How to Wear a Plunge Dress without a Bra

Wearing a plunging dress is always a challenge because you need to find a way to hide your nipples and what your mama gave you.

The first thing that comes to mind for many women when they think about wearing a plunging dress is how do I wear it without showing off my chest?

There are different ways in which you can wear a dress without a bra and still look good. This article will discuss some of those options so that you can choose what works best for you.

1. Try not to wear anything too low cut – you don’t want people seeing any side boob!

Avoid plunging dresses with deep necklines, since the point of dropping your shoulders in order to flaunt curves is wasted if they have to be hidden by a low-cut top or clothing beneath the dress.

The goal is to wear something that cuts down so you can show off some cleavage but still lets you avoid attracting too much attention to your bosom. And with that, you can comfortably stay cool in the summer because you do not have added fabric on top of your breasts.

Instead, try choosing something more high-necked and laced such as Relipop Floral Print V Neck Mini Dress which will still give you shape without going overboard on revealing skin.

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2. Buy some pasties for extra coverage

The fashion trend in Hollywood is that celebrities are wearing plunging dresses without bras. These dresses have a lot of cleavage, so if this is what you want to do then it’s time for some nipple covers. Don’t be scared – they’re not that uncomfortable and will make your outfit look great.

If I had a dollar for every celebrity who has worn such an outfit on their way up or down from the stage… Well, let’s get back to business: If you don’t want people staring at your bra line when going out with friends or partying all night long but still desire extra coverage under those sexy outfits, you may consider buying yourself some breast pasties too! It doesn’t hurt, unlike the cinchy bra underwire and straps.

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3. Get creative with your hair

If you want to wear a plunging dress without using traditional methods for additional cleavage, consider wearing your hair down and have it flowing over one shoulder. This will give off the illusion that there is more space in those areas of your body!

4. Bring the straps of your dress down

Some may think of plunging dresses as fashion faux pas because they are not always comfortable to wear. However, if you’ve got the confidence and know-how to rock it without any support then go for it! The answer is – do what makes YOU feel good about yourself…and bring those straps down so that no one can see your nipples through them 😉

5. Wear an empire waist or cinched belt to cover up any potential cleavage

If you want to wear a plunging dress without wearing an undergarment, you should consider pairing your outfit with one of these types of belts:

A cinched belt will cover up any potential cleavage. An empire waistline will create the illusion that your breasts are higher and fuller than they really are- perfect for those who want their dresses more conservative! A high-waisted belt can also be used in place if you don’t plan on bending down too much during the evening or dancing around all night long.

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6. Consider putting on a thin, supportive camisole underneath your dress

You can wear a plunging dress without any worries about going braless if you just put on one thin camisole underneath the tight, low-cut material. The way that this cami is constructed will ensure your breasts are lifted and supported throughout the night so they don’t droop down too much or show through to anyone ogling your breasts!

7. Stick to dresses with dark colors and avoid light patterns

I have always wondered how women can wear dresses that are so revealing without a bra. Imagine the discomfort of having to keep your arms raised all night just so that you can hide your chest! Lucky for us, we now know why dark colors and patterns will help cover up our chest area better than light ones – it’s science!

Darker colors such as black or navy blue absorb more sunlight which shows less through them on the other side. That means when someone is looking at you from afar they won’t be able to see much cleavage because there isn’t very much going on in between those two sides if anything does show through (which would look like an outline). Think about what happens when wearing lighter-colored shirts out in direct sunlight.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways by which you can wear a low-neckline dress without a bra and without exposing your boobs. These include putting on nipple covers, letting your cover your bosom, wearing a cami under your dress, and so on.

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