How to Tie a Shirt in the Front (10 Tips We Can’t Stop Obsessing Over)

Are you troubled by an oversized shirt or blouse that makes you look granny? What if I told you there is a way to make it fancy and stylish? There are different ways to style your shirt and transform it from basic to fashion-forward.

Tying your shirt in the front can turn it into a crop top, a ruched top, a skirt, or even a dress. You just need to learn how to do it correctly and use the right accessories.

Here we go.

10 Ways to Tie Your Shirt

How to Tie a Button up Shirt in the Front

1. Tying the bottom corners of a buttoned-up shirt

If you to be trendier rather than tucking in your buttoned-up shirt like everyone does, tying the bottom corners is a good way to create a neat look. If your shirt is over-size and it has sharp corners at the front hem, you just need to tie these 2 bottoms into a double knot.

If the front tie of your shirt still reaches the waist level, you can tuck the knot into your jeans or skirt. Alternatively, you can create a crop shirt by tying more fabric at the bottom. After this, you need to button up the rest of your shirt.

Overall, this is a semi-formal way to wear a buttoned-up shirt with or without tucking it in. However, this might not be the ideal style for formal occasions.

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2. Tying the long sleeves of a button-up shirt around your underbust to create a bandeau top

You can style your boring button-up shirt into a fancy bandeau top. Instead of wearing your shirt the normal way, button it up to the point where your cleavage is covered and free up the sleeves to hang around your bust. Wrap the sleeves around your underbust and create a bow tie in the front.

This will create a sleeveless bandeau top, but you need an over-size shirt to achieve this look.

A woman with the sleeves of a shirt tied around her bust to create a bandeau top from a button down shirt

3. Tying the sleeves of a button-up shirt around your underbust to create a short dress

If you’re daring to be chicier than most, you can turn a long button-up shirt into a short dress. Start by buttoning up the shirt up to the point where your cleavage is covered but don’t wear the sleeves. Wrap and tie the hanging sleeves around your under-bust just like in step 7 above.

This will create a sleeveless and shoulderless shirt dress. This method will work if you have a long button-up shirt or blouse, otherwise, it will be too short to wear without pants.

A young lady who has tied the sleeves of a man's shirt around her underbust to create a short dress without sewing
How to create a short dress from a man’s shirt without sewing

4. Tying the sleeves of a button-up shirt around your waist to create a skirt

You can turn your button-up shirt into a skirt. It has to be over-size so that it can fit well around the waist and hips. Button up the shirt around your waist, then wrap and tie the sleeves around the waist.

You will get the look of a casual skirt that you can wear with different tops. This is a versatile skirt with front buttons and you can even open some of the lower buttons to create a slit.

A young woman wearing a skirt made from wearing a buttoned shirt around her waist and upper legs, and then tying the sleeves around her waist

5. Tying the sleeves of an unbuttoned shirt around your waist

It’s possible to incorporate your unbuttoned shirt into your outfit even without wearing it the normal way. If you are wearing a tank top and you are worried that it might get cold later, you can tie your unbuttoned shirt around your waist.

It is a good way to carry your shirt around if you do not have a backpack. If you are wearing tights or leggings it will add a cool look to your outfit. You can do this with a normal shirt or even a denim shirt.

How to Tie a T Shirt in the Front

1. Tying a bun knot at the hem of your t-shirt

This is as simple as tying a bun on your hair. You can do this with an oversize shirt or t-shirt because you will have a lot of fabric to work with. Gather the fabric hem on one side of the waist area just like you would do with your hair.

Twist the fabric into a tail, hold the bottom end of the tail between your thumb, index, and middle fingers and loop the rest of the tail around the bottom to form a bun. Tuck the end of the tail inside the bun to secure it or else tie the bun with a rubber band. Alternatively, you can spread out the tail end to wrap and secure the bun in place.

2. Tying a rabbit ear knot at the hem of your tee shirt

A bunny ear knot is a youthful way to tie your t-shirt. This is an easy method and it works the same way as tying your shoe laces. You just need to gather fabric from the opposite sides of the hem and tie a knot like you are tying your shoe or garment laces. The trick is to leave the ends of the knot hanging to achieve the look of rabbit ears.

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3. A simple French tuck

A bun knot or rabbit ears are not the only way to style an oversized shirt. If you’re pairing your tee shirt with jeans or any other pants, you can shorten the t-shirt without having to tie a knot.

Grab one side of the hem and twist it into a tail until the bunched up t-shirt now fits you more closely. Tuck the tail into your pants and let the rest of the hem bunch up around your waist.

A young woman with a French tuck on her tank top shirt

4. Tying an inside or outside knot using a rubber band

Instead of tying the normal boring knot, you can use a rubber band. Using a rubber band is ideal because it does not damage or stretch the fabric of your t-shirt.

You can tie the fabric from the inside to create a ruffled or twisted front look with your t-shirt. When you tie a knot outside you will get a normal-looking bun.

5. A cropped front knot for a t-shirt

You can easily turn your oversized t-shirt into a crop top by tying a knot. The best thing is that you can decide how short or long the trimmed top will be.

When turning an oversized t-shirt into a crop top, bunch up the tee shirt and tie the knot at the front or back depending on what you are matching it with. You can make sure that the knot is secured by using a rubber band.


You don’t have to look baggy and granny in an oversized shirt or tee shirt. But you also don’t need to throw them away because you can tie them in different styles to emerge more fashionable than a girl in a close-fitting top. If you’ve been wondering how to tie a shirt in the front, then our list has all you need to know

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