staples will make it easier for you not to feel like anything’s missing in your wardrobe.

How many pairs of bras should a woman own if she’s a maximalist?

If you love playing around with colors, accessories, and styles, then you know how confident and sexy it feels to put on a matching set of lingerie or bra and panty sets.

An important and often overlooked consideration when purchasing new clothes is what it will do for the layers in your closet. The more options you have, the less likely you’ll reach into something old every time. Having many pairs of underwear allows you to mix and match with all those tops but the result is that it becomes hard to put a number on the pairs of bras you should have in the drawer.

How do I figure out how many bras I should own?

  1. Determine the number of bras you need for different outfits and events.
  2. What’s the interval between your clean-ups? Make sure you have enough bras for a full rotation.
  3. Figure out if it’s worth spending more money on high-quality bras or if cheaper ones will do just as well; this is something only you can decide.
  4. Know when it’s time to purchase new bras – signs include wearing a bra too small, straps digging into shoulders, underwire popping out from cups, or loose elastic at the back band. Purchase new bras in advance so they’re ready when you need them.
  5. Invest in a drawer organizer, which can help save space and make it easier to find bras when you need them. You might be busy buying new bras yet you’ve never worn the dozen bras you bought last year but one. Because you stashed them into a closet corner and forgot about them.
  6. Keep an inventory list – this will come in handy if you’re ever shopping for new bras and other undergarments at the mall or online!
  7. Always keep one or two pairs of backup bras at hand, just in case something happens to one of your regular ones (like a wire poking through).

Our Verdict

There isn’t an exact number of bras that will apply to everyone due to various factors such as weight change, breast size changes over time with pregnancy/breastfeeding cycles, and whether someone has had a breast implant. Even where on earth we live makes a difference too ( ;

The average woman only wears 3 different styles of bra, so it’s easy to get carried away and buy more than you need! But if your underwear is starting to look worn out or ratty, then it’s time to update your wardrobe.

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