Secrets of How to Lose Belly Fat in a WEEK

You know you probably can’t figure out how you got that flab on your belly but you know you don’t like it.

You might have taken one too many a McDonalds or you’ve lately become a couch potato.

Or you got your baby a couple months back and the tummy is taking too long to flatten back up.

But that’s not the point here…

The fact is that you can get back your lovely flat stomach in a week. Here is how to lose belly fat in a week;

(i) Get the right mind-set;

Many people take up weight loss or fitness goals with too much showmanship but then they give up in a day. Here are a couple of ways to sustain the psyche until you hit your goals;

  • Get one or two friends to take up the challenge. They psych you up when you are feeling down and out.
  • Read and watch weight loss how-to guides and success stories consistently. You get the feeling… “c’mon, let me do this!”
  • Avoid bad company. Naysayers will counter the motivation you get from your fitness buddies and the tutorials.

(ii) Wear trainers for weight loss

There are different types of figure-shaping undergarments, such as waist trainers, girdles, corsets, waist cinchers, and shapewear.
I find foundation garments to be part of the motivators, since they immediately roll up the fat, giving you an instant sexier silhouette.
You can wear properly fitting waist trainers for weight loss (reviewed at Sweet Skin Liners) at work, at the gym or anywhere else, and they increase sweating in your midsection, thus burning visceral fats mush faster. Remember you want to get in shape soonest possible.

(iii) Embrace cardio workout

If this is the first time in your life you are thinking about fitness, you may want to avoid weight lifting on the first day, because you won’t like the aching and muscle pulls.

Cardio or aerobic training has been found to be one of the most effective means of burning and reducing belly fat.

Low-intensity aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, and jumping rope will get your lungs’ deeper pumping started, but you should transition to higher intensity exercise if you want faster results.  Cardio training exercises that burn calories the fastest include any method that incorporates high-intensity workout in a very short interval (High Intensity Interval Training), such as speeding the treadmill or the skipping rope to provide maximal fat burning effect.

fitness participants taking High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions
      A HIIT session

(iv) Check your diet

It doesn’t make sense to sweat it out all day only to refill the calories with a fatty burger topped-up with a sugary drink, candies, or excess alcohol.

Avoid high-calorie foods such as white bread and refined foods and drinks, such as ice cream, and carbonated drinks. Such high Glycemic Index foodsare quickly broken down and absorbed, and the body stores the excess energy in the form of fats.

Low-calorie foods such as vegetables, lean meat cuts, and several types of fruits release energy slowly, which the body uses instead of storing.

(v) Take smaller but more regular meal portions

Most of us are used to three full meals in a day, but the problem with this schedule is that the body learns to stock up fats since it doesn’t know when the next meal will come.

Experts advise that you should break down the servings into smaller portions and take them 5 or 6 times throughout the day. This trains the body to quickly learn that the next meal is coming, thus it’s willing to deplete the fat stores.

(vi) Take high-protein breakfasts

When your body is in energy conservation mode, it draws energy from the muscles in order to conserve the available fats. Thus taking heavier breakfasts kick-starts faster metabolism so that the body burns more calories.

Also, taking things like eggs, fish, yogurt, and beans helps preserve the muscle mass as you lose the fats.

(vii) Drink lots of water

You may not like this, but you need to take at least 3 liters of water per day if you want your lower belly pooch to flatten in a week.

Water in the body serves several functions, such as breaking down food and fats, hydration, and metabolism.

Water is calorie-free thus drinking two gallons won’t make you add weight. For your one-week weight loss challenge, taking lots of water before meals makes you feel full and you’ll take smaller food portions.

Oftentimes, we confuse the body signals such as confusing thirst for hunger. Thus, when you drink lots of water throughout the day, you will have fewer food cravings.

(viii) Lift weights

Resistance training or strength training helps you to build muscle mass. Muscles burn more calories just to sustain themselves, thus you immediately go into tummy fat lose mode, even if you don’t lose weight (muscle is heavier than fat and you’re adding the muscle size).

What is more, weight lifting plus the cardio workouts build muscle in various parts of the body including the arms, thus the energy that would have been stored as visceral fat is spent elsewhere.

A man lifting weights, strength training

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