How Can I Hide My Belly Fat in a Tight Dress? (All you Need to Know)

You are going to a party and you want to look your best. The dress is tight, and it looks great on you. However, there is one problem – your belly fat!

If you have a belly, then you know that it can be pretty hard to hide in certain clothing. You might even feel embarrassed to wear tight dresses or shirts. It sucks having to avoid wearing clothes that would look great on you just because of your tummy.

Luckily, we found some really practical ways in which you can hide your tummy when wearing bodycon dresses and other tight clothes. These tips are easy and will work with any kind of dress or shirt…even if they’re skin-tight! Now all you need to do is find the right outfit for yourself 🙂

How Can I Hide My Belly Fat in a Tight Dress?

1. Put on body shapewear under the dress

If you want to hide your belly fat in a tight-fitting gown and have the confidence that comes with it, get yourself one of this shapewear for lower belly pooch reviewed at Sweet Skin Liners. They are designed specifically for this purpose: sucking everything into place for a flattering silhouette, thus helping you feel confident when wearing something you might otherwise not be comfortable in.

Miraclesuit Women's Extra Firm Comfort Leg Smooth Molded Cup Bodybriefer. One of the best shapewear for lower belly

2. Here is why you should wear a dress with an empire waistline

If you’re not comfortable wearing a tight body shaper for large stomach, it’s time to get creative with your attire if you want to show off a flat belly in a figure-hugging dress. An empire waistline will help disguise any stomach bulges or rolls thanks to its structured, fitted look, and the fact that it gathers at the bust line.

DB MOON Women's Summer Casual Short Sleeve Empire Waist Dress with Pockets. One of the best for how to make your stomach look flat in a dress

3. Wear high waist bottoms

If you know the struggle of wearing a bodycon in public, then I feel your pain. All that sucking-in is uncomfortable and exhausting. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this problem altogether with just one simple choice! Instead of opting for an incredibly low-cut top or skintight pants, try something more forgiving like high waist bottoms or ruched bikinis which will conceal any midriff and lower stomach bulges.

Not sure what type would be best? Ask yourself: “What’s my style going to be on prom night?” Now get shopping before they’re sold out!

COCOSHIP Women's Retro High Waisted Bikini Bottom Ruched Swim Short Tankinis(FBA). Wear this ruched bikini if you are asking- how can I hide my belly fat in a tight dress?

4. Cinch your waist

Cinching dresses with wide belts to define and flatter the waistline is a popular trend among celebrities and public figures alike. A wide cinch belt such as EBOOT Elastic Wide Waist Corset will create a slimmer silhouette with whatever dress or tunic you like and you don’t have to stick to an empire dress.

EBOOT Elastic Wide Waist Belt Tied Corset Cinch Belt with Press Button. Best women's shapewear waist cincher. Get one of these waist belts if you are wondering- how can I hide my belly fat in a tight dress?

5. Don’t wear anything too tight around your waist

There are two ways by which wearing clothes that fit tightly will make things more difficult if you have a large stomach. First of all, if the fabric bunches up or pinches any part of your body when you move into different positions, then this can cause discomfort or even pain. Secondly, because most styles nowadays have some form of zipper closure at the front center – as opposed to buttons down the side- which means pulling the sides together forcefully enough so as zip it up, they inevitably pull against whatever stomach flesh may be bulging there (and who wants THAT?).

6. Choose dark colors

In the past, women shied away from dark clothing for fear of looking too “witchy,” but now it’s all about hiding your fatty areas in a fitting outfit. If you want to hide that bulge under one of those skin-tight dresses, then go with darker colors like black or navy blue over lighter colors such as white or yellow. The darkness will camouflage any excess weight while still making you look stylish!

7. Maxi dresses all the way

Maxi dresses look great on any body type because there’s so much fabric so it will always cover up those areas where we don’t want other people seeing too much skin like our stomach, hips, legs, etc. But what really sets maxi dresses apart from most dresses out there is their ability to make you feel comfortable when it comes down to not only how good you look while you wear them – you need not worry about matching top and bottom parts- but also about how these well-tailored items flatter your curves from your shoulders to your toes, hiding your trouble spots while still looking chic.

Milumia Plus Size Women's Empire Waist Asymmetrical High Low Bohemian Maxi Dress. best dress for all body types

8. Dresses with in-built shapewear

Some stretch dresses such as Miraclebody by Miraclesuit Women’s Marilyn Stretch Dress have a body slimming interior lining to shape and smooth your midsection. Even though they’re a bit pricey, you can consider such a dress if you want to avoid the multiple layers of underwear, shapewear, and a normal dress.
Miraclebody by Miraclesuit Women's Marilyn Stretch Dress Size XL with Turquoise Prints

9. Try narrow, vertical stripes

Wearing vertical stripes will make your body look more slender, taller, and hide any evidence of a belly. If you are wearing a tight dress, this is the best way to go!

10. Ensure there are no gaps between the buttons of your dress

When you are in a front-buttoned slim-fit dress, your tummy fat will be trying to pop out of the gaps between buttons if they are widely spaced. A front zipper does a better job of shaping your midsection.

11. Practice straight posture

This is a cliché but I’ll repeat it because most of us unconsciously hunch over on the couch and slouch instead of standing upright. This affects us in more ways than you can imagine. Besides weakening the abdominal muscles and extending the belly bulge, poor body posture can reduce lung capacity by up to 30% and it gradually affects your gait.

Practice sitting and standing upright or take up core workout and you’ll love the increased self-confidence.

Wrapping Up

The best way to hide your belly fat in a tight dress is by using the right undergarments and dressing wisely. You can also use clothing that will make you look slimmer or change out of figure hugging dresses into looser ones. You can also commit to getting rid of the tummy fat for good.

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