The 7 Best Underwear for Big Tummy (Exposing the Best Kept Secrets)

You may want to have a more defined silhouette under dresses and pants but you don’t want the pressure of a corset.

The best underwear for tummy pooch will comfortably hold your belly fat together for a slender figure, although it’s not as tight as high compression shapewear.

But wearing such underpants is a good alternative to shapewear because of its comfort and versatility.

We did several tests and spoke with real users so that you don’t have to waste your time and dollars on helpless trial and error until you land on the best underwear for big tummy. We’ll get a small commission from Amazon once you click on the links on this page and better your life with a purchase. This comes at absolutely no extra cost to you.

Follow my lead.

7 Best Underwear for Tummy Pooch

Editor’s Choice

Editor's Remark
1. Werena Store Women’s Seamless Shaping Boyshorts Panties Tummy Control Underwear Slimming Shapewear Shorts. One of the best boyshorts for tummy pooch
90% Nylon/ 10% Spandex
Best length for the legs and waist
2. Spanx Higher Power Panties for a large belly. The best underwear for big tummy
51% Nylon/ 49% Spandex
Best high waist underwear
3. Maidenform Women's Tame Your Tummy Shaping Boyshort Shapewear With Cool Comfort. Most affordable tummy shaping underwear.
84% Polyester/ 16% Spandex
Most affordable yet high quality

1. Werena Store Women’s Seamless Shaping Boyshort- Best Shaping Underwear for Tummy

Werena Store Women’s Seamless Shaping Boyshorts Panties Tummy Control Underwear Slimming Shapewear Shorts. One of the best boyshorts for tummy pooch

Werena Store seamless panties are everything you need for full coverage of your big tummy. These seamless panties are ideal for everyday wear since they are stretchy and comfortable. They are perfect for wearing under a dress, pants, or skirt due to their seamless design.

They snugly fit the body offering a slimming effect. Apart from hugging your lower belly, your butt will look sexy in these boyshorts. The panties can be worn the whole day since they stay in place. They are comfortable with a breathable fabric, tagless, and have no seams to pinch your skin.

You can find these boy shorts in a variety of sizes and colors depending on your preference.

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Comfort without digging into your skin
  • They’re seamless, so you can wear them under any outfit
  • Breathable – the crotch is made of cotton fabric
  • Full coverage – high waist panties that cover your tummy pooch and above the waist
  • Easy to care – can be hand washed
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Runs small so order a size bigger than your normal size

2. Spanx Higher Power Panties- best high-waist underwear for tummy pooch

Spanx Higher Power Panties for a large belly. The best underwear for big tummy

This high-power best underwear for big tummy is a combination of Spanx and panties. You get the comfort of normal panties plus the tummy control effect of shapewear for tummy pooch (reviewed here).

They rise to reach your bra for maximum coverage and to prevent rolling of back fat.

Wearing these panties is easy since they have no hooks and can be worn like regular underwear. If you find the right size, it offers a gentle squeeze that tucks in your tummy throughout the day without making you feel uncomfortable.

You get uniform support of the upper torso for a slimming effect when wearing tight clothes.

You hadn’t seen this coming:

A buyer's positive review on Amazon for Spanx Higher Power Panties

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Full tummy pooch coverage – high waist panties that cover the upper torso
  • Comfortable, lightweight fabric, no seams or hooks
  • Stays in place – a no-slip strip prevents the innerwear from rolling down
  • Breathable – cotton gusset keeps away sweat
  • Seamless finish under clothes
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Light snug as compared to shapewear

3. Maidenform Women’s Best Tummy Shaping Boyshort Shapewear with Cool Comfort

Maidenform Women's Tame Your Tummy Shaping Boyshort Shapewear With Cool Comfort. Most affordable tummy shaping underwear.

The Maidenform boyshorts shapewear is made to keep your stomach cinched while keeping you comfortable.

The boyshorts design gives you a smoothing effect and you can then wear your work pants or jeans. For maximum comfort, they are made of 84% polyester, 16% spandex, and 100% cotton lining.

They are lightweight and breathable so your body stays cool and dry the whole day. The absence of elastic bands is also good for comfort since the underwear does not pinch into your skin.

The high-rise waistband conceals your tummy and back giving you 360 degrees tummy shaping.

