Top 11 Best Plus Size Swimwear (CURVY and SEXY deals) in 2023

The internet has enabled online shopping and we’re no longer in a brick and mortar shop where I can implore you to buy anything.

So this post intends to let you convince yourself that you need to get yourself Swimsuits for All Plus Size One-Piece because it’s the sexiest and one of the most supportive.

Or the fact that Wavely Plus Size Off-Shoulder is the most stunning for tummy disguise and if you have a large bust, then you should pick Longitude Women’s Plus-size Swimdress.

And there are a number of other gems in between.

This review involved testing several brands and speaking with women of size at the beaches.
So you don’t have to waste your time and money as you helplessly try one plus size bathing suit after another until you get one that’s worth it.

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Take a look:

Top 11 Best Plus Size Bathing Suits

Editor’s Choice

Editor's Remark
1. Swimsuits for all women's large size 1 piece swimsuit with fringe bandeau, one of the best swimsuit for plus size
82% Nylon / 18% Spandex
Best one piece for big bust
2. DELIMIRA women's best swimwear for plus size with built-in cups, best plus size bathing suits
82% Polyamide/18% Spandex
Front zipper makes it easy to wear and take off
3. best women's swimsuit with a flattery slender wrap in the midsection made by Land's End
Nylon /Lycra Spandex
Flattery slender wrap

Here is the Table of Contents

1. Swimsuits for All Women’s Plus-Size Fringe Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuit

Swimsuits for all women's large size 1 piece swimsuit with fringe bandeau, one of the best swimsuit for plus size, best plus size bathing suits, best plus size swimwear

Swimsuits for All have one of the largest varieties when it comes to the best plus size bathing suits in the market.

This bandeau neckline swimwear is among their best selling and with good reasons…

First, it’s fully supportive for the girls thanks to the shelf bra and soft wire free cups.

Besides, the halter (removable) clipping around the neck is thin and adjustable so fitting it won’t be an issue.

You will also fall in love with its well-built tummy-control mesh lining which does extremely well in compressing your belly and camouflaging all the unwanted areas.

Plus, the unique side-shirring detail makes it distinctly fashion-forward.

Overall, this best plus size swimwear is a fantastic option to add to your beach vacation wardrobe.

Material: 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

2. DELIMIRA Women’s Plus Size Built-in Cup Swimsuits Zip Front One Piece Bathing Suits

DELIMIRA women's best swimwear for plus size with built-in cups, best plus size bathing suit, best swimsuit for plus size

Material: 82% Polyamide/ 18% Spandex

If you have a full bust, check out our awesome choices of the best bathing suits for large bust.

3. Wavely Women Best Plus Size Swimwear One Piece Swimsuits with Ruffled Flounce Off Shoulder Piece

Wavely women's large size swimwear, 1 piece swimsuit, ruffled flounce off-shoulder best bathing suit for plus size, best swimsuits for plus size

Material: 82% Nylon/ 18% Spandex

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4. Lands’ End Women’s Plus Size, One Piece Slender Wrap Swimsuit (with Tummy Control)

best women's swimsuit with a flattery slender wrap in the midsection made by Land's End, best swimsuits for plus size women

Material: Nylon /Lycra Spandex

Here are other lovely options of the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge.

5. Longitude Women’s Plus size Golden Goddess One Piece Tie Front Swimdress –Best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size

best swimsuit for apple shaped plus size by Longitude, one of the best swimsuit style for plus size, Best Swimsuit for Apple Shaped Plus Size

Material: 82% Nylon/ 18% Spandex

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6. PERONA Plus Size Tummy Control Swimdress Sizes 12-28 One-Piece Swimsuit (with Flared Skirt)

best plus size tummy control swim dress made by PERONA

Material: 82% Nylon/ 18% Elastane

7. Amazon Brand – Plus Size Coastal Blue Women’s One Piece Swimsuit

Amazon Brand - Coastal Blue best women's plus size one piece swimsuit

Material: 77% Nylon/ 23% Elastane

8. Dearlove Women’s Strappy High Waist Swimsuit M-XXXL- Best Plus Size Bikini

Women's plus size strappy and high waist 2-piece swimsuit by Dearlove, best plus size bikini

Material: 82%Nylon/ 18%Spandex

9. Jianlanptt Pretty-Padded Fringed Swimwear One Piece Tassel design Monokini

JIANLANPTT Pretty Padded One Piece Fringed Swimwear, Best Plus Size Monokini, best plus size swimwear

Material: 82% Polyester/ 18% spandex

10. Daci Woman Swimwear One Piece Plus Size Bathing Suits Mesh Tummy Control High Neck

Daci Women's best plus size bathing suit with tummy control, best swimsuit style for plus size

11. Ekouaer Women’s Vintage One Piece Retro Striped Bathing suit -Pin up Halter Monokini

Women's vintage retro striped one piece swimsuit by Ekouaer, pin up halter monokini, best bathing suit for women of plus size

Material: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex

A buyer’s guide for the best swimsuits for plus size

Buying a swimsuit for your curvy figure can be an intimidating task because of the teeming options- monokinis, bikini tops, one-pieces, and more.

On the flip side, you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts if you find the right fit from the various best plus size swimsuits.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Target good bust support

As a plus size, nothing can be annoying as a bathing suit that goes light on boobs support because of the subsequent pain in the neck, back, and or shoulders.

