Types of Panties and their Names

Choosing the right type of panties can be hard. There are so many different types available that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. Between thongs, boyshorts, bikinis, hipsters, and more; choosing a style can seem a dilemma. Choosing the wrong type of undergarment will make your clothes and accessories look bad, but choosing the right type can make even an average outfit look great.

Finding the perfect pair is also not always easy but we’ve created this guide to help you learn more about different types of female underwears so that when it comes time to buy new underwear you’ll know exactly what kind is best for your body shape and style preferences. You’ll also find links so that if you want more information on a specific pair or brand that we’ve reviewed, just click through.

Types of Female Underwears

1. Control briefs

Control briefs are high-waist undergarments that help to tuck in your tummy –just like shapewear- creating a smoother silhouette around your waist. They are comfy and the waistband is firm to prevent the underwear from slipping down.

They’re suitable for close-fitting dresses and skirts, and high-rise pants.

Maidenform Women’s Tame Your Tummy Shaping Lace Brief with Cool Comfort. One of the best in our list of types of panties and their names

2. Boyshorts

When it comes to style, there is nothing like the comfort of boyshorts for women. They’re also great if you want that extra coverage under your skirt or on those hot summer days when wearing long shorts or pants just wouldn’t cut it!

Maidenform Women's Pure Tailored Boyshort Panties. One of the best boyshorts for summer

3. Hipsters

Hipster underwear sorts of blends bikini and boy shorts. Hipsters cover the waist and most of them rise to a few inches below the navel but as the name suggests, they are designed to sit on the hips. Their full coverage and figure-shaping fit make them popular among women who want to be trendy but still modestly covered.

Warner's Women's Blissful Benefits No Muffin Top 3 Pack Hipster Panties. One of the best among the types of female underwears

4. Brazilian brief

You may have heard that Brazil is a hotbed of fitness and health-related activities, but did you know it’s also home to some of the most fashionable women in the world? The Brazilian brief (also known as “briefs”) was developed specifically with these stylish ladies’ needs when going out into the public.

Brazilian briefs are designed to reveal more than a hipster but to conceal more than a thong- it’s the middle ground. This style has been revived in recent years and continues to be popular today with both men and women, though it bears some differences from its original form. Nevertheless, they provide a decent amount of front and back coverage. They’re also super comfortable and trendy. Seamless Brazilian briefs such as the Freya Women’s Starlight briefs will nicely cover your buttocks while showing no VPL.

Brazilian briefs are the best for the beach, going under shorts or sarong.

Freya Women's Starlight Brazilian briefs. best Brazilian briefs

5. Thongs

A thong is a type of underwear that features a v-shaped fabric in the front for covering the crotch and a thin strip of fabric at the back. The waistband varies from 2 to 7 cm, enough to cover your sides. A thong enables you to wear body-hugging outfits without the shame of panty lines.

Thongs are perfect because not only do their thin straps give just enough coverage so nothing flashes out, but also by wearing this type of underwear you can feel confident knowing that your body isn’t completely exposed.

Calvin Klein Women's Modal Thong. best thong underwear

6. G- string

G-string is thinner than a thong and is made up of a narrow strip to cover the privates and a thin string as the back part that attaches it to a string waistband.  The major advantage of this undergarment is that you’re able to avoid VPLs with any type of outfit. However, it takes time to get used to having nothing around your butt and it can also slip up your waist or hurt you if you wear the wrong size.

Justgoo Women’s Lace G-String Thongs Panties Underwear Low Rise T-Back Underpants

7. French-cut panties

French-cut panties are the ultimate in comfort and style. These lightweight undergarments have a wide waistband that sits just below your navel, providing extra coverage and preventing discomfort.

The French-cut design is a modern classic that will never go out of style because they can work for any occasion from running errands around town, dressing formally, to lounging around at home. Their cotton blend fabric offers breathable comfort whether you’re active or idle.

Jockey Women's Underwear Classic French Cut Underwear. Best French-Cut Panties

8. Seamless innerwear

What’s the deal with seamless underwear? I know it sounds fancy, but these undergarments are all kinds of amazing. They’re made from a lightweight fabric that offers full coverage without any pesky strings or seams creating lines under your clothes.

The next time you try on a pair of seamless underwear like the Savage X Fenty Women’s Microfiber Hipster by Rihanna, pay attention to the way it feels against your skin. It will be like nothing else ever felt before!

