How to Dress When You Are Fat and Short (12 Must Know Tips)

Every body type is beautiful! But let’s face it. Most clothes are designed for slim and tall models and it almost feels like a crime to be plumpy and vertically challenged.

Fortunately, being a little bit creative and smart with your fashion choices can help you to look good no matter your body size and shape. This article on how to dress when you are fat and short will help you reclaim your confidence through smart fashion choices.

What to Wear if You are Short and Chubby

1. How to Dress to Look Slim and Tall – Embrace Vertical Stripes

When you are fat and short, the goal is to create an impression that you are taller and leaner. You can do this by playing with the textures, colors, and patterns. The best way to do it is to opt for clothes with vertical stripes as opposed to horizontal ones.

Vertical stripes have an upward and downward effect on the eyes, so wearing vertical stripes makes you appear taller and slimmer. When choosing dresses, pants, and tops, ensure that you always consider the print design. Anything that makes the eye move up and down is always a good choice.

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2. Apply the Rule of Thirds to Your Top and Bottom Parts

The rule of thirds is all about creating balance with your outfit. As much as fashion is an art, it is also analytical, so achieving the right proportion in your clothes will make you look and feel tall and confident no matter even though you have a short torso and legs.

For instance, when wearing a top with high waist pants, ensure that you tuck it in so that a third of your height can be on the upper body and two-thirds on the lower body. This makes your legs appear taller.

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3. High-Waist Swimsuit or Shapewear for Minimizing Your Tummy

Every plus-size girl knows the power of high waist clothing. You can still wear your high waist bikini to the beach just like other girls. The best thing about a high waist swimsuit is that it hides your tummy. If you are a big girl you probably have some tummy fat.

Wearing high waist underwear is also another trick to look shapelier in clothes. High waist clothing will hide the belly fat while at the same time defining your waist.

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4. Clothes with Hour-Glass Design and Patterns

You are short and fat. Right? So why would you wear outfits with hourglass designs and patterns? Simple. The logic is to create an hourglass impression. Hourglass designs have a slimming feature because they slim the waist.

Some great hourglass designs include peplums and any clothes with a belt. Creating that hourglass silhouette by wearing garments with hourglass style and prints will bring proportion to your body. If you are short and chubby, there are chances that you do not have a defined waist and the only way to create one is by using the right clothes.

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5. How to Dress a Short Torso and Short Legs- Nude-Colored High Heels and High-Rise Pants

There is something about nude-colored high heels. They make you seem to have long legs. For short and fat girls, creating the impression of height with heels is very stylish.

High-rise pants also do the same trick. Wearing close-fitting, high-rise pants makes you appear taller since the waist goes higher on your body. And you don’t have to worry even if you have some belly fat, high-rise pants work for almost all body types.

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6. Darker Color Shades have a Slimming Effect

Color has a big influence on the eye. It can make or break an outfit. If you are a big girl, stay away from bright and shiny colors. They draw too much attention and can increase the volume of your body. The idea is to create a slimmer and taller look using clothes with a dark shade.

Wearing dark colors like black and brown can help you to achieve a slimmer look. But you do not have to completely stay away from colored shades. You can choose to wear colors in your accessories like hats, bags, and jewelry.

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7. Avoid Bulky Clothes Such as Balloon-Sleeved Tops and Puffy Jackets

If you are a plus-size woman, your goal should be to reduce the volume of your clothes. Wearing bulky outfits only makes you appear bigger than you are. You need to say away from any fashion items that have unnecessary puffiness.

Balloon sleeves are not recommended because they make your arms appear wide. Puffy jackets, dresses, and tents are also not desirable. Wearing bulky clothes might look like a good idea because they hide your body but that is not the case. They only make you appear plumpy.

8. Keep it Simple

Simplicity is timeless. If you are wondering how to dress when you are short and fat, simply avoid too many details in or with your outfit. Wearing a lot of details like bling can make you appear bulky but keeping it simple with your style will make you look good no matter what you decide to wear.

Outfits with a lot of details like fur and other details are not always a good idea when trying to appear leaner. Your choice of jewelry should also be simple and classy.

9. Belts Work Wonders

Wearing a belt can transform your outfit in more ways than you can imagine. If you are a plus-size woman, there are chances that you do not have a defined waistline. Adding a belt to your style will help you to define your waist. You can choose to wear a slim belt to make your waist appear slimmer. Apart from defining your waist, wearing a belt also creates balance in your outfits.

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10. Tailor your Clothes

If you are fat and dwarfy, most apparel in the clothing stores is not likely to fit you. However, this should not stop you from shopping and wearing the outfits that you want. If you like something but it does not fit you perfectly, do not worry about it.

You can always tailor it to fit your body. We have tailors who can adjust your clothes so that they fit perfectly. On the other hand, you can buy a sewing machine and do it on your own. If you buy a pair of pants and you find that it is too long, you can always tailor them to your needs.

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11. Avoid Clingy or Thin Fabrics

Your choice of fabric is very important when trying to achieve a slim and tall look. It is advisable to stay away from clingy and thin or sheer fabric. Opt for a thick fabric that sits well on your skin. Clingy and thin fabric can be very unforgiving when wearing tight clothes. The fabric will show all the fat rolls on your body, so silk or satin might not be ideal if you are fat and short. You need to avoid this and opt for a little heavier fabric that does not create an outline showing all your flaws.

12. Opt for Low Necklines

Low necklines are great if you want to draw attention to your neck. Instead of wearing turtle necks or high necklines, opt for V-necks or round necks. Wearing tops or dresses with low necks is a good idea because it draws attention away from your belly or overall height.

Plunging necklines are also great for creating the impression of height. Your neck will appear taller when wearing a low neck as opposed to a high neck. Do not be afraid to show some skin.

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Being fat and short should not make you a fashion snob. You can still look and feel good as long as you make the right fashion choices. A little creativity and experimenting with different outfits are all you need to appear taller and confident.

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