What to Wear Under a Blazer Female (10+ Must Know Tips)

When they say there are no rules when it comes to fashion, they are probably talking about styling a blazer. There are limits to what you can pair your blazer with- you can even put on nothing under your blazer.

If you want to dress up your look, you can style your blazer with a dress shirt or a turtle neck top. On the other hand, if you hand to dress down your style, you can pair your blazer with a t-shirt or even go shirtless. Let’s dig deeper into what to wear under blazer women’s.

Difference between a Blazer and a Suit Jacket

A blazer and a suit jacket can look identical to the untrained eye. Although they may appear similar in terms of structure, there are differences in the tailoring, stitching details, fabric, and other details.


A suit jacket has a more tailored and fitted look. It also has padded shoulders to enhance the tailored look. On the other hand, a blazer has a softer look and almost looks like a shirt.

Stitching details

A suit jacket is carefully stitched with lining on the inside. With a blazer, there is no need for lining on the inside.


Suit jackets are usually tailored using formal fabrics. Most of them are in conservative prints and colors that can be worn in a formal setting. Blazers on the other hand come in a variety of fancy fabrics, prints, and colors since they are informal.


Suit jackets are designed to be paired with office wear trousers or skirts while blazers are stand-alone jackets that can be matched with different garments.

Types of Women’s Blazers

1. Single-breasted

A single-breasted blazer is a classic look for those who love blazers. It has one column of buttons and a simple overlap fabric on the chest. It’s thus easy to style and can be worn by everyone.

Cicy Bell Women's Casual Blazer Open-Front Long Sleeve Work Office Jacket Blazer. A single breasted blazer for the ladies

2. Double-breasted

A double-breasted blazer is ideal for slender or petite women. This type of blazer has two columns of buttons and the two sides overlap. It looks more tailored compared to a single-breasted blazer.

MakeMeChic Women's Lapel Collar Long Sleeve Double Button Work Office Blazer Jacket. A double-breasted women's blazer, best for styling with crop tops

3. Peplum blazers

Peplum blazers have been around since the early 2010s. This one has a skirt-like fabric on the lower part and this gives it a semi-formal look. If you want a relaxed look when wearing a blazer, a peplum blazer will do the trick.

Hybrid and Company Women Double Notch Lapel Sharp Shoulder Pad Office Blazer. Best women's peplum blazer

4. Belted blazers

A belted blazer simply means wearing your blazer with a belt that normally comes with the reefer. If you have an oversized blazer, wrapping a belt helps you to create a more fitted look. You can casually style your belted blazer with jeans, biker shorts, or a pleated skirt.

Alpine Swiss Bella Wool Coat Button Up Jacket Belted Blazer for Ladies

5. Bolero blazers

A bolero blazer is a cropped blazer that goes just below your bust or above the waist. It can be long or short sleeved depending on your preference. Wearing a bolero blazer is fashionable for matching with a sleeveless but full-torso top.

A woman wearing a black tank top under Belle Poque Women's Sequin Jacket Long Sleeve Open Front Glitter Cropped Blazer Bolero Shrug S-XXL.

What to Wear Under a Blazer Female

1. T-shirts

Wearing a t-shirt under a blazer is an excellent way to relax your style. When wearing jeans and a t-shirt, adding a blazer can bring out a business casual look.

You can go for a plain white t-shirt if you want to bring out a semi-formal look and if you’re a little bit adventurous, you can go for a graphic t-shirt. T-shirts are versatile and come in different looks and styles so you can choose any depending on your preference. So the best thing about pairing a t-shirt with a blazer is that you can easily dress up or dress down as you wish.

2. Tank top

Since tank tops are sleeveless, wearing a blazer can be a good way to style up and keep warm on chilly days.

You can also add a blazer to give your tank top a formal look when wearing pants or a pencil skirt (see the tank tops that hide belly fat here). When pairing a tank top with a blazer you can choose to go for either monochrome or contrasting shades. If you ever thought your tank top is something you should only wear to lounge indoors, try styling it with a blazer and you will see the different ways you can use it.

