30+ Tips on What to Wear to a Football Game Woman

Next time you attend a football game, take the chance to show your personality through fashion but also remember to stay comfortable. When it comes to sports fashion, there are no rigid rules. The idea is to look and feel good.

No matter the weather, you can still find pieces that will make you comfy and fashion-smart. In this article, we brainstormed and tested all the outfit ideas that’ll make you both comfortable and impressive at a football match.

What to Wear to a Football Game in Hot Weather

1. A football jersey

Wearing a football jersey is arguably the most classic way to attend a football match. When the weather is hot, a short-sleeved or sleeveless one will do the trick. You can get one made of breathable fabric so that the sweat dries out fast.

If you cannot find a breathable one, wear a fitting cotton long-sleeved t-shirt underneath. It will help you keep the sweat away and it’s always stylish to pair your jersey with an undershirt.

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2. Graphic tee shirt 

You can take your streetwear style to a football game. Do not be afraid to wear your graphic tee to the match because it’s a good way to show your personality and remain comfortable. As long as it has a generic but fancy or catchy phrase, such as this Saturdays are for Nothing But Football Shirt Big Tennessee, but not customized to your name.

A cotton blend t-shirt is the best because it will help you stay sweat-free.

A girl's sport's shirt with the label "Saturdays are for Nothing But Football"

3. A flannel shirt

A flannel shirt might be seen as an autumn staple but you can still wear it during summer. It is versatile to style depending on your preference. You can wear it on top of a tank top or t-shirt with the buttons open or you can wrap it around your waist when the weather gets too hot.

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4. Jeans

There are countless designs of relaxed-fit jeans suitable for spending a day in them as you watch football stars do their thing. Here are some of the best:

i.) Ripped or distressed jeans – ripped jeans give you an easygoing feel since a football game is a laid-back event. Ripped jeans allow airflow so you won’t feel hot and sweaty.

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ii.) Boyfriend jeans – when attending a football match you can bring out your tomboy style with boyfriend jeans. Since boyfriend jeans are loose-fitting you will remain cool and comfortable throughout.

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iii.) Stretchy jeansstretchy jeans are good if you are a curvy woman. They will keep you stylish, comfy, and even attractive throughout the game.

iv.) Whiskered jeans – most whiskered jeans are in a relaxed fit and a faded wash, which is a good thing if you will be exposed to dust. However, whiskerings were the in thing in the 90s and 00s, but GenZ has labeled them cheugy, so you consider them if you want a 90s style.

v.) Dark wash jeans – if you want the freedom of enjoying a football game without worrying about dirt wear a dark wash jeans style. You can get one in a lightweight fabric for comfort.

vi.) Kick flare jeans – your jeans do not have to go all the way to the ankle. Mid-calf jeans are casual and the best thing is that they will keep off dust. You can also show off your sneakers when wearing mid-calf jeans.

5. Jean or fabric shorts 

You can never go wrong with shorts on a hot summer day. Lightweight jeans or fabric shorts are ideal for the football stadium or any other arena.

The length will depend on your preference but knee length or above the knee will be perfect. Absorbent fabrics like cotton are the best for sunny days. However, you can still get a lightweight fabric like polyester since it is fast drying and relaxing.

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6. Joggers, sweatpants, or tracksuits

If you are feeling a little bit sporty go for joggers, sweatpants, or tracksuits. Since these are specifically activewear, you won’t have to worry about feeling hot. They are meant to keep away sweat since they are workout clothes.

7. Fashion overalls for a boyish look

Overalls are good for a youthful and boyish look. During a hot day, you can wear them with a tank top or a bralette underneath. They are the best choice if you want something simple since you only have to deal with one outfit.

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8. A flowy tunic or sundress 

It’s actually sexy to bring your girly and feminine side to a football game. A sundress is excellent for a hot day since it allows you to enjoy the breeze.

A flowy tunic is easy to wear and versatile. You can wear it anywhere else other than a sports event, from the beach to parties and relaxing at home. Remember to pair the sundress with comfortable flat shoes or booties.

Umgee Women's Bohemian Tunic or Sun Dress, best for a girl to wear to a football stadium to watch a game in hot weather

9. Sunglasses

What a woman can wear to a football game is not complete without sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses is a good way to accessorize your outfit when attending a football match and they’re also practical since they protect your eyes from the hot sun, more so the UV blocking sunglasses.

Get them in your preferred style to blend with your outfit.

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10. Cowboy hat or fedora

Hats are great accessories for the outdoors. Just like sunglasses, a cowboy hat will accessorize your outfit and also shield you from the scorching sun.

Wearing a cowboy hat is great for an equestrian look while a fedora hat is ideal for a modern feminine look. All in all, whichever hat you have, keep it as simple as possible.

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11. Baseball or newsboy cap

You can never go wrong with a baseball cap, especially when wearing a boyish outfit. It’s a good accessory and also protects your face from the sun and your hair from the elements. A newsboy cap is a lil’ bit old school so if you are looking for a unique and bold look then consider it.

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What to Wear to a Football Game When its Cold

All the tops and bottoms of the hot weather still apply, but the fall or winter season is all about layering to keep warm as you cheer your team.

1. Wear tights or leggings underneath a skirt

If you want to maintain your feminine look and still be covered well during a winter football game, pair your skirt or dress with tights or leggings. You can choose a heavy and thermal fabric so that you stay warm throughout the game.

