10 Tank Tops That Hide Belly Fat (Our List Will Surprise You)

A tank top is ageless. You can look chic and fashion-conscious at any age and the good thing with some tank tops such as Zeagoo Women’s Floral Print tunic tank top is that you can wear it any season, any occasion.

You don’t have to worry about what to do about the lumps and bumps in your midsection when you put on a sleeveless top. There are stylish tank tops with beautiful prints, patterns, cuts, and embellishments, all done to conceal tummy fat.

You don’t need to second-guess which tank top will work well for your fashion taste and needs. We bought dozens of them, just to try them out for some time, and compared our experience with feedback from other users before passing our judgment.

When you click on our links and better your life with one of these tank tops that hide belly fat, we’ll earn a small commission at absolutely no extra cost to you.

Best Tank Tops to Hide Belly Fat

Editor’s Pick

Editor's Remark
1. Zeagoo Women's Floral Print Loose Casual Flowy Tunic Sleeveless Top. The best among tank tops that hide belly fat
High-quality and non-clingy Chiffon
Best for all formal and informal events
2. MANER Women's Plus Size Cami Casual Pleated Chiffon Tank Top with Beaded Straps. best tank tops for plus size.
100% Polyester
Best for plus size women
3. Topstype Women's Summer Sleeveless Crew Neck Tank Top Camis Front Tie Knot Casual Shirt Keyhole Front Blouse. women's tank tops that hide belly fat
100% Polyester
Most classic tie front sleeveless top

Floral print tank top

1. Zeagoo Women’s Floral Print Loose Casual Flowy Tunic Tank Top

Zeagoo Women's Floral Print Loose Casual Flowy Tunic Sleeveless Top. The best among tank tops that hide belly fat

A flowy tank top with floral prints in the abdomen is what you need to camouflage your tummy pooch. The top should also be loose in the abdomen, and this is exactly what you get with Zeagoo Women’s Floral Print tank top.

Its visual elegance tells it all- it’s made of high-quality, lightweight, breathable, and non-elastic chiffon fabric, the non-stretchy type that doesn’t cling on to your body. Another benefit of chiffon is that it drapes beautifully, making it excellent for an evening top.

Its scoop neckline allows your necklace to attract attention and the top is also long enough to cover your hips.

The tank top is perfect for wearing with shorts, jeans, pants, and as a beach cover-up, making it appropriate for all kinds of formal and informal events.

Material: Chiffon

What Reviewers Like

  • Classic fabric and design
  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Flowy and loose around the belly and waistline
  • Versatile wear
What they Don’t Like

  • Some bright colored tops are see-through

Waterfall/ Pleated front tank top

2. MANER Women’s Plus Size Cami Casual Pleated Chiffon Tank Top with Beaded Strap

MANER Women's Plus Size Cami Casual Pleated Chiffon Tank Top with Beaded Straps. best tank tops for plus size.

Plus size babes will be pleasantly surprised at how pretty this tank top that hides belly fat is and how it nicely matches office, casual, sportswear, and even beachwear such as kimono cover ups. Colleen Smith, a buyer on Amazon, wore the cami to Dr. Phil Show and she impressed.

The neckline is pleated and the folds drape over the tummy thus disguising any pot belly. The hemline is loose to create plenty of room for all body shapes and the shoulder straps are decorated with glass beads to create fashion sense and attract attention to your shoulders instead of your midsection.

It’s a flattering fit and goes well with the best jeans for mom pooch, leggings, tights, jeans, slacks, skirts, and shorts, and is particularly suitable for the warm and hot spring and summer months.

A buyer's feedback (on Amazon) for MANER Women's Plus Size Cami Casual Pleated Chiffon Tank Top with Beaded Straps

Main Fabric: 100% Polyester; Lining: 100% Polyester

What Reviewers Like

  • Plenty of room to fit different body shapes
  • Drapery pleats to hide belly fat
  • Attractive fabric and shoulder strap embroidery
  • Long enough to cover the hips and butt
What they Don’t Like

  • It’s hard to find something to dislike about this top

Plunging neckline tank top

3. Jescakoo V Neck Tank Top for Women With Side Split Sleeveless Shirts Loose Fit

Jescakoo V-Neck Tank Top for Ladies Side Split Sleeveless Shirts Loose Fit. Best among tank tops to hide belly fat

It’s not always about hiding your tummy. You can accentuate your strong areas so that they hog attention away from your abdomen. The deep V-neck in this tank top lets you show a sexy cleavage so that that’s what people focus on and overlook your belly.

