Top 7 Best Racerback Bra for Large Breasts (I’m in LOVE with these FOREVER)

I think I should have already told you that DELIMIRA Women’s Unlined Racerback Bra and Warner’s Play It Cool Wire-Free are the most breathable for hot summer months and that Hanes Women’s Seamless Racerback Sports Bra is the best for sports.

But we’re just getting started, so you’ll definitely get these tidbits along the way.

Well, racerback bras are trendy, versatile, comfortable, and supportive and it’s no surprise that they are popular among women of all ages.

These timeless bras can be worn to the gym, for yoga, and can even be used as everyday wear. For women with plus-size breasts, the best racerback bra for large breasts is ideal because it has an X-shaped and wide single strap in the middle of your back that distributes weight evenly to prevent back pain and discomfort.

But you don’t have to helplessly buy one racerback bra after another as you test which one is worth it because we tested several brands, read reviews, and spoke with real users.

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Take a look.

Review of the Best Racerback Bra for Large Breasts

Editor’s Pick

Editor's Remark
1. DELIMIRA Women's Best Unlined Racerback Bra Seamless Underwire Front Closure Bras. One of the best racerback bras for big breasts, best support bra for heavy breasts, best racerback bra for full figure
86% Polyamide/ 14% Spandex
Best for full coverage
2. Blue 55 Women's Racerback Bralette Sexy Everyday Basic Deep V-Neck Wireless Bra with Removable Padding. best racerback bra for large breasts, best wireless racerback bra
92% Nylon/ 8% Spandex
Best wireless racerback bralette
3. Warner's Play It Cool Moisture-Wicking Best Wireless Racerback Bra RM4281A. One of the best racerback bras for breathability.
77% Nylon/ 23% Elastane
Best for breathability
4. Hanes Women's Best Seamless Racerback Sports Bra, Best Racerback Sports Bra for Large Breasts
95% Nylon/ 5% Spandex
Best racerback bra for sports

1. DELIMIRA Women’s Unlined Racerback Bra, Seamless Underwire Front Closure Bra- best support bra for heavy breasts

DELIMIRA Women's Best Unlined Racerback Bra Seamless Underwire Front Closure Bras. One of the best racerback bras for big breasts, best support bra for heavy breasts, best racerback bra for full figure

DELIMIRA is a racerback bra that combines comfort and a sexy design.

It is a full coverage bra for large breasts but has a mesh to give it an enhanced sexy look. To add to the beautiful design, the bra has a front hook and eye closure that also makes it easy to wear. For support, the bra has an underwire and proper padding to give your boobs a natural look while keeping you comfortable.

You will love the T-back and seamless design that gives the bra a unique look. The cups cover the entire breasts but still look beautiful with a sheer mesh on the top sides where the straps taper to the shoulders. Its wide band all around is exactly what you need to support heavy breasts.

It’s made of 86% Polyamide and 14% Spandex so it is stretchable but comfortable on the skin and the sheer mesh adds to its breathability.

The front closure wireless brassiere fits true to size for Carmella’s large breasts, something she hasn’t come across for a dozen years.
A customer's review on Amazon for DELIMIRA Women's Best Unlined Racerback Bra Seamless Underwire Front Closure Bras

Material: 86% Polyamide/ 14% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Beautiful racerback design with a sheer mesh in the front straps
  • Natural look to the breasts – minimal padding and underwire
  • Easy to wear with pullover design and front closure
  • Comfort, breathability, and a seamless design
  • A full-coverage style for everyday wear with no side spillage
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Some users may not prefer an underwire

2. Blue 55 Women’s Best Racerback Bralette, Sexy Everyday Basic Deep V-Neck Wireless Bra with Removable Pads

Blue 55 Women's Racerback Bralette Sexy Everyday Basic Deep V-Neck Wireless Bra with Removable Padding. best racerback bra for large breasts, best wireless racerback bra

The Blue 55 Racerback Bralette is the ultimate definition of sexiness, comfort, and versatility. You can use it as an everyday wear bra under your clothes and also since it is a bralette, you can wear it without anything for sports or yoga.