2. Full-length down or wooly jacket for winter 

Down jackets are fashionable. If you want to show your trendy side, wear a full-length winter jacket on top of your shorts or jeans. The best thing about some down jackets is that they are warm but still lightweight so you won’t feel burdened during the game.

A wooly trench coat t is also a good option and you can get a combination of wool and denim if you want to keep it interesting.

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3. Windbreaker jacket

The best thing about wearing a windbreaker is that it does not alter the look of your outfit. Most of them are plain, simple, and versatile to wear so you can pair them with your jersey, t-shirt, and even dress. A windbreaker jacket is a layering piece that does not take away from the look of your outfit.

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4. Sweatshirt

If you do not want to keep layering multiple outfits you can simply wear a sweatshirt. We have sweatshirts that are lined with a warm fabric underneath so they will keep you warm.

A sweatshirt is already a sporty outfit so it is very appropriate for a football game. You can get one branded with the name of your favorite team for added styling.

5. Denim overcoats

You can wear denim overcoats when the weather is too cold. We have denim with wool or fleece lining if you want that assured warmth. These overcoats are stylish and they are great for accessorizing your style.

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6. Gloves or mittens

Adding some gloves and mittens to your football game outfit will take it to a whole new level. Gloves and mittens keep your fingers warm and also complement your style.

You can get them in different styles and fabrics but thick knitwear is what you need for winter. Leather is a good option for the cold season because it is warm and classy. If the game is outdoors, you just have to carry a pair of gloves or mittens.

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7. Neck scarf

A neck scarf is a great accessory when you’re thinking about what to wear to a football game as a woman. If you are wearing a low-cut jersey or top, a scarf will help you to stay warm. Make sure that the scarf is knitted or made from a woolen fabric for assured warmth.

You can get a branded scarf with the name of your favorite team for support. Apart from wearing the scarf to your neck, you can also tie it to your waist for added style.

8. Beanies or trapper hats

A beanie hat is great for keeping you warm when watching a football game. It is also a good accessory that will keep the wind away. If the weather is too cold you can go the extra mile and get a woolen trapper hat. Trapper hats are warm and protect you from wind or cold.

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9. Ankle-length or crew socks to match your pants

If you are going to wear mid-calf pants, you can pair them with crew socks. They keep you warm when watching a football match on a cold day and they are also stylish. You can get crew socks in different styles and patterns to add to your style. A combination of crew socks, mid-calf jeans, and sneakers works perfectly for a day in the outdoors.

Types of Shoes Women Can Wear To a Football Match

1. Sports shoes

Sports shoes are the most classic way to show up in a football game. They are comfortable and appropriate for any sporting event. You can get them in any color or style you desire so there is no limitation.

The best thing about wearing sports shoes to a football game is that you can run and move around without feeling restricted or tiring since they’re light and comfortable.

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2. Slip-on sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are stylish but they are still appropriate for a sporting event. They are easy to wear since all you need is to slip them on.

Unfortunately, they might not give you the comfort to run around if you want to participate fully in such activities. Slip-on sneakers are versatile so if you want something that you can wear outside sports, these are a very appropriate choice.

Blowfish Malibu Women's Marley Canvas Sneaker

3. Booties or UGGs

If you are going to watch a match when the weather is cold, UGGs are my favorite since they are light on the feet and assuredly warm. Wearing UGGs feels like you are relaxing in the house.

They now come in a variety of styles so you can get a style that is appropriate for the outdoors. If you find UGGs pricey, we now have UGG look-alikes that are just as good and high quality but more affordable.

Booties are also stylish and will keep you looking good and warm during sporting events.

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4. Tall or short boots

Girls are always free to wear either tall or short boots to a football event. It shows that you are a football fan but at the same time, you can show your trendy side. During the cold season, tall boots are more appropriate and will keep you stylish and warm.

5. Carry a pair of rain boots and a raincoat

Anything can happen during a football event so you better be prepared. It is advisable to have some rain boots and preferably a raincoat in your car’s trunk, just in case the rain pours. You can then quickly change to your warmer clothes after the game.

Being prepared for any weather changes is very important when attending a football game. Always have a second pair of outfits in case the weather is not favorable.

Accessories to Wear to a Football Game

Besides the gloves and hats, you can add jewelry to be as cute and attractive at a sporting event as you would be at a party.

A beaded necklace or a pendant is a cute addition to your ensemble that’ll make you look youthful. If you love attention, dangle earrings made of pearl, diamond, gemstones, chandelier earrings, tassel earrings, and any other statement earrings that dangle and jiggle over your shoulders are a must-have when you’re arranging what to wear to a football game girls. You never know, you might be captured from the terraces by the TV crew and you’ll be happy to dazzle.

Sparkly or beaded bracelets or a bangle that is custom branded for your team is a great way to show that you belong.


Whether you want to bring a boyish or feminine look, there is always something comfy but interesting to wear to a football game. On a summer day, you have many outfits to choose from, from jerseys, flannel shirts, jeans, tracksuits, and fashion overalls, and top it up with a fedora, sunglasses, and a bracelet. On a winter day, you will need to layer the summer clothes, using tights, down jackets, wooly or fleece jackets, plus gloves, a beanie, a neck scarf, and socks.

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