With a material combination of 60% Polyester, 35% Rayon, and 5% Spandex, this V-Neck tank tops to hide belly fat is lightweight, stretchy, and soft, very comfy to wear to different casual occasions. Although it’s lightweight and thin, it’s not see-through.

But apart from the deep V neckline, the tank top’s biggest highlight when it comes to hiding tummy fat is the side split. You can loosely tuck the front hem into your jeans or pants so that you remain stylish and not like you’re trying too hard to cover up your tummy.

The armholes are optimized for comfort- not too large to expose your bra or the side of your boobs and not too small to be tight and uncomfortable in the armpits.

Material: 100% Polyester

What Reviewers Like

  • Superimposed deep V- neck accentuates an attractive neckline
  • Loose fitting and comfy
  • Non-clingy material
  • Launders well without shrinkage
  • Fast shipping
What they Don’t Like

Drape front sleeveless tops

4. Dokotoo Womens 2022 V Neck Camisole Leaf Print Tanks Top and Blouse Small-XXL

Wondering how to hide belly fat in tops? Wear this Dokotoo Womens 2022 V Neck Camisole Leaf Print Tanks Tops and Blouse. Sizes range from Small to XXL

Here is another tank top with a deep v neck for revealing a sexy cleavage (not too much and not too little) and attractive jewelry to complete the glamor.

One front piece is superimposed over another to create folds on the belly and the hem is loose so you can loosely tuck in the front hem to increase the ruffles.

There are more than 20 different print designs so you can have two or three of these tops in your closet for different occasions. The different leaf prints, floral, and vertical prints are not only fashionable but also help to make your midriff visually busy so that people don’t notice the lumps on your stomach.

Overall, the Dokotoo tank top is a lightweight and relaxed fit comfortable any casual, beach, or holiday wear.

The only issue is that it has spaghetti straps and so you would have to wear strapless bras or a bra with clear straps.

Material: 95% Polyester/ 5% Spandex

What Reviewers Like

  • Wide variety of prints, colors, and sizes
  • Sexy cleavage
  • Lightweight and relaxed fit. Loose around the midriff
What they Don’t Like

  • Plus size women may struggle to get a fitting top

5. Daomumen Women’s V Neck Sleeveless Tank Top with Drape Wrap Front and Pleated Back

Daomumen Women's Plunging Neck Sleeveless Tank Top Drape Wrap Front Pleated Back Casual Chiffon Camisole Top

A draped front and pleated back is exactly what you need to not only conceal your belly fat but also to prevent the outline of muffin top and love handles.

The V-neck top is super soft and comfy, having being made from a combination of polyester, spandex, and chiffon. This is the top for a mature woman who wants to be sexy, elegant, and fashionable at the office, on a date with your bae, at the beach, at parties, and whatever next.

The design of these tank tops that hide belly fat is also one of the best for matching with shorts and tight-fitting pants. They don’t wrinkle easily, so they’re wash-and-wear garments when it comes to casual application.

Finally, you have tens of sexy and elegant solid colors to choose from.

What Reviewers Like

  • Drapery front and back for concealing all midsection flaws
  • Elegant plain colors for the mature lady
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Can be wash and wear
What they Don’t Like

  • It may not fit well if you have a long torso

Tie front tank tops

6. Topstype Women’s Summer Sleeveless Crew Neck Tank Top Camis with Front Tie Knot

Topstype Women's Summer Sleeveless Crew Neck Tank Top Camis Front Tie Knot Casual Shirt Keyhole Front Blouse. women's tank tops that hide belly fat

First things first,

Topstyle is a $17 cami that looks like a $100+ Calvin Klein top. Its shimmer and elegance just appear expensive and will make you look classy without struggling for it. A keyhole neckline and spaghetti straps add to its luxury.

The front tie wraps are adjustable so that you can alter the knot to your most flattering fit.

The fabric is 100% polyester, the kind of material you wouldn’t worry about washing just in case it tears somewhere or it shrinks into an unflattering size.

However, the tank top cami is of moderate length, so not the best for covering your butt and it would go well with high-waist jeans (see related post) or pants if your belly is too saggy.

What Reviewers Like

  • Luxurious finish
  • Adjustable front tie wraps
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • A variety of colors and prints
What they Don’t Like

  • Might be a bit long for short girls (below 5ft)

7. Berryou Women’s Sleeveless Tank Tops Tie Knot Front Solid Round Neck Loose T-Shirt

Berryou Women's Sleeveless Top, Tie Knot Front Solid Round Neck Loose Tee Shirt

This is a cotton blend sleeveless top that you can layer over shapewear if the day is warm or comfortably wear under outfits like jackets, cardigans, or a beach cover up.

