10+ Colors That Go With Burgundy Pants (Amazing Results)

They say burgundy is now the new black. This means that it can go with anything and everything. If you are a fan of dark and cool colors, you need to invest in a few burgundy pants. You can always style these pants for confidence and elegance as long as you know how to pair them with a light and colorful shade.

It’s also possible to keep a laid-back look by sticking to neutral colors like black or white. When styling your burgundy pants for the warm months, you can go for bright colors such as mustard yellow. Burgundy pants do not have to be boring, feel free to add your personal character and break some rules. Here is our list of good colors that coordinate with burgundy pants.

10+ Colors That Go With Burgundy Pants

1. Black Tops and Black Shoes

Neutrals go with everything and it is no surprise that a black top goes well with burgundy-colored pants. A black top might be dark but it still creates the right contrast when paired with burgundy pants.

Wearing simple black shoes such as ballet flats, booties, or wedges elevates the outfit further. This is a neutral and laid-back look for people who do not like bright colors.

A woman showing how to match burgundy-colored pants with a black top and black shoes
A woman matching black and burgundy

2. Cream tops with a denim jacket and brown or cognac shoes

Cream is a common neutral color and it goes well with burgundy pants. You can choose to wear a cream top, camisole, or t-shirt for a casual look.

Adding a denim jacket makes the look more casual and adds some character to it. Many might even consider this a business casual look since you can wear it for some formal events. Brown or cognac shoes add to the business casual look since they are more formal.

A woman showing how to match burgundy pants and a cream-colored sweater top
Matching a cream sweater top and burgundy pants

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3. Light pink tops and black or brown shoes

A light pink top can be great for adding a soft look to your burgundy pants. Ideally, burgundy can be a dull color and the only way to soften it is to add something soft and feminine.

A light pink top will do the trick but remember to keep the shoes black or brown so that you do not end up deflecting attention from the beautiful top.

4. Earthy green tops and white shoes

It is surprising to know that earthy green is a fairly neutral shade. Earthy green is a complementary color to burgundy or maroon and so pairing your earthy green top with burgundy pants will create a warm and balanced look.

Do not forget to add some white shoes to the look. White shoes are challenging to style but when worn with burgundy shoes they create the right kind of contrast.

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5. White tops and black or blue denim jacket

Denim jackets are classic and they can go with almost everything in your closet. So don’t be afraid to pair your blue jean jacket with burgundy pants.

Any shade of blue will work well, from the dark to the washed-out blue denim. When pairing burgundy pants with a jean jacket, try and make your outfit as simple as possible but wear a white or black top. White and black tops are simple so they’ll balance out the look.

A woman showing how to match burgundy pants and blue jean jacket

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6. Gray tops and black or white shoes

If white or black is not your thing, a gray top is a perfect color to match with burgundy pants. Ash or charcoal grey tops are especially great because they’re light and blend into the background.

If you decide to wear an ash grey top, complete the look with white shoes. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a charcoal grey top, wear black shoes.

A lady in a gray top and burgundy pants
A gray top and burgundy pants blend well

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7. A navy blue top, mustard cardigan, and brown boots

Burgundy is a good color for cold weather. You can pair it with a navy blue top for a cool look. On those cold Spring days, a mustard cardigan will brighten up the look. If you want to take the look a notch higher, adding some brown booties will blend and give you a put-together look.

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FAQs on Burgundy

What is the difference between maroon and burgundy?

Maroon and burgundy are similar in many ways. Both colors have red as the base color. However, maroon is made from a mixture of red and brown while burgundy is made from a mix of red and purple. The easy way to differentiate the two is by looking at the brightness. Burgundy is bright while maroon is more toned down. Another major difference is that burgundy is a cool color while maroon is a warm tone.

Is burgundy an all-year-round color?

Yes, you can wear burgundy all-year round as long as you know how to style it. Burgundy is considered a fall and winter color but it is possible to wear it even during the warmer months. The secret is to style it with lighter and brighter colors. If you decide to wear burgundy slacks, try and pair them with a white, cream, or light pink top to lighten up the look during summer.

What are complementary colors to burgundy?

Since burgundy has red as the base color, it is easy to look for complementary colors in the color wheel. On the diametrically opposite side of burgundy are the earthy or neutral colors. Some of the best complementary colors include olive green and forest green. All shades of grey also complement burgundy because of their neutral color. A surprising complement for burgundy is also yellow and especially the mustard shade of yellow.

The complementary color wheel
The complementary color wheel


Burgundy is a cool color that you can wear anytime and being a darker hue gives you the freedom to mix and match it with different shades thereby increasing variety in your wardrobe without new purchases.

Our review of colors that go with burgundy pants will help you style these pants for confidence and elegance any time of the year.

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