POGTMM Women 3/4 Sleeve Blazer Open Front Cardigan Jacket matched with a tank top

3. Turtleneck top

A turtleneck top and a blazer are a perfect combination during the cold months. If you want to create a formal look but you do not want to wear a normal dress shirt, you can try a turtle neck. This outfit shows that you can still dress for business but be creative while at it.

Turtlenecks are modest and warm and they never run out of style. No matter your age, a turtleneck and blazer combination will always be a fun and thoughtful look to try.

Amazon Essentials Women's Classic-Fit Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Top

4. Crop top

Wearing a blazer with a crop top can take your outfit from basic to classy. Crop tops are seen as youthful and casual. However, adding a blazer is all you need to take the outfit a notch higher.

This combination gives the illusion of youthfulness and edginess but it still shows that you can be serious when the need arises. If you feel you should reveal your crop top, you can pair it with an open-button blazer. You will have a cover-up but still get a chance to show off your crop top.

MakeMeChic Women's Lapel Collar Long Sleeve Double Button Work Office Blazer Jacket. A double-breasted women's blazer, best for styling with crop tops

5. Dress shirts

There is no better way to get a classic look than to layer a dress shirt under a blazer. If you are not willing to wear a suit but you still want to get a classic formal style, this is the best option. Wearing a plain-colored shirt underneath a blazer and pairing them with a pencil skirt will create an excellent office wear impression.

However, if you are feeling a little bit adventurous, you can wear a floral shirt and a plain blazer. This is the best way to mimic the look of a suit without wearing one.

Alex Vando Female Dress Shirt Regular Fit Long Sleeve Stretch Work Shirt. One of the Best Work Shirts for Women

6. A straight-cut short-sleeved or sleeveless dress under a fitted blazer

A dress and a blazer are always timeless looks. Pairing a straight-cut dress and a fitted blazer gives a tailored style. It makes you look put together and you can wear this combination to work or in other formal settings.

On cold days, wearing a blazer with a sleeveless dress will keep you warm and also give you a sense of style. If you decide to wear a blazer of the same color as the skirt or dress you will get the look of a suit.

A lady wearing a black colored Romwe Women's Summer Boho Sleeveless Embroidered Hem Loose Casual Tank Dress

7. A long sleeve dress under a sleeveless blazer

Sleeveless blazers can be paired with a long sleeve dress to add some personality to the dress. If you feel that your long sleeve dress is plain and boring, adding a sleeveless blazer is the way to fashion up.

A blazer with a colorful print will add color to the dress without covering it too much. Sleeveless blazers come in a variety of styles but my favorite is a button-less one that partially covers your dress in the right places.

8. Ladies jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are versatile and they come in all styles and designs. Ideally, a jumpsuit is an informal look but you can make it formal by adding a blazer. You can wear your jumpsuit under a long or short blazer depending on the style of your jumpsuit.

If you are wearing a loose-fitting jumpsuit, go for a fitted blazer and vice versa. The trick is to bring some balance into your outfit.

A lady wearing the Happy Sailed Women's Casual Loose Short Sleeve Belted Wide Leg Pant Romper Jumpsuit

9. Going shirtless

Going shirtless with your blazer might be too bold for many and is common with Kristen Stewart, Rihanna, and other celebrities on the red carpet. If you want to show some cleavage by wearing nothing under your blazer, choose a single-breast blazer.

However, if you want a modest look, you can go for a double-breasted blazer because it provides more coverage. All in all, when going shirtless, choose a blazer that fits you perfectly. The wrong fit can be disastrous because you will have a hard time trying to keep a neat look.


By now you already know a blazer is a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. Try to get different designs and shades of blazers such as single and double-breasted blazers, bolero blazers, plain and floral prints. With these blazer jacket options, you will be able to style different outfits under your blazer with a little bit of creativity.

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