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Top 10 Best Shapewear for Tummy Pooch in 2019 (Unbiased Review)

There are many reasons why you can gain excess body fat, including pregnancy, a fatty diet, lack of exercise, or even genetic makeup. So you don’t have to hate yourself for that belly pooch. It’s difficult to get noticed on those special occasions such as girls’ night out, dates, and weddings, but the best shapewear […]

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Top 11 Best Postpartum Belly Wraps in 2019 (Tested for Actual Results)

Top 11 Best Postpartum Belly Wraps in 2019 It’s only natural that you want to get your girly figure back soonest after a pregnancy. Of course, you can work out your way back to shape (while simultaneously controlling your calorie intake). But using aids like the best postpartum belly wraps does quicken things significantly. They […]

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Best Fabric for Women’s Underwear

Best Fabric for Women’s Underwear You wouldn’t want innerwear that you have to keep pulling up, that makes you sweat uncontrollably or panties that stain and smell after a few days of use. Thus, besides proper size, for a pair of best women’s underwear that will serve you well, you should be looking for things […]

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Types of Waist Trainers for Women

Types of Waist Trainers for Women Enter the Kardashians and co. with their wasp size hips and a plus size butt and nowadays everyone wants to dress to impress like them. But what do you do if you have acquired bad food habits for long and you can’t leave the couch, leading to a saggy […]

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