Top 7 of the Best Bra for Lymphatic Drainage (Loved by Physiotherapists)

Lymphedema can be painful and uncomfortable, and we feel you.

Whether you’ve undergone breast surgery, liposuction, radiation therapy, or your swelling is natural, our compression bras for lymphedema will help relieve pain and keep blood and fluids flowing properly in your bust and upper arm area.

Some of our choices such as CURVEEZ Women Post-Surgery Comfort Front Closure Bra have turned out better than the garments given in hospitals.

However, if you have a recommendation from your doctor or physiotherapist on fit and sizing, you should balance it with your style preference to ensure a smooth and quick recovery.

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Here we go!

7 Best Compression Bras for Lymphedema in 2024

Editor’s Pick

Editors Remark
1. BRABIC Shaper Tops for Women Arm Compression Post Surgery Front Closure Bra, Best Tank Top Shapewear Bra. One of the best compression bras for lymphedema
Best bra for correcting a slouching posture
2. CURVEEZ Women's Post-Surgery Comfort Front Closure Brassiere Support Sports Bra with Adjustable Wide Strap. One of the best compression bras for breast lymphedema, best bra for lymphatic drainage
Best bra for breast lymphedema
3. FeelinGirl Arm Shaper for Women Post Surgery Arm Lipo Compression Sleeves Slimming Arm Faja, Best Front Closure Shapewear Bra. Here is a compression that doesn't put pressure on your elbow creases. One of the best post surgical compression bras
Best for arm compression that doesn’t stress the elbow crease
4. Amoena Women's Ester Best Post Surgical Bra. One of the best bras for draining lymphatic fluid
Meshy fabric on the back and sides makes it very breathable

1. BRABIC Shaper Top for Women, Arm Compression Post Surgery Front Closure Shapewear Bra

BRABIC Shaper Tops for Women Arm Compression Post Surgery Front Closure Bra, Best Tank Top Shapewear Bra. One of the best compression bras for lymphedema

Liposuction, breast surgery, radiation therapy or just having flabby arms can come at the risk of damaged lymph nodes, but you’re going to fall in love with this low neckline shapewear.

Your armpits, upper arms, and chest area need firm compression to prevent swelling, and the high-end elastic thinner fabric is the main reason behind it being stretchy, lightweight, toughing, and breathable for all-day comfort.

If you tend to have a slouching posture, Brabic’s best post surgery compression bra will also help you stand straight and tall with confidence. Its full back cover has 2 X-type crossing layers that provide posture-enhancing high back support and help to relieve back pain.

What’s fascinating about this compression bra for lymphedema is that the design is perfectly ideal for outdoor activities. You can wear it alone and it’s also one of the best invisible bras that you can layer under your beautiful dress. Its full chest coverage and the 4-row hooks-and-eyes closure provide for adjustable tightness ensuring that comfort and great back support are provided.

“I had a single mastectomy in Sept and have searched and searched for something to address the  chest wall lymphedema  and at risk arm from lymph node removals. Some didn’t work at all other’s worked in some ways. This one works well and is the  most comfortable and effective  garment I have found. I am so grateful.”Jan Strout from Maine

A buyer’s review on Amazon for BRABIC Shaper Tops for Women Arm Compression Post Surgery Front Closure Bra Tank Top Shapewear

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Adjustable compression
  • Lightweight, breathable, and invisible under garments
  • Convenient and adjustable 4 row front closure
  • Best non-padded support for your breasts
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • If your work involves continuous lifting and movement of your arms such as hairdressing, the firm arm compression might be cumbersome

2. CURVEEZ Women Post-Surgery Comfort Front Closure Brassiere –best compression bras for breast lymphedema

CURVEEZ Women's Post-Surgery Comfort Front Closure Brassiere Support Sports Bra with Adjustable Wide Strap. One of the best compression bras for breast lymphedema, best bra for lymphatic drainage

Curveez is an essential compression garment recommended by doctors after aesthetic surgeries such as breast augmentation, inframammary surgeries, breast lift or reduction, lumpectomy, and mastectomy.

The post surgical compression bra provides 2-way compression adjustment to help relieve pain or prevent swelling. The anterior hooks-and-eyes closing mechanism is two-position adjustable while the shoulder straps have a 4-position hook and eye closure to allow for personalized fit and comfort, no matter the size of your chest and shoulders.

The front is made of molded cups and double-layered soft lining infused with Cosmacol EMI, Ginkgo biloba, Seaweed, Vitamin E, and other natural microcapsules that help to moisturize and regenerate your skin.

Your worries about spending too much on buying extra posture correctors will all fade away because Curveez’s best bra for lymphatic drainage will sort you right. Its back is made of a Powernet fabric for additional back control and upright posture. These are the many reasons why it stands out to be much better than the stuff patients are given by some doctors.