To make this best racerback bra for large breasts more flattering, it comes with an attractive deep V-neck design that is ideal when wearing low-cut tops. When you insert the removable pads, the cups spread out so that your cleavage doesn’t seem like you’re trying to create a uniboob.

For comfort, the bra is soft and lightweight so you can wear it during the hot summer months with ease. The seamless design with no elastic bands adds to comfort for all-day wear and you can add this bra to your collection as a basic essential. Being this lightweight means that it’s ideal to carry when traveling and the removable cups make it even better whenever you want to get a different look.

A 50+ year old’s slumping breasts are so happy with this bra

“My late 50s brought me the  best breasts  of my entire life, but I had almost given up on finding a wire-free bra that seemed to actually fit and enhance what nature finally had given me. These are so incredibly comfortable and fit like a second skin. They are adjustable, so I don’t have to live with a bra made for someone whose chest ISN’T giving in to gravity just a bit.”

Material: 92% Nylon/ 8% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Comfortable – soft and lightweight fabric, removable pads, and a seamless design
  • Beautiful, sexy design with low cut neckline
  • Ideal for everyday wear
  • Bralette style, so you can wear it on its own
  • Versatile design and removable pads
  • Easy to clean but you have to remove pads while doing it
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • For large breasts, there is less support but you get a beautiful silhouette

3. Warner’s Play It Cool Wire-Free Cooling Racerback Bra

Warner's Play It Cool Moisture-Wicking Best Wireless Racerback Bra RM4281A. One of the best racerback bras for breathability, best front closure racerback bra

The Warner’s bra is all you need for an everyday comfortable bra. It has a minimalist design and it is lightly contoured so it gives your big breasts a beautiful natural look.

This is a cooling bra so it will make your summer months comfortable since it is breathable and comfortable on the skin. The cups are made with the Chill FXTM lining that wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable all day.

It offers great support without the need for an underwire and the cups are slightly padded for comfort. For easy wearing, the shoulder straps are easy to adjust plus it comes with a front closing mechanism for easy wearing and removal of the bra.

The back has a wide seamless and elastic-free band to provide firm support without hurting your skin.

Material: 51% Polyamide/ 37% Polyester/ 12% Elastane

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Cooling bra with special Chill FXTM lining to keep you comfortable
  • Easy to wear with adjustable straps and a front clasp
  • Natural look to large breasts with light and practical padding
  • Comfortable and seamless with no underwire
  • A minimalist design ideal for everyday wear
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Might not be ideal for high impact exercise

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4. Hanes Women’s Seamless Racerback Bra- Best Racerback Sports Bra for Large Breasts

Hanes Women's Best Seamless Racerback Sports Bra, Best Racerback Sports Bra for Large Breasts

The Hanes best racerback sports bra is designed to give you the look and motivation you need when training.

The bra is made from 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex, and it’s seamless and elastic-free. It has no adjustable straps so it is a full pullover design bra that you wear like a top. This will fit whatever your lifestyle when you have heavy breasts.

When you’re dancing or jumping jacks, the traditional bra straps on your back would cinch or hurt as your lift your arms up, down, and sideways. But the racerback design of this bra lies directly on the vertebra in such a way that your shoulder girdle is free to move without shifting the bra straps.

Since you’ll be sweating a lot in sports, you need a fast-drying material. For comfort, the DRI technology ensures the fabric wicks away moisture fast to keep your body dry. To add to the comfort, it is wire-free and tag less- just like any other famous Hanes bra- so nothing is chafing or pinching into your skin.

Finally, you can choose from a variety of diverse colors so that you don’t have to keep multiple bras of the same color.

“Great for working out. I normally wear a  large . But for me I think it would have been better if I got an extra large. It’s  very well made .”Jason DePaul

Material: 95% Nylon/ 5% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • A beautiful sporty design ideal for sportswear as well as loungewear
  • Latest DRI technology to keep you dry when you sweat
  • Comfortable – seamless design, thick straps with no wires and tags
  • Easy to wear with a versatile pullover design
  • Easy to wash – machine wash
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Medium support – might not be ideal for very high-impact activities

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5. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra for Sports

Fruit of the Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra for Sports

This crop-style racerback bra is everything that you will need for comfort during yoga or sporting activities. The package comes with three bras inside so you can choose an assortment of colors.

