Benefits of Wearing Shapewear (Top Secrets No One Will Ever Tell You)

We’ve been forced to drastically reduce our physical activity and movement since the pandemic hit us and many are already noticing the effects of lockdown around their waistline.

The gyms closed so we were exercising less, we are snacking more and in fact, alcohol sales in the US went up 16% in 2020 compared to the previous year.

But that’s not the point;

The fact is that you’re going to be wondering how to pull off your previous figure in the coming months.

Luckily, there are now tons of body shaping lingerie, such as corsets, girdles, and cinchers that can give your lower belly, waist, hips, and thighs a better silhouette instantly.


So what the benefits of wearing a body shaper?

Right off the bat, one of the sweetest benefits of wearing shapewear is that you won’t have to throw away your sexy dresses and pants. And you might even get to revive the old jeans that used to fit you when you were younger and more petite.

Here are other awesome benefits of foundation garments;

i) Self-esteem

Shapewear compresses the fatty areas allowing you to wear close-fitting garments that create an aura of confidence around you. In fact, bodysuits and lower belly shapewear are the celebrities’ fashion secret for rocking the red carpet. If you’ve recently added a couple of pounds of belly fat, the best shapewear for tummy pooch lets you slip into that bodycon that says you know what you want in life.

Your newly acquired hourglass silhouette might also motivate you to start keeping fit and eating healthy so that you can retain the shape.
Can shapewear reshape your body permanently? The answer is no. Light and medium compression body shapers cannot permanently rework your body shape whereas misuse of tight-fitting shapewear can lead to unhealthy shifting of your internal organs like the liver and kidneys.

ii) Allowing natural weight loss

Since you don’t want the shame of your saggy tummy or muffin tops, you would be tempted to seek a quick fix, such as liposuction, sculpting, ultrasound, and many more. It will cost you 3 or 4 thousand bucks and you don’t know the side effects.

Wearing a figure shaper helps you to temporarily act the part as you figure out how to regain your lost shape, whether it’s through sweating out, diet, or both. You gained fat naturally so it’s only fair to yourself to lose it naturally.

iii) Improving posture

A straight gait makes you appear confident and domineering, and it may as well give you the way in many places where you could otherwise have been locked out. How do you like that?

Because a stooping posture has the opposite effect: it makes look like a weakling whom everybody can step on and manipulate.

The compressive force of girdle or corset forces your back to straighten, thus improving the way you walk and sit.

It also helps alleviate back pain by firming up the abdominal and lower back muscles so that you don’t strain when you sit for long.

iv) Enhances your weight loss efforts

Many will attest to the fact that wearing a tummy tucker throughout an afternoon makes you sweat in your midsection, obviously contributing to the burning of fat calories. What is more, good shapewear is made of breathable material, such as spandex or lycra, so you don’t feel sweaty.

There is also a special kind of shapewears that are infused with elements to improve your skin. The Simone Pérèle Top Model Shapewear is infused with elements such as caffeine, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E that rub your skin, thus reducing cellulite visibility up to 63%.

Simone Pérèle Top Model Shapewear, a body shaper that reduces cellulite visibility. Shapewear with caffeine, Aloe Vera, retinol, Vitamin E, ceramides. benefits of wearing shapewear
Simone Pérèle Top Model Body Shaper


There you go. Those who ask does shapewear work? can see that the benefits of wearing a body shaper are by far deeper than what appears on the surface. The best foundation garments don’t cause you discomfort and they enhance your weight loss goals in a major way.

So stop missing out and grab one of the best shapewear for lower belly pooch here

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