“This bra is a God send after my  breast and lymph node surgery . It is so very comfortable for a compression garment. Much, much superior than the gizmo the hospital sends you home with. A wonderful bra that delivers comfort around the clock!”- Jennifer D. Hensley in Cincinnati, OH

Material: 83% Polyamide, 17% Elastane

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Best for post-surgery pain relief
  • The soft inner lining is layered with natural healing compounds
  • Friction-free inner lining
  • Chest and shoulder compression levels are adjustable
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • May show under thin clothing
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3. FeelinGirl Arm Shaper for Women, Post Surgery Faja Front Closure Shapewear Bra

FeelinGirl Arm Shaper for Women Post Surgery Arm Lipo Compression Sleeves Slimming Arm Faja, Best Front Closure Shapewear Bra. Here is a compression that doesn't put pressure on your elbow creases. One of the best post surgical compression bras

Are you feeling bothered by excess fat on your arms? Perhaps you are uncomfortable wearing short sleeves or hate the way your arms keep waving goodbye long after you’ve stopped? This trouble will come to an end with the FeelingGirl arm shaper and lipo compression shapewear bra.

You can never go wrong with an ultra-sexy bra that gives you full coverage, comfort, support, and epic cleavage, all at an ultra-affordable price. It’s that moment you stop going around different stores and trying out all their sports or daily use compression bras.

Side set or saggy breasts shouldn’t trouble your heart because this bra’s elastic structure will gather and mold them into rounded and centered boobs.

Just like the Brabric front closure bra, the Feelingirl compression top features a high back with an X-shaped 4-way stretch compression racerback band that pulls your shoulders back to prevent your body from slouching forward.

Its 3-in-1 advantage makes it a suitable outdoor undergarment. Arm slimmer for the flabby arms, back support for the hunchbacks, and a chest lift for the sloping boobs, perfect to wear all day under clothing. FeelinGirl has got you covered, have it today and define your real curves.

After my lipo in my arms I bought this as  the one the doctor gave me wasn’t as great . This one was super comfortable. Fit great!”- Sally Bonnie

Material: 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Best for underarm and upper arm compression
  • 3 rows hook-eyes front closure
  • A wide underbust band is the best for support and comfort
  • Molds and firms breast to be more rounded and centered
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Shoulder support is not adjustable

4. ContourMD Compression Bra or Vest for Women –best compression bra after breast augmentation

ContourMD Compression Bra or Vest for Women - Compression Post Surgery - Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction - S16V01. One of the best compression bras to wear after breast augmentation

ContourMD slimming bra is essentially designed to fit the needs of a post-breast surgery patient. It offers a classic elegant sleeveless style with a lightweight, durable, and extra comfy feeling.

Unlike regular sports bras, ContourMD is flat, coming high in the armpits and providing cover down to the high waist preventing any possible postoperative swelling, improving blood circulation, and flushing out any unwanted lymphatic fluid from this part of your body.

A delicate wear for a delicate recovery, this compression vest is one of the most comfortable for recovering from breast implant surgery, breast reconstruction, or reduction procedures. Your recovery can now take half the time at twice the comfort. Just tight enough to hold the recovery gauze pads and an extra length to make it comfy.

The 55% Lycra, 45% Spandex elastic band lymphedema compression garment is super comfortable, incredibly soft, and does not pinch or rub. To add to its elegance is the three-row shoulder hook and eye closure enabling adjustability for a perfect fit.

“I got lipo on my back recently and this compression garment was great!! Don’t look anywhere else,  most places charge around $80+ . But for the price this seems to hold me up well, it’s not uncomfortable at ALL.”-Mich

Legitimate feedback by buyers on Amazon for ContourMD Compression Bra or Vest for Women –Compression Post Surgery - Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction - S16V01

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Made from antibacterial material that’s safe for sensitive skin
  • A convenient front-zip closure and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Multiple styles, sizes, and colors
  • Loved by physiotherapists and other health professionals
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Doesn’t cover the upper arms

5. CYDREAM Women Arm Shaper Sleeved Top, Post Surgery Posture Corrector Tank Top

CYDREAM Women Arm Shaper Tops Slimmer Compression Sleeves Post Surgery Posture Corrector Tank Top. The best bra for lymphedema

Arm shapers compress the flab in the upper arms so that you can fit into a slimmer dress or top sleeves. But can they provide a long-term slimming effect?

Experience shows that compression garments help you to burn more calories thus in a way reducing upper arm sagginess. And they also provide other benefits such as reducing fatigue and improving blood circulation. But for well-toned arms and general physique, you have to commit to regular exercise and a healthy diet.

With an elastic middle sleeves design that can fully wrap your upper arm, tighten flabby skin, tone up your arms, and hold your arms like a glove without a pinch while making them look slimmer instantly, CYDREAM is the top-rated compression vest I can recommend as your post-surgery posture corrector.

With 4 rows of strong secure hook and eye closure, Cydream becomes the easiest shapewear to put on and take off with different compression levels to help you adjust the tightness to your maximal fit. The back support is reinforced with an X-type elastic mesh belt to pull back your shoulder bones and muscles, relieve back pain, and correct a stooped posture.

This best bra for lymphedema provides the stretch, comfort, and compression that allows for a comfortable night’s sleep along with the ability to move during the day as you begin your post-lipo or breast surgery recovery.