Here is how it goes:

An shopper's review for Maidenform Women's Best Tummy Shaping Boyshort Shapewear with Cool Comfort

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Tummy and back shaping – high waistband to snug your big tummy and back
  • Comfortable – breathable material and no elastic pinching on your skin
  • Smooth look in pants and jeans
  • Good support – the boyshorts clings to the body
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Does not snap the waist tightly like normal shapewear

4. Molasus Women’s Cotton Underwear High Waisted Full Coverage Ladies Panties

Molasus Women's Cotton Underwear High Waisted Full Coverage Ladies Panties (Regular & Plus Size). One of the best underwear for tummy pooch

Molasus Women’s Cotton Underwear is an epic upgrade from your regular panty.

They are made using combed cotton (a softer version of regular cotton) fabric so they are breathable and comfortable. The best underwear for tummy pooch can’t get better than this.

The double-layered waistband covers the lower tummy and defines the waist. But they look and feel like ordinary panties so you do not feel like you are wearing shapewear.

The combination of cotton and spandex makes the panty stretchable, sweat-wicking, breathable, and comfortable, without pinching, binding, or panty lines. They are comfortable enough to wear during maternity and post-partum recovery. Cleaning them is also easy by machine or handwashing.

Here is Denise Kelley’s review about this innerwear:

“If you’re the kind of person who wears leggings around the house for lounging, you’re  going to love these . All shapes are different, but I can attest that a very round at the middle shape still works with these. I’ve had many other so called briefs that rolled down as soon as you got your pants on over them due to the larger waistline. These stay up all day,  don’t stretch out of shape , and do not pinch or bind at all.”

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Comfortable – breathable cotton and double-layered crotch for all-day comfort
  • Hides your tummy pooch – double waistband goes above your belly
  • Used for a variety of purposes – maternity wear, gym wear, and post-partum recovery
  • Healthy – made with organic cotton which is good for the skin
  • Light snuggle – does not press into the skin like the regular shapewear
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Minimal compression so might not shape your upper torso

5. Jenbou Thong Shapewear Belly Control Underwear, Body Shaper for Women

Jenbou Thong Shapewear Belly Control Panties Body Shaper for Women with Butt Lifting capability. One of the best tummy control underwear, best underwear for sagging tummy

These Jenbou panties are everything you need in the best tummy control underwear that will tighten your waist and abdomen without rolling down. They are sexy, they smooth your tummy and also lift your butt.

The thong style sets them apart for people who are tired of granny panties that look and feel ugly. They offer a good combination of panties and shapewear with body sculpting features.

Unlike other underpants that are high waist, these are mid-waist so they go just above the belly button. They come with four steel bones to give you an hourglass shape and a slim figure. The panties come with a cotton crotch for comfort when worn for a long time.

With the four steel bones, the panties stay in place throughout the day. You can wear them throughout the day for different activities and occasions.

A buyer's satisfied review Jenbou Thong Tummy Control Panties for women

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Stylish thong style that is sexy and a break from granny panties
  • Tummy control – four steel bones for an effective hourglass figure
  • Sexy – butt lifting features for a sexy look
  • Comfortable – cotton crotch area for a breathable comfortable feel
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Might not be ideal for very tall girls

6. Shapermint Body Shaper Tummy Control Panty – Shapewear for Women

Shapermint Body Shaper Tummy Control Panty - Shapewear for Women. best underwear for sagging tummy, one of the best underwear for mommy tummy

Shapermint belly control panties are made from 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex offering a combination of comfort and tummy hiding capabilities. No matter your body size, these panties will hide your sagging tummy and stay in place.

They are high waist so they will cover your tummy pooch and go above the belly button to cover excess body fat. These panties not only cover the lower tummy but are also effective at covering your back for a smooth look.

For comfort, the panties are made using a lightweight and breathable material. No matter what you choose to wear, these panties go with everything.

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Easy to wear – it is easy to slip it on since it has no hooks or closures
  • Stays in place – anti-slip strip on the waist to prevent it from slipping down
  • Comfortable – the tummy wear gives you a slight snug without pinching the skin
  • Invisible – no hooks, seams, or elastic. Made with a smooth fabric
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Sizes are big so order a smaller size than your usual size

7. Werena Store Women’s Tummy Pooch Underwear Seamless Slimming Body Shaper Panty

Werena Store Thong Shapewear for Women Stomach Control High Waisted Thongs Underwear Seamless Slimming Body Shaper Panty. best innerwear for a large tummy

Werena tummy-shaping innerwear is ideal for a smoothing effect. They are sexy, stay in place and they are everything you need to wear under your favorite dress. You will love the anti-slip steel bones that keep the panties in place throughout the day.

