How to Hide C-Section Overhang (All You Need to Know)

I know you can’t wait to bounce back after having your bundle of joy. But your C-section overhang keeps coming in your way and you cannot wear those flattering clothes you have always wanted.

The good news is that you can get your way around it by wearing clothes that will hide your C-section pooch. Read on and take advantage of our cheat sheet on how to hide C section overhang.

Difference Between the C-Section Overhang and Mommy Pooch

According to Steven Teitelbaum, M.D., a top plastic surgeon, a C-section overhang occurs as a result of loose fat or tissue around the C-section scar. After a C-section delivery, the scar might become too tight and stuck to your tummy muscles, causing the scar to indent and the tissue around it to sag. However, the extent of the overhang will depend on the surgeon’s skills and handling.

A mommy pooch on the other hand is caused by the stretching of the tummy muscles that happens as the fetus grows. After pregnancy, the skin does not fully go back to its normal state, creating a mommy pooch.

How to Hide C-section Pooch

1. Shapewear

Using shapewear is great for hiding a post C-section tummy sag. If you want to conceal your C-section overhang make sure that you buy shapewear that is specially made for shaping the C-section pooch. Shapewear works by temporarily smoothing out the hanging skin that remains after the surgery. The best thing with shapewear such as Bellefit Girdle with Side Zipper is the feeling of comfort that you get from wearing one. The lower tummy shaper compresses the tummy skin making the overhang completely invisible. You can get a color that matches your skin tone and no one will over notice that you are wearing one even if you wear tight and sheer clothes.

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2. High-waist underwear or briefs

High-waist underwear works well to hide a slumped C-section belly pooch. Unlike shapewear, they are not tight so they hug your stomach gently. Unfortunately, they might not hide the overhang well if you have a lot of loose skin sagging.

To conceal the loose skin effectively you may need to wear high-rise briefs with other clothes like high-waist jeans. The main advantage of this type of underwear is the comfort they offer. You feel confident knowing that your body looks good. Briefs might not completely shape the tummy but they will conceal it and keep you comfortable.

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3. High-waist jeans

High-rise jeans are the most flattering piece of clothing that you can wear if you are not comfortable with your belly. It covers your entire tummy area and makes your waist appear slim. If you’re wondering how to hide lower belly fat in jeans without looking awkward or losing your sense of style after childbirth, you can’t go wrong with high-rise denim.

The best thing is that there are different varieties of high-waisted jeans. Mom jeans are good because they hide fat on the lower belly. You can also wear skinny jeans and look good even if you have a C-section overhang. These jeans offer you the support and confidence you need to face the day.

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4. Tops with front waist tie

A good top or blouse with a front waist tie can be effective in hiding the postpartum tummy. The top should have a big tie though so that it doesn’t seem like you’re just covering your belly button.

You should know how to tie the wrap in such a way that it conceals the better part of the lower tummy. If the top is loose fitting that is even better because it does not lie tightly close to the skin. You can try different methods to tie the waist tie creatively to your liking.

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5. How to hide C section overhang- Ruched fabric

Camouflaging a belly overhang after C-section is all about being creative in whatever you wear. Ruched fabric is the best for hiding your lower belly. There are ready-made ruched fabrics or the designer can make the fabric ruched for you by adding gathers. Since a ruched fabric does not hug the body tightly, it feels good on the skin and does not show the belly. Wearing ruched fabric is stylish and no one will notice that you are trying too hard to hide your C-section scar.

6. Peplum top

A peplum top can be great for disguising a saggy C-section blemish. It is flattering because it fits the waist and flares around the belly. Wearing a peplum top will hide the overhang because it does not hug the body around the tummy. The best thing about a peplum top is that you can wear it with different types of clothes. You can wear it with pants or a skirt and still look good. We also have peplum dresses that flare around the tummy and are also good for concealing a postpartum belly.

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7. Shift dress

Wearing a shift dress can help you to hide your tummy. A shift dress is loose fitting so it does not hug your stomach. The best trick when trying to hide a C-section overhang is to always make sure that you wear loose-fitting clothes around the stomach. Shift dresses are loose-fitting but stylish at the same time. You can even wear a belt around the waist to cinch it and make it look small or you can wear the dress without a belt and it will still look good.

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How to Get Rid of a C-Section Overhang

Abdominoplasty – cosmetic surgery is one of the best ways to get rid of a C-section overhang. The tummy tuck surgery is meant to tighten the loose skin around the scar. It is a safe method of getting rid of an overhang fast and effectively. However, you will need to consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon so that it can be done correctly. But it’s advisable to get this done if you are not planning to get more kids.

Wearing the right attire – you can conceal and shape but not get rid of a C section overhang by wearing the right attire. Wearing shapewear and high-waist clothes can be effective in disguising on an overhang. Make sure that you wear the right underclothing that is flattering.

Regular workout – doing some regular targeted exercises can help with eliminating the overhanging C-section pooch. Sometimes the overhang is caused by excess fat so eliminating the body fat might be effective. Working out needs a lot of patience and persistence though, before you see results.

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