Homecare guide for full figure bras

Homecare guide for the best full figure bras

In general, most bras have a lifespan of 3 years but even the best bra won’t last for long if you don’t give it proper care. A full figure bra does a lot of work lifting your full bust all day and thus it needs befitting care and maintenance.

The following are some tips on how to take care of your full figure lift bra at home if at all you desire the brassiere to be of good service for long.

Follow the correct washing method

Just because your best full figure bras (as reviewed here – www.sweetskinliners.com/bras/best-full-figure-bras-the-best-bra-for-full-figured-lift/) have got some stains doesn’t mean that you should resort to scrubbing. This will tear the fabric and you’ll have to dump the piece of cloth in a matter of days. For the best results, hand wash the bra using lukewarm water and an alcohol-free detergent. Hot water will destroy the elastic bands while bleaching detergents and rough machine washing will damage the fabric and leave it shapeless. Nevertheless, any bra worth its salt will have a label showing how to wash it.

A tag for the washing and care of the best full figure bras

Wash separately

Your bras are cute because they are bright colored and washing them together with denim and other dirtier and hardy clothes just subjects them to discoloration and damage.

Do not squeeze or twist

Bras hold one of your most delicate and precious body organs and they need the same delicate care. Once you wash and rinse it, do not squeeze or twist it as you would a rag, as this will distort the cups. Just pat it like a baby in a towel to make it less wetly.

Do not tumble dry

The heat in a tumble dryer will destroy the soft fabric, causing the bra to shrink, harden and lose shape. Air-drying is always your best resort for full figure lift bras. Lay them flat under shade so that they dry slowly which helps prevent stretching and fading.

Proper storage

It’s easy to think that you are maximizing your drawer by folding clothes but when it comes to bras, you are losing it big time when you fold them in half. Folding the cups destroys their shape and you should let the bras lie flat, stacking each bras’ cups inside the previous one.

how to pack bras during storage

Keep a rotation of bras

You shouldn’t wear one bra repeatedly for days on end because the fabric needs time to naturally get back in shape. Switching on a number of bras from one day to the other will ease the stress on a single bra helping it survive longer. And for heaven’s sake, even if you are full bust, you don’t have to always wear the same type of brassiere. There will be days for strapped bras, underwire bra, strapless bra, sports bra and so on.

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