Top 5 Socks That Massage Your Feet (Amazing Results)

Do you know that you can perform reflexology at home? All you need is to get the right tools for the job. With a good pair of acupressure socks and some massage tools, you are good to go.

The best reflexology socks come labeled so you know where to apply the pressure. The sole of your foot has over 7,000 nerve endings but even if you are not a reflexology expert, you can easily follow the foot nerve chart labeled on the socks to guide you. You just need to use a massage stick to apply pressure on the right points and get results.

From our tests and buyer feedback, we’ve concluded that the Broman Acupressure Socks are the best for massaging all sides of your feet, the top side (dorsum) and the bottom side (sole), FashIXD Acupressure Reflexology Socks have the best value for your money because they come with massage sticks, while the SATINIOR 2 Pairs Reflexology Massage Socks  are more durable.

5 Best Reflexology Socks in 2022

1. FashIXD Acupressure Reflexology Socks, Foot Massage Socks for Relieving Tired Feet

FashIXD Acupressure Reflexology Socks, Foot Massage Sock that help Relieve Tired. One of the Best Physiotherapy Socks with Massage Tools. The Socks that help Massage your Feet

In this package, you get a pair of reflexology socks and massage tools. The white socks are easy to wear and labeled accordingly for the right and left foot. They are stretchable, comfortable, and absorb moisture on hot days to keep your feet dry.

The socks that help massage your feet are practical since they are labeled to help you during acupressure. You can see all the pressure points and using the right massage tools, you can manipulate your feet to achieve the desired results.

“These are cool socks. I like how the  reflexology pieces  are easy to wash. They have great customer service.”Emily

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Value for money – you get socks and massage tools in one package
  • Labeled – for practicality, ease of use, and effective results
  • Comfortable – breathable and water-resistant material
  • Good for managing fatigue
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • The acupressure sticks are not the best on the market, but they do the job
  • Might be small for people with big feet, above size 9

2. SATINIOR 2 Pairs Acupressure Reflexology Socks for Women and Men

SATINIOR 2 Pairs Best Acupressure Socks, Five Separate Toe Foot Massage Socks for Women and Men who Want to Relieve and Heal their Body Organs

These socks are specifically made to manage fatigue. They come in white, yellow, green, and light blue depending on your taste and preference. The package comes with a pair of socks and massage sticks. For ease of use, the socks are clearly labeled with acupoints making it easy for you to apply pressure accordingly.

Wearing the socks is quite comfortable since they are made with a soft and breathable fabric that feels good on the skin. They have five open toes so you can easily move your legs even when wearing them for a long time.

“I love these socks because it helps me remember the  reflexology points  and it has a kind of plastic on the areas that makes the tool run smoothly over the foot. I would definitely buy these again. I shared the extra set and they love them too.”- Jello in Alabama

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Good for fatigue management
  • Good quality socks in a variety of colors
  • Value for money – socks plus massage tools
  • Comfortable soft fabric
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • The socks are in one size only

3. Broman Acupressure Massage Socks with Trigger Point Massager Tool

Broman Best Reflexology Socks Used Together with Acupressure Pen and Massage Sticks to Precisely Relieve Pain on Feet and Body Organs, Good Gift Idea for Mother

These socks are the best gift you can gift your aging mom or yourself. They have the perfect fit on the skin since they are not too thin or too bulky.

The socks have a comfortable fit and feel good on the skin. For ease of use, the package comes with two massage tools to make the reflexology process easy. All you have to do is follow the labeled location of specific nerve endings on your feet and apply pressure accordingly.

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Specifically made for moms and women in general
  • The ideal thickness for effective results
  • Feels good on the skin
  • A simple chart to follow when doing a massage
  • Two different massage tools for ease of use
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Slightly more expensive than other reflexology socks on the market

4. FANCYONU Non-Slip Women’s Yoga and Massage Socks

FANCYONU Non Slip Women’s Yoga Socks - Cotton Grip Socks, Massage Socks, Women Anti-skid Black Ankle Socks for Pilates

These are reflexology socks but they are also quite versatile since you can use them for yoga. They are anti-slip so you are safe when working out or doing different body movements. The socks are meant to fit perfectly and conform to the shape of your feet.

They are ankle socks so they do not feel restricted when you wear them for a long time. Since they are made from natural cotton, they are comfortable, breathable, and good for the environment.

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Versatile enough for your different needs
  • Anti-slip design to keep you safe
  • Natural fabric good for the environment
  • Comfortable and breathable design
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Bleaching will fade out the chart and labels
  • They do not come with massage tools

5. WZPUSMART Reflexology Massage Socks for Women and Men

WZPUSMART Acupressure Massage Socks for Women and Men, Feet Massage Socks with Five Separate Toes

If you want to start on acupressure, these socks are your best choice. They are five-finger socks so they are flexible and comfortable. The socks come labeled and also have a reflexology tool. You can easily massage your feet at home with the labeled parts.

They come in standard white color but have colored diagrams showing clearly which body part or system corresponds to which nerve ending on the soles of your feet so that you can follow through with your massage session. Since they are made from cotton, the best socks that massage your feet are soft, breathable, and comfortable. Remember to check the size since for men they go up to size 10 and for women they go up to 8.5.

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Beginner friendly with a simple reflexology foot chart
  • Value for money – socks plus massage tool
  • Comfortable to wear – soft and breathable
  • Five-finger socks for easy wearing
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • If you are bigger than size 10 for men and 8.5 for women they might not fit

FAQs on Socks That Massage Your Feet

What is reflexology massage?

Reflexology massage is a very specialized kind of massage. Unlike normal foot massage which is meant to relax your feet after a long day, reflexology massage is meant to heal or stabilize body function. It targets specific areas of your feet where nerve endings are linked to specific parts of your upper body. Applying pressure to these specific points reduces pain, stress, and anxiety.

The massage is performed by a reflexologist but you can still do it at home with the right tools such as a pair of reflexology socks and massage tools. There are currently three types of reflexology- hand, foot, and ear reflexology depending on where you want to target.

Can you do reflexology with socks on?

You can do reflexology with socks on. This is recommended if you are a beginner or if you want to do reflexology at home. The socks usually come with a chart to guide you on specific reflex areas of your body. Following the chart guide will help you understand your body better.

Reflexologists do not require you to wear socks since they have studied and understand the anatomy of the body and the feet. Using massage socks is a simple way of doing it if you do not want to keep on visiting a reflexologist.

What do reflexology socks do?

Reflexology socks offer a map/guide so that you can easily identify reflex zones. They are used by non-experts to make the job easy. However, we have reflexology socks that double as yoga or compression socks so they offer additional benefits. Some of these socks are also designed to reduce fatigue when you wear them after a long day at work.


Reflexology helps to relax the stress in vital organs of your body and the good thing is that now you don’t have to maintain regular appointments with a reflexologist. You can get labeled reflexology socks that help you massage your feet at home.

From our tests and customer reviews, we’ve concluded that the Broman Acupressure Socks are the best for massaging all sides of your feet, the top side (dorsum) and the bottom side (sole), FashIXD Acupressure Reflexology Socks have the best value for your money because they come with massage sticks, while the SATINIOR 2 Pairs Reflexology Massage Socks are more durable.

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