Made of 35% cotton 60% polyester 5% spandex, it is a bit stretchy, and has a straight hemline for balance, creating a beautiful and flattering look for any body shape. However, as many users have confirmed, it fits well and does not stretch out of shape.

It’s popular for matching with jeans but it also goes well with shorts, slacks, and leggings. The tie front is at the right position for hiding a tummy bulge.

Overall, Berryou tank top for hiding belly fat is lightweight, loosely fitting, and comfortable, an easy-going wear.

What Reviewers Like

  • Has a bit of a stretch to accommodate different body shapes
  • Breathable and lightweight for comfort in hot/warm weather
  • Actual colors perfectly match the online photos
  • Does not lose shape
What they Don’t Like

  • Some users don’t like the seam in the middle

Layered tank tops

8. Floral Find Women’s Chiffon Layered Tank Top Summer Sleeveless Round Neck Blouse

Floral Find Chiffon Layered Tank Top for Women. Summer Sleeveless Round Neck Top. Tank tops that hide belly fat

If a flattering and no-see-through top that you can wear any day every day is on your wish list, then Floral Find Women’s Chiffon Layered Tank Top needs to be in your wardrobe.

This is a solid-colored and double-layered tank top perfect for pairing with either solid-colored or printed bottoms. The lower layer is longer and flares to cover the bum and hips while the upper layer is shorter and flares to disguise the belly bulge.

The backline is a little higher than the neckline and the good thing about this summer tank top is that you can reverse it front-to-back to raise or lower the neckline.

Its material looks more expensive than its $19 price and there is a size for everyone, from small to extra-large.

Convenient packaging and return process is also a big plus for this top, above other fashion brands. The mailing envelope comes with a tear line that is easy to tear open using your hands instead of scissors that can potentially cut the cloth inside. If you decide to return the product, there is an adhesive strip inside the packaging that you can use to seal back the package as it was. How awesome this is!

Material: 95% Polyester/ 5% Spandex

What Reviewers Like

  • Luxurious fabric and design at an affordable price
  • Front-to-back reversible
  • Reusable packaging
  • It matches several kinds of outfits and occasions
What they Don’t Like

  • Some ladies have had trouble knowing which side is the front and which one is the back

Twist front tank top

9. BerryGo Women’s Sleeveless Tunic Blouse Twist Front Tank Top for Hiding Belly Fat

BerryGo Women's Sleeveless Tunic Blouse Twist Front Sleeveless Female Top

Drapery and tie front are not the only styles of creating detail over your belly. You can hang out in this unique twist front style and everyone will be asking you where you got it from.

Btw if you want a cute summer tank top that is easy to maintain, here you are. BerryGo is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, super soft, comfortable, and breathable, most suitable for a hot day at the beach. But it’s generally a casual loose fit, designed for any other occasions like school, work, exercise, party, or even lounging at home.

It stunningly blends with all kinds of pants, jeans, shorts, jackets, sweaters, cardigans, and much more. Just like the Daomumen Women’s V Neck Sleeveless Tank Top, BerryGo tunic best tank top to hide belly fat is a wash and wear garment, convenient for traveling.

Melissa Quast, reviewing on Amazon, has found this top to fit properly in all the right places.

“Super cute and flattering. The twist in the front helps to conceal any lower belly bumps. The cut of the sleeves is comfortable. The material is soft, with a slight weight to it making it hang just away from the body.”

What Reviewers Like

  • Awesomely breathable and comfortable fabric
  • Loosely fitting for relaxation
  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • Great fit for a long torso
What they Don’t Like

  • Tops with tie-dye prints may fade fast with frequent washing

Drawstring tank top

10. Veatzaer Women’s Solid Drawstring Side Sleeveless Shirts Summer Casual Tank Top

Veatzaer wife-beater top for women, Solid Drawstring Side Sleeveless Shirts Summer Casual Tank Top

The main highlight of the Veatzaer top is the side drawstring that lets you customize how much it hugs your waist and how far it reaches on your hips. Drawing the string also creates stylish curved folds that will camouflage a lumpy belly.

It’s a round neck best sleeveless top suitable for all seasons. You can pair it with jackets, overcoats, and cardigans during spring, fall, or winter seasons, or wear it alone during summer for a chic and fashionable sense of style.

Its material combination is 35% Cotton + 60% Polyester + 5% Spandex, creating good elasticity, softness, and comfort.

There are tens of colors to choose from and you can also choose between the sleeveless top and a short-sleeved one which is also equally awesome.