Savage X Fenty Women's Microfiber Hipster by Rihanna. Best seamless underwear for women

9. High waist briefs for women

If you love high-waisted jeans, you know how it feels when its buttons dig into your belly area. A high waist brief lets you forget that feeling with its high waist coverage, but its cheeky cut will still flaunt your curves.

I know how difficult it can be to find the right size, so ensure that your high-rise brief is stretchy, breathable, and comfortable.

FallSweet No Show High Waist Briefs Underwear for Women, Best Seamless Panties

10. Classic briefs

The classic brief has a unique design and style. It’s perfect for those who want to go more reserved with their outfit or are looking at adding some maturity into the mix.

Shadowline Women's Plus-Size Spandex Best Classic Brief

11. Butt booster briefs

So that you can get a backside that’s as magnificent and comfy-looking, these butt-lifting briefs will help your derrière look great! We couldn’t have reviewed types of panties and their names without including this one.

The specially designed fabric will mold itself around any bumps on your behind to give you a more flattering but natural shape without feeling self-conscious.

Leonisa butt lifter and enhancer panties underwear for women with removable pads. One of the best panties in our review of types of panties and their names.

12. Tanga briefs

A tanga is a midpoint between a thong and a bikini bottom. It has a v-shaped piece to cover the front and a high-cut strip of fabric at the back, enough to cover your rear while revealing your sides. It’s the best for flattering curvy hips and bottom, without too much exposure. They are also invisible underneath pants, dresses, and skirts.

Satini Women's Polkadot Tanga Bikini Briefs Satin Panties. Best Tanga Underwear

13. String bikinis

Unlike the normal bikini bottom, a string bikini has string ties for the waist to provide a skimpier cut. It provides moderate front and back coverage, perfect for matching with dresses, tight skirts, and low-cut jeans.

Smart & Sexy Best Women's String Bikini Set

14. Caged bikinis

A caged bikini is normally a high waist bikini bottom with strappy caged accents along the sides that add a touch of class and attractiveness to the undergarment.

COLO Women Sexy Bikini Bottoms Lace Strappy Sides High Waisted Retro Bathing Suit Underwear Swimsuit Top for types of female underwears

15. C-string panty

A c-string panty may seem like going overboard but it’s the tough choice when you don’t want any hint of underwear line showing but you still don’t want to go commando. It has a piece of cloth that resembles a sanitary pad for covering the crotch and a string of fabric or wire that goes between your butts to the back. Self-adhesive silicone pads are used to stick it at the front and back.

MSemis Women's C Style Invisible No Panty Line Adhesive Strapless C String Thongs Panties Underwear

16. Maternity panty

Maternity panty is a type of underwear that women wear during their pregnancy. It’s designed with different layers and materials to provide comfort, support, as well as hygiene for the mother-to-be.

Maternity underwear also provides extra room and coverage for those who have grown bigger than they expected or have had complications in their delivery journey.

Motherhood Maternity Women's 3 Pack Fold over Brief Panties. Best maternity panties

17. Cheeksters

This is simply a cute hipster with a bit of cheeky lace trim or just a cheeky cutout.

Wealurre Store Cotton Cheekster Panties for Women Bikini Underwear Hipster Underpants Lace Briefs Pack

18. Garter panty

Garters were originally used by women throughout Europe to keep their stockings from falling off. The garter panty has typically four straps with clips that hook up thigh-high stockings that don’t have a silicone band. They can match any casual dress or skirt and they’re just charming and attractive.

ADOME Women Sexy Lingerie Set with Garter Bra and Panty Lace Underwire Lingerie Sets. Best garter belt underwear

19. Skirtkini

The world of swimwear is an ever-evolving one, with designers coming up with new styles every day. One style that has wowed ladies around the world is the skirtkini. This is a one-piece or two-piece in which a short skirt is attached to the bottom part. The skirt nicely skims over the upper thighs and bottoms, perfect for hiding stretch marks and other flaws.

SHEKINI Women's Swimdress Ruffle Swim Skirt Side Pull Tie Swimsuit Bottom

20. Camiknickers

This is a one-piece undergarment that combines a camisole and French knickers. It’s a looser and sheerer version of a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit.

Camiknickers are an easy and effective way to make your everyday life more stylish because you can use them at work, on the go, or just for fun.

Smart & Sexy Women's Mesh Cami & Shorts Sleep Set. Best camiknickers

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