How to Look Slimmer in a Bikini

The bikini season is here and you would want to get a good body in time for the summer.

Everyone wants to look slimmer in their swimsuit but it can be hard to achieve this goal if you don’t know how.

We’ve put together some of our favorite tips on how to look skinny in a bikini without having to starve yourself or do excessive exercise. Our tips will help make sure that when you walk into the beach, everyone’s eyes are on your face instead of your stomach!

How to Look Skinny in a Bikini

1. Wear a one-piece swimsuit rather than a two-piece bikini

The one-piece swimsuit is a classic that never goes out of style, and there are many reasons why it could be your perfect option.

You may think you would look better in a two-piece bikini but the truth is, wearing an elegant yet modest one-piece will make you feel more confident with yourself than anything else can. The way this garment fits around your body makes all prospects for imperfections disappear! You’ll instantly love how high quality fabric feels against your skin as well, since not only does it have minimal coverage to show off every inch of what’s great about our bodies but also provides modesty where appropriate. Most importantly though? It looks good on everyone no matter their shape or size.

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2. Invest in some flattering swimwear bottoms, such as high waisted or cheeky bottoms

Here are five reasons you should invest in a high-waisted or cheeky bottom.

– High waisted bottoms help slim the tummy area and disguise any bulges that might be happening there, especially for those of us with curves.

– They offer coverage around key areas such as where our thighs meet our torso making them ultra-flattering on most body types

– If they’re not too low cut, they will also provide some extra support up too

– Chances are if we feel good about ourselves down below then it’s less likely we’ll get self-conscious when looking at ourselves in the mirror

The high-cut cheeky swimsuit bottom will cut some inches to your thighs so that your legs look longer
ioiom Women's Sexy High Waisted One-Piece Bathing Suit Tummy Control Swimwear. One of the best swimsuits on how to look skinny in a bikini

3. Find the right fit bikini for you by trying on different styles and sizes

To look incredible in your bikini, you should be wearing the right size. Try on different styles and find one that suits you to a T with its perfect fit!

If there’s something I’ve learned from years of shopping for swimsuits is that bikinis come in all shapes and sizes – literally. No matter the body type or shape you have, it can take some exploration before finding just the right suit for you which makes getting into summer poolside fashion even more exciting.

For example, if you are pear shaped, go for a wide-collared bikini that will add volume to your bust and shoulders. A bright color in the upper body part and a dark color in the lower body part will draw attention away from your bottom.

How do you know if a bikini top fits you correctly? The bottom seam of your bathing suit should fit your underbust snuggly without cutting in. If the bra cups crease on your breasts, then the top is larger than your size and if they push your breasts to create side boobs, then it’s too small for you.

Finally, if the top fits correctly, then you should be able to slip a finger under the seam.
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4. Put your hair up in a bun to draw attention away from any areas of your body that make you feel less confident

A pre-swim ritual that will make you look more slender is to put your hair up in a bun. We all know the body’s best assets are our shoulders and neck, so why not take advantage of those places? The new trend in swimwear this year includes high-waisted bikinis or one pieces with halter tops which means they show less skin than lower cut styles like bandeaus and strapless. A higher top also helps keep things looking snugged down where we want them! If you still feel self-conscious about what people might see when wearing these types of suits, then try adding some flair by pulling back long bangs into a low ponytail for an edgy touch on any suit style!
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5. Don’t wear anything that’s too revealing

Over the years, swimsuit styles have changed drastically. There were times when women would only wear a one-piece with thick straps or an evening dress to go swimming in public pools and beaches. However, these days it is considered cool for ladies of all shapes and sizes to put on their bikini tops (or not) while they are at the beach or poolside.

If you want that perfect summer look this year then make sure your skin isn’t too revealing – tanned tummies never looked so good before!

6. Choose light colors over dark colors

Remember when you were a kid and your mom always told you to “remember what color is flattering to the eye?” Well, that’s because our eyes are attracted more towards light colors. Studies show that black is slimming for everyone, and it’s no different with swimwear. If you want to look slimmer at the beach this summer, choose a one-piece in dark colors like navy or khaki instead of daring prints.

If you want to hide flaws and look taller, go for vertical lines, such as dark-colored pinstripes.

Wrapping Up

If you want to look slimmer in your bikini, but don’t have the time or willpower for a starving or exhausting workout, there are a few simple tricks that can help make it seem like you’re trying harder than just eating salad every day. From wearing high-waisted bottoms and tops to pulling your hair back into a ponytail (or bun), these tips should be enough to make you feel like you’ve shed at least 10 pounds of weight before putting on your swimsuit. What other hacks do you use? Let me know in the comments.

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