It comes with adjustable back straps and does not have any hooks or closures. Despite not having any hooks and eyelets, it’s still easy to wear since it’s stretchable.

This is a crop-style bra so it goes a little bit lower below the breasts and so you can wear it without anything else to the gym or for your morning jog.

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Comfortable – no underwire, no tags, no hooks or elastic bands
  • Easy to wear – adjustable back straps and pullover style design
  • Versatile wearing – good for sports, yoga, sleeping, and a comfortable loungewear
  • Easy to wash by machine
  • Light and breathable fabric
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • No padding or cups

6. Kalon 4 Pack Racerback Sports Bralette V Neck for Women

Kalon Women’s 4 Pack Best Racerback Sports Bralette, Seamless Wireless Comfort Bra

The Kalon bras offer a combination of comfort and beauty. This is the right bra for you if you want versatility, comfort, and a sexy look out of its V-neck design.

It comes with adjustable back straps so that you can find the best level of comfort for heavy breasts. The 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex give the bra a good stretch while remaining lightweight for different activities.

One thing that you will love about this bra is its versatility. It has removable padding to suit your preference. Unlike other bras, it’s a sports bra but still sexy, so apart from using it for sports, you can wear it for lounging, the outdoors, etc.

Material: 92% Nylon/ 8% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Comfortable – adjustable straps, soft fabric, and removable pads
  • Versatile wear for jogging, yoga, or lounging at home
  • A flattering V-neck design
  • Soft and breathable to keep sweat away during sports
  • Comes in a pack of 4 to help you save money
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Ideal for minimal intensity activities since it offers minimal support

7. Curvy Couture Women’s Tulip Smooth T-Shirt Bra

Curvy Couture Women's Tulip Smooth T-Shirt Bra. best convertible racerback bra

The curvy couture bra is a dream come true for curvy women with large breasts. It is an everyday t-shirt bra that gives you full coverage to prevent side spillage.

This bra is not ideally a racerback but it gives you the freedom to change the straps into a racerback design whenever you feel the need for versatility. At first glance, it looks like a normal t-shirt bra but it has details like a pendant at the front that let people know that you have a sense of class.

For the comfort of plus size breasts, the bra has a mesh band that covers the wings without hurting the skin. The mesh is also breathable to keep you comfortable during hot days. Since it is not a full racerback, you can remove the bra straps when you want to wear a one-shoulder dress or adjust them to meet your needs or depending on the top or dress that you want to wear.

Material: 81% Nylon/ 19% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Comfortable to wear with smooth lightweight cups and breathable mesh sideband
  • Versatile wear with adjustable bra straps
  • Minimalist look for an everyday wear
  • Specifically made for plus size girls to give them a push-up
  • A large chart size to help you find the perfect fit
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Not a full racerback but you can adjust the straps to a racerback design

What to Look for When Buying the Best Racerback Bras for Large Breasts

Before you buy a bra with racerback straps, it’s always best to know which features are important for you. Here is a guide to help you when shopping:

1. Easy to wear

The last thing you want is to spend ten minutes every day trying to wear a bra that will not budge. A good racerback bra should be easy to wear. It is advisable to consider looking for a bra that has a front hook-and-eye closure or clasp to make it easy to wear. Nonetheless, most racerback bras do not have a back hook because it can be challenging to fit the bra into place.

If your bra doesn’t have a front closure or any opening and closing mechanism at all, then make sure that it is made of stretchable fabric so that you can easily pull it over your head.

2. Thick bands and straps

A racerback bra for large breasts is all about comfort. It is important to make sure that the brassiere offers the right support in the right places- the breasts, the shoulders, the neck, and the upper back.

