Top 11 Best Travel Underwear Womens (Pure BLISS!) in 2024

Quality underwear is a crucial part of your travelling gear.

But picking the right underpants is no easy task, what with all these merchants trying to oversell their undergarment as the best thing to grab for your next trip.

It’s easy to get lost in the figures on the clothing label and to save you this hassle, we took out to run, bike, hike, trek, and work out in several innerwear brands in order to find you the best traveling underwear worth your bucks.

We tested their comfort, breathability, thermo regulation, stretchability, washability and skin sensitivity in order to present you the best travel panties in the various categories.

Here is a summary of the very best travel underwear womens in 2024.

Coming up after the review is a buyer’s guide for this type of undergarments.


11 Best Traveling Underwear

Editor’s Choice

Editor's Remark
1. ExOfficio Womens Give-N-Go Lacy Travel Bikini, best bikini for travel
94% Nylon, 6% Lycra Spandex
Best bikinis for travel
2. Under Armour Womens Pure Stretch Bikini for Women, best travel underwear womens, Best Budget Travel Underwear
76% Nylon/24% Elastane
Best budget
3. Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short, best hiking underwear womens
84% Merino Wool, 12% Nylon, 4% Spandex
Best underwear for hiking

Best Bikini for Travel

1. ExOfficio Womens Give-N-Go Lacy Bikini Briefs Travel Underwear

ExOfficio Womens Give-N-Go Lacy Travel Bikini, best bikini for travel

Girl, I just love this!

You see, since it’s made of a breathable mesh, air flows in abundance in your nether regions and you will feel super cool even if it’s boiling outside.

Plus, and this is very thoughtful of the manufacturer, it’s extremely comfortable.

That’s because the company has improved the design by incorporating a lace around the leg openings (compared to the older models which only used to have elastic bands).

Then, as you would expect of any panty with this quality, they don’t ride up or down as the fabric stretches naturally to fit.

Of course, it’s paramount that you remain clean, safe, and odorless down there.

And this isn’t lost to the company so they have gone ahead and added powerful antimicrobial technology. As a result, bacteria and other messy elements stand no chance.

In short, these could be a dream for any travel-savvy woman!

Material: 94% Nylon/6% Lycra Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Hide panty lines
  • Zero chafing
  • Absolutely comfortable
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • May be the company should introduce more colors

2. Icebreaker Merino Womens Siren Bikini Underwear- Merino Wool

Icebreaker Merino Wool Women's Siren Bikini Underwear, best bikinis for travel

Truth be told, ExOfficio underwear has been a darling to many women for years. Indeed, most of my girlfriends have several pairs.

But now, and luckily for us for that matter, brands such as Icebreaker have come up with some fantastic underpants like this Icebreaker Siren Bikini Underwear.


Bottom-line: This Merino wool best traveling underwear is likely to exceed your expectations!

Material: 83% Merino Wool/ 12% Nylon/ 5% LYCRA

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Again Super cozy
  • Fit amazingly
  • Excellent ventilation
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • May take a day/two to get used to
For the best choices of everyday use innerwear, see our other review of the underwear for women in 2024.

Best Quick Dry Travel Underwear

3. New Balance Women’s Breathe Hipster Panty (3-Pack)

New Balance Breathe Hipster Panty for Women, Best Quick Dry Travel Underwear

Here is something we can all agree on:

That’s you have no business packing an undergarment that takes hours upon hours to dry out when you are on the go.

Enter the New Balance Women’s Breathe Hipster Panty (3-Pack).


Material: 87% Nylon/ 13% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Very lightweight
  • Nice fit
  • No panty lines
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • May not be as durable as the New Balance Women’s Breathe Hipster Panty

Best Budget Travel Underwear

4. Under Armour Womens Pure Stretch-Sheer Bikini

Under Armour Womens Pure Stretch Bikini for Women, best travel underwear womens, Best Budget Travel Underwear

This is yet another sheer bikini panty that has been seemingly customized to make travelling a party.