The chest and the back are double-layered and padded with memory foam for comfort during both cold and warm weather, but the breast areas are pad free to create room for removable pads when you need more breast support.

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Adjustable compression
  • Boosts sweating and loss of fat
  • A low neckline matches well with many low-cut tops and dresses
  • Provides back pain relief
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • If your arms are disproportionately long, the lace trim on the sleeves will lie on your elbow crease which is uncomfortable

6. Anita Care Women’s O Fit Lymph Front Closure Relief Bandage Bra, 34A, Skin

Anita Care Women’s Lymph O Fit Lymph Best Front Closure Relief Bandage Bra, 34A, Skin

A perfectly designed high back with a wide side connection provides sufficient support in the event of lymphedema in the underarms and at the back.

Are you concerned about a sagging chest? Or the need to uncomfortably pull your breasts into a better position just to look great? Anita care “cares” because it offers balanced compression to your breasts providing firm support to them, which is reinforced by a soft edging band that doesn’t cut into your underbust.

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Adjustable front and back closures
  • Includes breast support band
  • Made from soft material, best for sensitive skin
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • It’s pricier but worth it

7. Amoena Women’s Ester Slimming Post Surgical Bra

Amoena Women's Ester Best Post Surgical Bra. One of the best bras for draining lymphatic fluid from the breast and chest areas

Amoena Women’s Ester Post Surgical Bra is a wire-free bra that feels weightless on your shoulders and is much less visible under thin tops. The straps are also adjustable and convertible to fit your different outfit designs.

The cups are also molded and have lifting foam for ultimate support and comfort. They’re also smooth and seamless under clothing.

By the way, this is the only bra in which you can finally realize that you don’t have to sweat and strain in a bra just to feel the tightness and support. The sides and the back of this best bra for lymphatic drainage are meshy so your skin will be constantly breathing.

An added advantage is the hook and eye front closure which makes it easy to put on and take off when mobility is limited.

A buyer's verified feedback for Amoena Women's Ester Post Surgical Bra

Material: 42% Polyester, 41% Nylon, 17% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Ultra-breathable meshed fabric
  • A wide range of sizes (34A-44D)
  • Wide padded and adjustable straps for extra comfort
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • It’s quite tricky to find your perfect fit if you have a large bust

FAQs on the Best Bra for Lymphatic Drainage

What is lymphedema and what causes it?

Lymphedema is the excess accumulation of lymphatic fluid in body tissue causing it to swell. The most affected body parts are the arms and legs, but swelling can occur within the chest, neck, abdomen, and genitals.

Lymphatic fluids are protein-rich fluids that usually are drained through the body’s lymphatic system. For lymphedema to occur, there must be a blockage within the lymphatic system. The blockages here can cause either primary or secondary lymphedema.

Primary lymphedema is a rare type of lymphedema, accounting for only 3% of the total cases of lymphedema ever reported. It is caused by mutations in the genes responsible for the lymphatic system development. The faulty genes, therefore, cause improper development of parts responsible for lymphatic fluid drainage. It is transmitted along family lineage, but it’s only rare and not common for a child to inherit the condition from their parent.

Secondary lymphedema is a compilation of the most common and wide causes of lymphedema. These are issues that destroy or block a lymphatic system that was previously working normally. Some of them include:

  • Cancer- surgery or treatment of certain cancers such as breast cancer can damage or necessitate the removal of certain sections of the lymphatic system.
  • Radiotherapy- radiation can be used to destroy cancerous tissue but it can also damage healthy tissue.
  • Parasitic infections such as cellulitis damage or block the surrounding tissues.
  • Injury/trauma in certain body parts
  • Venous diseases such as DVT and varicose veins
  • Increased white blood cells due to leukemia

Other causes include immobility, obesity, and inflammations.

What is the best compression for lymphedema?

When it comes to compression garments, comfort is the key quality. You should go for a compression garment that is neither loose nor too tight for you won’t like it if your condition worsens. Lymphedema compression garments are classified according to the pressure level, from class 1 to 4. In the US, classes 1 and 2 are the mild compression shapewear that exerts a pressure of 20 mmHg to 40 mmHg while classes 3 and 4 have a high compression of 40mmHg to 60mmHg.

Our list is made up of mild compression shapewear bras that will prevent retention of lymph and feel comfortable to wear the whole day.

However, if your doctor has a recommendation, they should help you choose the best compression that would be perfect and likely to speed up your healing process.

Can compression garments make lymphedema worse?

Just like other kinds of prescribed medication, compression garments also come in handy for lymphedema patients. As long as it is within the range of your doctor’s recommendation on compression, the garment should work just fine.

Compression garments for lymphedema become harmful and worsen your condition when they are tighter than they are expected to be. Remember your lymphatic system is already damaged, so putting more pressure on it will jeopardize the healing process.


Lymphedema is painful and uncomfortable, but when you have a problem draining lymph from your chest wall and upper arms, you can rest easy with a compression bra. One of the best compression bras for lymphedema in our review will apply comfortable pressure on your arms and the bust area to keep blood and fluids circulating properly.

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