Best Fabric for Women’s Underwear

Best Fabric for Women’s Underwear

You wouldn’t want innerwear that you have to keep pulling up, that makes you sweat uncontrollably or panties that stain and smell after a few days of use. Thus, besides proper size, for a pair of best women’s underwear that will serve you well, you should be looking for things like softness, comfort, breathability, washability, and style. Here are some of the best materials for underpants;


Cotton is the most popular material for several types of undergarments. It’s breathable, perfect for all types of weather and activities. It is the most preferred fabric for everyday panties, summer and sleeping innerwear. However, pure cotton may not be the best for highly sweaty activities such as workout because it absorbs but does not wick the sweat.


Spandex, also called elastane combined with cotton makes the material for high-intensity activities such as workout, cycling and running. This is because while the cotton absorbs all the oozing sweat, the elastic spandex expands to wick the moisture thus keeping you dry, you won’t realize how much you’ve been sweating.

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This is a light, see-through fabric designed into a weblike pattern in order to make the lingerie or undergarment fancy or stylish. It can be machine or hand made. Lace is the pattern and not the material per se. It was originally made gold, silver, silk or linen threads, but cotton thread linen is now the most common, although sometimes silk and linen are used. The open weblike pattern makes lace unsuitable for cold weather and winter unless you have warmer outer layers.

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Satin is a weave that features a glossy and attractive surface and it finds use in sexy lingerie. However, just like silk, the fabric is not absorbent or breathable and it’s therefore not meant for daily use garments.

Lingerie made of satin material
Satin lingerie

Mul Mul cotton

Mul Mul (or mal mal) cotton is a fine variety of cotton that originates from Northern India. It’s soft, fluffy and thicker but lighter weight than ordinary cotton. It is the material used to make the popular cotton sarees and the fabric has gained worldwide popularity.  Mul is soft and comfy but not as breathable as ordinary cotton.


Jersey is a knit fabric made out of cotton, wool and synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. Popular with sports shirts, jersey is waterproof and thus perfect for swimwear and beachwear.


The best silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms and other insects. It has a shimmering appearance and it’s thus used to make lingerie and fancy underpants. Silk is lightweight and seamless but it’s not for daily use because it’s not breathable. However, the fabric stays in good shape for a longer period of use and wash than cotton and spandex.

lingerie innerwear made of silk material
Silk lingerie

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