What Reviewers Like

  • Fashionable side drawstring closure
  • Moderate elasticity and comfort
  • Suitable for all occasions and seasons
  • Available in several sizes and colors
What they Don’t Like

  • Dark colors need infrequent washing, otherwise, they’ll run

What Kind of Tops Hide Belly Fat?- A Buyer’s Guide For Tank Tops That Hide Belly Fat

To disguise the lumps and bumps of your tummy without wearing shapewear, you need tops that will either hide the belly directly, draw attention away from the belly, or both.

1. Tank tops to hide belly fat directly

Tank tops designed to conceal belly fat include loose-fitting tops, tops with a draped, flowy, or pleated front, tie front or drawstring tank tops, ruffled tank tops, twist front tank tops, layered tops, among others. Tank tops with side splits allow you to loosely tuck in the front part so that it stylishly bunches up more than your tum fat. Prints can also be used to camouflage a tummy or mom pooch by making those rolling eyes busily focus on the prints and fail to realize that there is belly fat underneath. Floral, leafy, dotted, vertical stripes, wavy, lattice, checkered, stars, and many more, are all patterns used to increase visual detail on the best tank tops to hide belly fat and make them flattery. Tie-dye is also a great way to style up your top, although the dye will likely fade away too soon with frequent washing.

2. Tank tops that draw attention away from the tummy

Tank tops designed to draw attention away from the belly feature attractive cuts and details on the shoulders, neckline, bust, or hem. These include ruffles, such as this cute sleeveless top with ruffled detail in the straps, around the neckline, and upper back. Jescakoo V Neck Tank Top has a deep V neck to create a sexy cleavage that people will focus on, while MANER Women’s Plus Size Cami has beautiful glass beads embroidered on the shoulder straps.

3. Versatility

We have a handful of versatile tank tops on our list some of the best being Zeagoo Women’s Floral Print Tank Top and Daomumen Women’s V Neck Sleeveless Tank Top. So you don’t have to spend a lot on tops for different occasions since you can wear a versatile tank top on a workday, on a date, to a party, to the beach, and anywhere else. They also match different types of outfits; they’re breathable and comfortable, meaning that you can wear them in all seasons, from winter to summer.

4. Easy maintenance

A convenient wash method will depend on your needs. If you’re the outdoor type, a top that you can hand wash, is quick-drying, and does not shrink or wrinkle will be easy to use while on the go. If you want a tank top that you can wear to work, it’s best to find one that you can machine wash and tumble dry with other garments because time is scarce.

FAQs on Tank Tops to Hide Belly Fat

Why do tank tops roll up?

We fixate on buying our exact size of tops and this is a major reason why they end up riding up when we wear them. If a top fits too tightly, it’s likely to roll up when you bend, jump, or make any other movement. Salvador Perez, a renowned costume designer, advises us that garments should be perfectly fitting, not tighter. He, therefore, recommends that you shouldn’t check the label only. Check the brand’s recommendation about whether you should size up or down.

Expandable fabrics like spandex, nylon, and neoprene rubber will stretch to fit as you would like but they also tend to gradually stretch back to their original size when your body moves. Your tank top’s fabric should have a small percentage (mostly 5%) of these fabrics to ensure breathability and a comfortable fit. Otherwise, a large amount will mean that the garment will keep riding or bunching up.

Another issue to consider is the design. Clothing companies mass produce their apparel to fit the most popular body type among their customers. If the top doesn’t suit your body type, it’s likely to be troublesome. For instance, if you’re pear-shaped and the cloth has been designed for the apple-shaped body, the hem is likely to slide up your bigger hips.

How do I keep my tank top from riding up?

If you’ve already bought a sleeveless top that slips up your body and returning it is costly and/or stressful, you don’t need to stress about it. In cold weather, you can match the top with a jacket, overcoat, or sweater. You can also wear a cotton-made camisole under the tank top to prevent the top from sliding up. In the hot weather, you can pull a cover-up or kimono over the tank top and still look stylish.

If the above solutions don’t bode well for your taste, then you can use adhesive fashion tape like Fearless Double-Sided Tape to attach the garment to your skin and keep it in place all day.

Fearless Tape - Women's Double Sided Tape for Clothing and Body, Transparent Clear Color for All Skin Shades. Best silicone tapes for hiding bra straps

Wrap Up

There are stylish tank tops with beautiful prints, patterns, cuts, tie fronts, layering, and even embellishments, all done to conceal tummy fat. You can’t go wrong with one choice from our review of tank tops that hide belly fat.

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