How to Wear a Football Jersey Fashionably (13+ Must-Know Tips)

Do you know that you can wear your favorite football team’s jersey any time you want?

A football jersey is casual and sporty but you can wear it any time as long as you know how to style it. The secret is to match it with simple colors and designs so that your ensemble doesn’t look cluttered.

Do not go overboard with accessories and also avoid trying to make it formal by wearing dress pants or formal shoes. Let the pants and shoes be as casual as possible.

Let’s see more about how to wear a football jersey fashionably.

13 Different Ways to Wear a Football Jersey Fashionably

1. Don’t personalize your jersey

We can all agree that Tom Brady wearing his football jersey or Dwayne Johnson donning his wrestling jersey (each with their respective names imprinted) to a night party would make them look so cheap. Putting on a jersey customized to your name would only be appropriate at your own birthday party because all attention is on you at that time.

For any other event outdoors, a simple jersey that has a legend lettered on it has more staying power. But a blank replica that can be relabeled using vinyl is a better option, such as this Sport-Tek Women’s PosiCharge Replica Jersey.

Sport-Tek Women's PosiCharge Replica Jersey. This is a football jersey that a woman can style fashionably by replacing the label

Or else a football shirt with generic but fancy or catchy phrases, such as this “Saturdays are for Nothing But Football” Shirt Big Tennessee.

A girl's sport's shirt with the label "Saturdays are for Nothing But Football"

2. Buy from a licensed retailer

Licensed retailers are known for stocking high-quality football jerseys. If you are looking for a good quality jersey with nice fabric and stitched labels instead of stickers or vinyl, get it from a genuine retailer.

Yes, it will be expensive compared to other retailers but it’s definitely worth the cost. The sports shirt will stand the test of time and you can be sure that you are wearing a good quality product.

3. Pair a long football jersey with plain and complementary colored leggings

The best thing about wearing a jersey is that it can go with almost everything. If you are wearing compression leggings, you can pair them with your long jersey. Use a little bit of creativity and match your plain jersey with floral or patterned leggings. It will create a trendy style without trying too much.

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4. Layer a long or ¾ sleeved fitting undershirt to conceal cleavage or flaws

Football jerseys are generally made baggy so when wearing them outdoors on a normal day, they might feel too breezy and revealing.

Fortunately, you can style it with a fitted undershirt to give you more coverage. Most jerseys are short or ¾-sleeved, so you can layer a plain-colored, tight-fitting long-sleeved t-shirt underneath. This will help prevent the risk of unnecessarily exposing areas such as the cleavage.

Amazon Essentials Women's Slim-Fit 3/4 Sleeve Solid Boat Neck T-Shirt. An close-fitting undershirt for layering under football shirts

5. Layer a turtleneck underneath on a cold day

On those chilly days, you can still wear your favorite jersey and layer a neutral-colored turtle neck top. A long-sleeved turtle neck will still work as long as you choose the right color. When wearing a turtleneck under your jersey, it will help if you choose a light one so that you don’t feel too bulky.

Lands' End Women's Relaxed Cotton Long Sleeve Mock Turtleneck. If you're wondering about how to wear a football jersey casually, you need this neutral colored turtleneck top for layering underneath the jersey.

6. Jerseys are lose fitting so don’t pair them with skinny jeans

If you are going to wear a football jersey casually, make sure that you choose the bottoms carefully. Skinny jeans do not work well with sports jerseys because they are too they’re too close-fitting while the jersey is loose fitting so your silhouette will be imbalanced.

Ensure that you wear your soccer jersey with something looser fitting like sweat pants or straight jeans. It’s all about getting the right proportions that will balance out your ensemble.

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7. Don’t tuck them in: wear them casually over jeans, pants, or shorts

Wearing a jersey is as casual as it gets. The last thing you want is to try to make the outfit look formal. If you want to maintain the laid-back look, wear your football jersey casually over jeans, pants, or shorts. Do not try to complicate the look by tucking it in. The more casual it looks the better it is. It’s a low-effort look so do not try to complicate it.

8. Pair them with khaki/chino pants

Since khaki and chino pants are casual, they go very well with a good jersey. These are lightweight pants and on days that you do not want to wear jeans, they can be very versatile. The trick is on how to match your jersey and the khaki pants. Since most khaki pants are light-colored, it would help if you go for a dark-colored jersey. Do not try to tuck the jersey in. Just wear it just like you would wear a normal t-shirt.

prAna Women's Halle Chino Pants

9. Match jerseys with casual shoes such as sneakers or ankle boots

Athletic jerseys are informal outfits that should go with casual shoes like sneakers or ankle boots. Avoid dress shoes and other kinds of formal shoes because they bring confusion to the look. Since you are most likely to wear a jersey for partying, sports, or the outdoors, you need comfortable but trendy shoes like sneakers, ankle boots, or booties.

Steve Madden Women's Amulet Ankle Boot for pairing with casual jerseys

10. Put on a belt with a large buckle over a partially tucked jersey

I know we have previously said that you should not tuck in your jersey. However, there are some cases when you can partially tuck your jersey.

For instance, you can style an oversized jersey by partially tucking it into your jean pants, and then you put on a belt with a large and dramatic buckle.

Michael Kors Women's Reversible Belt White/ Brown MK Gold Buckle. best buckle for wearing with jerseys

11. Accessorize with a fedora hat, sunglasses, a large watch, matching handbag, etc

Wearing a sports shirt does not have to be bland and boring. You can bring some life to your outfit by adding accessories. If you are wearing your jersey outdoors, consider pairing it with a fedora hat, sunglasses, a large watch, or matching handbags. These accessories add some personality to your outfit and they will show that you are still a stylish person besides being sporty.

SonyMony Store Ladies’ Short Brim Straw Sun Hat Fedora Trilby Panama (strawlike) Hat

12. When pairing your jersey for a formal look, choose neutral-colored formal outfits

We all know that jerseys are informal outfits. However, there is nothing wrong with trying to make the look a little bit formal. It’s possible to create a semi-formal look by wearing a neutral-colored jersey.

For instance, wearing your soccer jersey with khaki pants and a blazer is an excellent way to create an ecstatic Thank-God-It’s-Friday look. A neutral or dark-colored jersey will work well for this ensemble.

13. If you’re attending a football match, wear the jersey of the team you’re supporting, not the opponent’s or of a team that isn’t playing

Courtesy demands that you wear the jersey of the team that you are supporting. When attending a sports event, fans of the team wear jerseys to identify and associate with each other. It is the easiest way to show support and identify with other fans. The last thing you want is to bring confusion or bad vibes to the match.

FAQs on How to Wear a Football Jersey

At what age should you stop wearing jerseys?

Jerseys are simply sporty outfits. Being sporty does not have an age limit. You can wear a jersey at any age. However, consider changing the style of your jersey with age. For instance, if you are older you can opt for jerseys with more coverage such as long-sleeved ones. You should also opt for simple and neutral colors as you grow older.

Do footballers wear new jerseys and boots every match day?

Yes. Professional footballers have new jerseys and boots for every match. However, for practice, they might be required to re-use their current jerseys and boots. When playing in a competitive match, they will have new jerseys and boots for that specific game.


Football jerseys are versatile and so you can wear them almost anywhere anytime by mixing and matching them with different pants, undershirts, and accessories. Matching the jersey with a turtle neck top, an undershirt, straight jeans, khakis, or leggings, and carefully styling them with accessories are some of the ways in which to wear a football jersey fashionably.

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