If you intend to be wearing the bra on lengthy work days, always go for thick bands and straps that won’t dig into your skin. Or else buy a bralette. If you can get elastic-free and seamless straps that is even better because they will not hurt or show under tight outfits.

3. Fabric

The fabric used to make your racerback bra is also important. If you have large breasts then you need a stretchable material to accommodate the size of your breasts. The expandable fabric is also necessary to make the bra easy to wear when it has a back closure.

If you are looking for a sports bra, ensure that it has a soft and breathable material to make it fast-drying as you sweat in your various sports activities. A bra with soft fabric is also important for comfort when wearing the bra the whole day.

4. Full coverage

Since racerback bras are always about comfort, a full coverage bra is the best option. For large boobs, you need to get a bra that will cover the entire breasts and avoid side spillage (see the best bras for side fat reviewed here). The best way to know whether the bra is full coverage is to check the shape of the cups. They should be rounded with no cutouts in the upper parts.

5. Versatile

Versatility is an important feature when buying any bra, not only a racerback bra. Consider whether you would like to use your bra for different activities. If you can get a bra that you can use for sports and for everyday wear, that will be better.

We also have racerback bras that have adjustable straps so in case you want to change the fitting, you can. For versatility of wear, you can also get a bra with detachable pads that you can fit or remove depending on the occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Racerback Bras

When do you need to wear a racerback bra?

Racerback bras are becoming common because they are stylish and versatile to wear. If your boobs are plus size and you’re looking for good support, a racerback bra should be the ideal choice. They have thick straps so you do not have to deal with the pain of thin straps with blade-like edges.

It is advisable to wear a racerback bra if you are trying to hide bra straps when you wear a top that has an open back. You can also wear this bra style if you want to appear stylish at your gym. Sports racerback bras can be worn on their own to the gym for yoga or jogging because they are complete sportswear.

Can you wear a regular bra with a racerback tank?

Yes, you can wear a regular bra with a racerback tank but you have to use racerback clips. These clips hold the back bra straps together in the middle of your back, underneath the racerback tank top. However, pulling together the straps of a non-racerback bra may make them pinch your back and so if you don’t want such kind of stress, you need to invest in a good racerback bra so that your straps don’t show.

Without using clips your regular bra straps will show underneath your racerback outfit.

Why do racerback bras hurt my shoulders?

Racerbacks bras can hurt your shoulder when you choose the wrong size and design. In this bra, straps meet at the middle part of the shoulder and they can dig into this part of your back if they’re not lightweight or cushioned properly.

If you want to avoid discomfort or pain, it is advisable to ensure that your bra doesn’t fit too tightly. Your bra will also not hurt or strain your shoulders if you decide to use one that has thick straps and a wide band. The straps and bands offer good support and do not interrupt blood circulation. Most of the time, the pain is caused by poor circulation around the shoulders and back.

Are racerback bras good for your back?

The design of T-back and racerback bras are great for supporting your back, shoulders, and neck. They are a preferred choice by girls with big breasts because they help relieve the pressure of the heavy breasts on the neck, upper back, and shoulders.

Back pain is common when you have plus-size breasts so a good racerback can be the best gift that you can get. Here are some reasons why racerback bras might be good for your back:

  • Uniform weight distribution –the wider material of the racerback helps to ensure that the weight of your breasts is distributed more evenly across your back. You do not have to experience discomfort or pain with the best racerback bra for large breasts.
  • Improved posture – when it comes to improving posture, racerback bras are the best. The location of the straps at the middle of your back and the angled or X-shaped design force you to sit and walk upright. It is a good way to start correcting your posture.
  • Non-slip design– unlike the traditional bra straps that can slide off your shoulders as you move, the centered and angled style of the racerback bra strap ensures that it can’t shift at the back or on your shoulders.

Wrap Up

Racerback bras are the bras you need if you have plus size breasts because they’re trendy, versatile, supportive, and comfortable. The design of the racerback straps helps to distribute the weight of your breasts so that you don’t experience pain in the neck, shoulders, or upper back. You can’t go wrong with one of the racerback bras for large breasts reviewed in our list.

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