Material: 76% Nylon/ 24% Elastane

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • More flattering looks
  • Peerless breathability
  • Dry quickly
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • A bit overpriced

Best Cheap Travel Underwear

5. Fruit-of-the-Loom Women’s Everlight Underwear Multipack

Fruit of the Loom Everlight Underwear for women, best cotton travelling undergarment, best safari underwear

All said and done, cotton undergarments will always have a special place in our hearts.

Or to put it better, cotton and women is a match made in heaven.

You certainly haven’t forgotten it’s prowess as far as absorbing excess moisture in our private parts is concerned.

Cotton is also preferred for preventing buildup of heat in those areas.

In fact, gynecologists insist that you should exclusively wear cotton underwear during the steaming summer months or other high humidity seasons.

Now, if you’re addicted to cotton like me, you should consider these popular Fruit of the Loom Ladies Everlight briefs.


They flaunt a 100% cotton liner (the rest is Nylon/Spandex) and come in cute colors too.

I just love everything about them.

The moderate rise, cozy waistband, pull on closure, 4-way stretch (again!), tag free construction…this is an incredible underpant.

Material: 78% Nylon/ 22% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Doesn’t ride up/roll
  • Affordable pricing
  • Comfortable the whole day
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Have seams

Best Women’s Athletic Underwear

6. ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sports Mesh Hipkini

ExOfficio Women's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini, best underwear for athletes female, Best Women's Athletic Underwear, best women's underwear for running

These are simply one of the queens when it comes to best performance underwear for women.

If you doubt me, consider the following…


Material: 93% Nylon/ 7% Lycra Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Super quick-drying fabric – ready to wear in a couple of hours
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Lower rise -hugs your hips comfortably
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • May not be the lightest

Best Travel Underwear for Comfort

7. Hanky Panky Women’s Vikini Panty

Hanky Panky Vikini Panty for Women, best laced safari underwear, Best Travel Underwear for Comfort

You will agree with me that, we women are so demanding particularly when it comes to fashion.

And so for a brand to manage to cultivate such a cult following- like the one this panty has- is no mean feat.


Material: Body: 100% Nylon, Trim: 90% Nylon/ 10% Spandex, Crotch Lining: 100% Cotton

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Awesome softness
  • Best women’s travel underwear that stays in place (even if you’ve hips and a rounded bum)
  • No show under clothing
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • A bit pricey

Best Hiking Underwear Womens

8. Ridge Merino Wool  Ridge Women’s Boy Short

Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short, best hiking underwear womens


Material: 84% Merino Wool/ 12% Nylon/ 4% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Comes with a no flipping waistband (No moving around)
  • Feels so warm on your body
  • Dry quite fast
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Lacks many color choices

Best Ecofriendly Travel Underwear

9. Boody Body EcoWear Boyleg Women’s Briefs – Boyshort

Boody Body EcoWear Boyleg Briefs for Women, best ecofriendly travel underwear

Material: 80% Rayon/ 13% Nylon/ 7% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Seam free- invisible under leggings
  • Plenty of breathability
  • Doesn’t irritate your sensitive skin
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Get the sizing correct is a bit together- preferably order the M/L size

Best Travel Underwear with Pockets

10. Clever Travel Companion Underwear Women’s with Secret Pockets (Cotton)

Clever Travel Companion Underpants with Secret Pockets, Best Travel Underwear with Pockets

Material: 95% cotton/ 5% spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Best travel underwear with secret pockets for travel convenience
  • Cool in all climates
  • Light and comfortable
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Lacks full coverage

11. Barbra’s Travel Pocket Women’s Underwear Girdle Brief Panties S-4XL

Barbras Women's Travel Underwear with a Pocket, one of best womens travel underwear


Material: 90% Polyester/ 10% Spandex, Inner Lining: 100% Cotton

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • One of the best undies for bigger women.
  • Nice pocket for safekeeping your valuables.
  • Looks very durable
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • A bit bulky

A Buyer’s Guide for Best Traveling Underwear

Now that we have shortlisted 11 candidates under the best travel underwear womens category, it’s only fair that we discuss some of the considerations you should focus on when choosing.

Take a look:

Hidden Zipper pockets:

These are perfect for traveling (or workout) to keep your money or small valuables safe and secured. Needless to say, the pantie should remain light even when your pocket is loaded.

