What to Wear to a Club in Winter (12 Sexy Styles for Ladies)

When it comes to fashion, less is more, so you don’t have to be bulky just because it’s cold. It will get warm in the nightclub anyway, so you mostly need to be covered from the cold on your way there.

Finding club-appropriate clothes during winter can be challenging. You need to look sexy and even classy, but you also need to keep warm. Since most winter clothes are bulky, wooly, and boring even, you need to be creative and stylish.

Here are the outfits that will keep you warm enough on a winter night out.

Style Tips on What to Wear to a Nightclub in Winter

1. Mid-thigh fitting sweater dress, tights, and knee-high boots

This combination will give you a sexy look but at the same time keep you warm. Unlike other dresses, a knitted sweater dress is the one of best for winter. You can wear some tights underneath if you still feel too cold.

To complete the look knee high boots will keep your legs warm while giving you the classic cowgirl look. If possible, get high heel boots to elongate your legs and stand out at the club.

A Lady Wearing the CHICWISH Women's Comfy Casual Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater Dress, perfect for pairing with boots for a winter night out

2. Turtleneck top, a lightweight down jacket, and jeans

You can never go wrong clubbing in a turtle neck no matter the season. A tight-fitting turtle neck will hug your skin to keep you warm.

If that is not enough, you can add a lightweight down jacket will add to the warmth and style. Down jackets are trendy so you can get a short or long one. In case you are wearing tight-fitting skinny jeans, pair them with a long down jacket.

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3. Sleeveless top, suede pants, and a double-breasted trench coat

Suede pants are warm and stylish so they are perfect to wear to a club in the winter. Consider getting a pair of tight-fitting ones since they are easy to style.

Suede pants go well with a double-breasted long coat since the coat brings a more fitted classic look. With a double-breasted coat, you can wear a sleeveless top underneath since you can have the coat buttoned up all night anyway, thus keeping you warm.

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4. Feel free to wear a minidress and tights to a club in winter

The cold season should not prevent you from wearing a minidress to the nightclub. The trick is to look for heavy and warm dress fabric.

You can wear tights underneath but they should be lightweight ones so that the ensemble does not look bulky. If possible, get tights that match your skin tone to create a better color blend.

A lady wearing the Mizoci Women's Sexy Sleeveless Ruched Spaghetti Strap Bodycon Mini Club Party Dress. A short dress, tights, and boots are an excellent ensemble for wearing to party on a cold winter night

5. Put on a crop top, a short skirt, and knee-high boots

For a youthful look, a short skirt and crop top will do the trick. Make sure that the skirt is high waist so that the crop top can perfectly cover your upper tummy to keep you warm.

Complete the look with knee-high boots that match the length of your short skirt. With this combination, your body will be fully covered but you will still look stylish for the club.

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6. Low neckline top, bolero blazer, and pants or jeans

You can still wear your low-neckline top on a cold night at a rave. The trick is to cover your neck with a neck scarf at home and remove it once you get inside the discotheque.

A bolero blazer is stylish and provides just enough coverage, but is warm enough so it is good casual wear for a night out. Pants or jeans are nightclub-appropriate any time of the year so you are free to choose your preferred style.

7. A bodysuit, sheer maxi dress, and leather jacket

Wearing a sheer maxi dress to the club is as sexy as it gets. However, to keep your upper body covered and warm you need to wear a bodysuit underneath.

You can also add a leather jacket for extra styling and warmth. A see-through maxi dress will show your legs and thighs but if it’s too sheer and lightweight, it might not be warm enough.

A see-through maxi dress is enough for keeping you warm when you go to a party during winter, and here is the YouSexy Women's Sheer Mesh Long Sleeve Bodycon Midi Dress Club Night Out Dresses Beach Cover Up Dress

8. Skinny jeans, booties, and denim jacket

You can never go wrong raving with this combination since it is a timeless classic look. If you want to blend into the crowd while still looking fashionable, you can go for this ensemble.

Feminine booties and ankle boots will also add some personality to the look. Knee-length boots and fleece or wooly booties for winter (see our review of boots that look like UGGs) are classic and easy to style. But if you want to stand out, go for thigh-high boots.

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9. Wear a jumpsuit and a long wooly or velvet coat

Wearing a jumpsuit to the club on a cold night is very easy because you only need one outfit. Get a jumpsuit with warm fabric and make sure that it is properly fitted. Pair it with a long velvet or wool coat to keep you warm on your way to the club.

PerZeal Sexy V-Neck Jumpsuit for Women Casual Printed Long Wide Leg Pants Party Jumpsuit with a Belt

10. A short sleeve top or blouse, blazer, and wide-leg dress pants for an 80s look

If you are looking for a chic 80s look, drop the jeans and go for wide-leg dress pants. This is a good look because you can wear it right from work to the club.

If you are going to work during the day, wear a short sleeve blouse and a blazer. This is a work and club-appropriate outfit that will give you the fun of reliving your momma’s memories from the 80s.

11. A turtleneck top, a pair of shorts over tights, and a leather blazer

For a youthful sense, wear a pair of shorts over tights. This outfit will give you full coverage of your body but at the same time, it’s dramatic and sexy.

A turtleneck is versatile and would be the best to pair with shorts. Adding a leather blazer is great for keeping you warm without layering too much.

12. A t-shirt, joggers, and a blazer for a tomboy look

Jogger pants might not seem club appropriate but it all depends on how you style them. Pairing them with a blazer helps create a balanced and fitted look. This creates a tomboy look especially when you add some sneakers to the outfit.

However, you can still show your feminine side by wearing some heeled sandals with jogger pants.


The crowding, dancing, and sweating will always keep a nightclub warm, whether it’s freezing or sweltering hot outside. So you don’t need layers upon layers of thick, wooly, and bulky outfits when partying in winter. Turtleneck tops, tights, denim and leather pants, mini dresses and skirts, denim, leather, and lightweight down jackets, knee-high, thigh-high boots, and ankle booties are all fashion items that you can mix, match and end up with a fashionable ensemble to wear to a club in winter.

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