Sadly, even some designer swimsuits are guilty despite the expensive pricing.

As such, look out for supportive features such as neck ties, padded cups, and underwire as these yield extra support.

  • Check the colors and patterns

Confidence is king and gone are those days when everybody was obsessed with conventional flattering swimming costumes that were purely meant to slim or hide the areas you don’t want the world to see.

Instead, manufacturers have embraced stylish designs that accentuate your body using color blocking, fun patterns, and more.

Ruching is another amazing design element and will show off your curvy contours while faultlessly concealing those awful-looking areas.

You can as well select slender wrap style swimsuit if you want to parade your romantic silhouette.

Long story short, pick the best plus size swimwear that you’ll feel most happy in.

  • Does it fit?

Your swimsuit must be fit comfortably- the cozier you’re, the longer (and possibly faster) you’ll swim.

You want a bikini, monokini, tankini, or whatever your desired style that’s snug but not very tight considering that swimwear tends to expand albeit faintly, when they get soaked.

Check the sizing charts and pick your perfect size.

That said, manufacturers have specific sizing instructions and you should observe them to avoid disappointment.

Additionally, adjustable swimwear offers fitting flexibility and is a safer bet.

At the same time, thicker straps are comfier for plus size body types.

  • What your desired coverage?

If you love a cheeky bottom, you have enough options.

You as well have a couple of great alternatives if you love it when the bottoms aren’t that skimpy including the Daci Woman high waist swimsuit.

Others like the Dearlove Women’s Strappy High Waist Swimsuit offer medium coverage if you choose a middle ground.

  • What are your planned activities?

Something else to have in mind is the type of activities you typically do.

Here, you might find a string bikini more appropriate for tanning and a one piece with thicker shoulder straps better when surfing.

Likewise, a swimsuit with sparse coverage may suit your waterfront lounging escapades.

  • Overall construction

Needless to say, you want to compare the overall quality of each of the best plus size bathing suits.

Good quality swimwear will have excellent stitching, a nice stretch, and an effective compression.

Other standouts in some of the top-rated swimsuits include moisture-wicking property, UPF protection, and chlorine resistance.

You also want a bathing suit that stays in place whatever your aquatic activities.

Best Plus Size Swimwear: FAQs

We are almost wrapping this up but before that, let’s look at the answers to some of your questions on the subject of swimwear…

What’s the difference between monokini, bikini, and tankini swimsuits?

Monokini, bikini, and tankini swimsuits are the three most popular styles when it comes to best bathing suit for plus size and they sometimes mix up shoppers.

Yet, they are quite different.

Read on…

  • Bikini

This is a two-piece bathing suit and has existed since antiquity.

One bikini piece covers your breasts and the other your butt and groin.

Contemporary bikinis, however, tend to leave a significant part of your tummy and back ‘naked’.

This makes them great if you’ll be spending more time relaxing under the sun than in the water.

  • Monokini bathing suit

Well, Monokini swimsuits are like a hybrid of a bikini and a one piece bathing suit.

They have evolved from the original topless design to a more practical, fashionable, and multipurpose swimwear.

As a result, monokini’s sales have been soaring every summer.

  • Tankini swimsuits

A tankini is closer to a bikini than any other bathing suit- it actually combines a tank top and the sexy bikini bottom (a bikini top looks more of a bra).

Some Tankini’s cover the belly area completely while others leave an opening that reveals your stomach – akin to classic bikinis although the exposed area is much smaller.

Among the three, Tankinis offer more patterns and color options.

Bathing suits vs swimsuits- is there a difference?

There’s no practical difference between bathing suits and swimsuits.

Having said that, a bathing suit is considered gender-neutral while a swimsuit is, of course, a woman’s bathing suit.
You can also view a bathing suit as a more traditional way of referring to swimsuit or anything you wear while swimming.

Both are categorized under swimwear, a term more commonly used in local department stores mostly to distinguish swimming clothing from sportswear, formal wear, and other clothing types.

Do you size up or down for swimsuits?

The short answer is; it depends.

Even so, most of the fabrics used in swimwear typically stretch slightly when soggy so remaining true to size or sizing down (when so advised) is much safer if you’ll be swimming for more hours.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t size up when necessary.

How should a one piece swimsuit fit?

Generally speaking, a one piece swimsuit should fit comfortably, flatter your figure tremendously, and ultimately raise your confidence levels.

If it fits well, it should create an elegant silhouette while permitting free movement.

Such a swimsuit will not only be fun to swim in but might also give you a performance boost.

How can you tell if a swimsuit is too small?

First and foremost, a swimsuit that is too small tends to pull up, exposing your bottoms, your breasts, and/or the sides.

Additionally, it won’t flatter your curves, will feel restricting, and might leave marks or dig into the skin.

And because of the inadequate elasticity, wearing or removing it could be a mighty struggle.

In short, it feels utterly awful.

Final thoughts

Shopping for the best bathing suit for plus size can be tedious and tricky. They can be either too big or too small, or certain areas like the bust may fail to fit you well.

And that’s where this guide comes in.

We have highlighted all the key considerations including issues like bust support, craftsmanship, and your planned water activities.

Above all, your plus size swimwear should fit like a glove.

Our selection includes sundry designs and styles including monokinis, bikinis, and one piece bathing suits, all purpose-built for curvy dolls.

Take your time and pick one which is simultaneously glamorous and fun.

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