Examples of panties with pockets include the Barbra’s Women’s Travel Girdle Brief Panties S-4XL and her counterpart, the clever Travel Companion Women’s Underwear.


You may like the product but then be forced to abandon it since it doesn’t cover your butt as well as you would like.

Obviously, some of us are fine with being a little skimpy while others prefer full coverage, so your taste is what matters.


Sizing is a controversial topic when it comes to ladies undies. And it’s good that some manufacturers have seen the light and nowadays publish guidance on sizing.

The secret here is for you to understand your size and then order a matching one.

Having said that, some don’t fit true to size and you may sometimes have to request a size bigger. But it’s upon you to do your research lest you end up with one that constantly rides up/down.

Your typical routine:

Needless to say, we go out for various reasons. In like manner, some of these undies are designed to serve in different circumstances.

Take the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Women’s Sport Mesh Hipkini underwear, for instance. It’s certain that it’s made to help you engage in high-energy activities like multi-day trips or off-road treks.

Or how else would you explain the presence of some of its distinctive features like an active fit and lower rise?

On the same note, you would find the Under Armour Pure Stretch Women’s Sheer Bikini great for workouts because of its superior breathability and moisture wicking properties.

What about if you are a passionate hiker? This time the Ridge Merino Wool Women’s Ridge Boy Short would be more satisfying.


I am sure you don’t want to wear a panty that tears embarrassingly while on the plane. Fortunately, most of the above undies including the Icebreaker Siren Bikini Underwear are so well-made and hold up strong, trip after trip, wash after wash.

Washing and drying:

You can occasionally run out of underwear while in the middle of trips. And so you want something you can wash even by hands in the sink. You may even be forced to wash from streams or rivers if you spend time having fun in the wild.

Additionally, it should dry quickly. A majority of the best actually take only about one hour to hang-dry, so on this you might be safe.


I don’t think we have included underwear that lacks breathability, odor-resistance, and tenderness for obvious reasons. Even if you’ve sensitive skin, you can go for panties made of eco-friendly materials like Bamboo which are gentle on such skins.

A good example is the Boody Body Boyleg women’s Briefs.

Still on the issue of comfort, you don’t want a pair whose construction can potentially cause chafing (it’s so disconcerting).

Moreover, if your current travel panties are guilty of giving you unsightly bumps and bulges, toss them out in favor of one with a smoothing silhouette such as the Under Armour Women’s Sheer Bikini.

Lastly, you ought to stay away from anyone showing those dreaded VPLs (visible panty lines).

How to Pack Travel Underwear

To save on your backpack space, try to roll your best traveling underwear.

Once you do this, you can stuff them into any free spaces including inside your bras/shoes!

This means that you will always pack them last as they can fill leftover space.

But if you want to be best organized, pack your undies into a travel underwear organizer.

Best Womens Travel Underwear- FAQs:

Before we finish up, here are some answers to some of your most frequent questions…

What fabric dries the quickest? Cotton, wool or polyester?

Polyester is extraordinarily hydrophobic and doesn’t absorb much moisture. It’s hence the quickest drying and the most common fabric for travel clothing.

Merino wool isn’t as fast as polyester but it still fares much better than cotton (in most part cases it’s blended with polyester anyway to improve its drying speed).

The worst is cotton (it can absorb 10x what polyester does) and that’s why ardent hikers shun it like the plague.

What is the best fabric for travel underpants?

The answer here boils down to your preferences as well as practicality.

First, you have the full synthetic and all-natural materials fabric to decide from.

And here is how it goes:

If you want more stretching underwear, synthetic is the way to go. However, if you have delicate skin, all-naturals like Bamboo are a deal.

You also have to consider the speed of drying- and we have already mentioned that Polyester tops (followed by nylon).

In terms of support, essential if you’re into vigorous activities, synthetic materials like Nylon and Spandex beat eco-friendly fabrics like Bamboo (a bit bulky) hands down.

Overall, the best should be quick-drying, have bacteria battling technology, be lightweight, sweat-defying, and supportive.


There goes our review of the very best travel underwear womens category.

I hope that you’re now armed with tons of information to help make a hike-wise decision.

From all of us here its good luck and Bon voyage!

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