The shaping panties are high waist so they offer full coverage for your tummy pooch and upper torso. Apart from making your stomach appear smooth, they also conceal your back fat.

The thong design of the panty is sexy and is also ideal for avoiding panty lines. For maximum comfort, the panties come with no seams and elastic bands. The crotch is breathable so you can minimize sweating.

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Stays in place – anti-slip steel bones
  • Comfortable – breathable crotch, no seams, and elastic pinching into the body
  • Invisible – thong style with no seams
  • Full coverage – covers tummy pooch and high waist
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Not very tight

Factors to consider when buying best underwear for big tummy

1. Type of overgarment

When wearing tummy control underwear you need to consider the type of clothing that you will be wearing. You don’t want to attract lecherous ogling due to VPLs and so you should buy underpants with no seams or elastic. Light fabric for tummy control underwear is also a good idea because it does not feel bulky when wearing a soft fabric like chiffon. Always make sure that your stomach pooch underwear matches the type of clothing that you will be wearing.

2. Different styles of underpants to choose from

The best underwear for tummy pooch comes in a variety of styles and designs. If you are looking for something sexy, you can opt for thong-style tummy control underwear. On the other hand, if you want something comfortable you can look for tummy control briefs or boyshorts. They are comfortable to wear but will still slim your pot belly. A high waist tummy control innerwear is the best to buy if you want to cover the upper torso and not just the lower belly. If the only problem is the lower tummy you can opt for an undergarment that covers the tummy up to the belly button.

3. Comfort

Comfort is always a big deal with undergarments and should never be compromised. Make sure that your mommy tummy stays hidden but you remain comfortable. For comfort, you need to look for breathable fabrics such as cotton. The crotch area should also be made with a breathable material that wicks moisture away. If you can, avoid anything with hooks and closures because they can dig into the skin when you bend or sit down. Seams and elastics on your innerwear can also be uncomfortable so go for seamless underwear for maximum comfort.

4. The right fit

It is important to get the right fit for your butt and mid-riff size. If the underwear is too tight it will be uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Underwear that is a size larger than you may not offer any compression and shaping. Always check the size chart carefully to make sure that you are getting the right fit for the brand that you want. Apart from getting the correct size, make sure that it is easy to wear. We have underwear with an open crotch for easy bathroom use whenever you need to.

5. Do not overeat

Tummy control underwear is supposed to conceal your pooch but you shouldn’t work against this. Eating too much will only enlarge or sag your stomach making it difficult to hide with shapewear or underwear. Controlling how much you eat is good for your overall health apart from making you look good in clothes.

FAQs on the best underwear for big tummy

Does wearing tummy control underwear help reduce belly fat?

Tummy concealing underwear does not help to reduce belly fat. It will help the belly to appear smooth but doesn’t help with burning belly fat. The most the undergarment will do is to conceal the belly pooch which is important if you want to look good in clothes. You need to remember that, unlike shapewear, stomach hiding underwear does not give your stomach a tight compression. It will not activate muscles or do anything. Exercise and a good diet can help to reduce belly fat but the underwear cannot work on its own.

What happens if I wear tummy control underwear every day?

Wearing belly-shaping underpants every day will not give you any visible results. On the bright side, you will look and feel good in your outfits all the time. If you want to gain confidence in your body, it is advisable to wear the right underwear. High waist underwear is the best since it gives you full coverage to the upper torso. Unlike corsets and waist trainers that are too tight and might cause damage to organs, the best tummy control underwear does not cause any damage to the skin and you will remain comfortable even if you wear it daily.

How do you wear high-waisted pants with a pooch?

The secret to wearing high-waisted pants when you have a pooch is wearing the right size for your body. Wearing high-rise underwear will help you to hide the pooch so that you do not have a visible muffin top around your waist. You can also wear shapewear underneath your pants to keep the tummy smooth and hidden. The secret is to wear something that covers the upper torso so that you achieve a balanced silhouette.

What should I wear to flatten my tummy?

The short-term solution for flattening your tummy is wearing the right undergarment, such as a corset or shapewear. Corsets are ideal for flattening the tummy by squeezing and defining an hourglass shape. However, they tend to be uncomfortable when worn for a long time. If you want something a little bit versatile and comfortable you can opt to wear tummy pooch underwear. They still conceal your pooch even though not as effective as shapewear.

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