What to Wear Under Short Dresses (Here’s All You Need to Know)

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”
Mark Twain is lauded as the “greatest humorist the United States has produced”, and his quote might have had more to do with self-confidence than skills and status symbol. This is all about making your own life decisions based on what you think and feel is best for you and about expressing yourself in whatever way makes you happy.

Putting on a mini dress at whatever age makes you feel like the attractive, feminine, and sexy gal you’ve always been. Revealing your beautiful skin also shows that you’re healthy and confident in your body. Short dresses are not for the weak-kneed though. You need to be confident in your legs, your skin, and your sense of style. There are specific undergarments that will make you feel properly covered and without the risk of exposing yourself.

What to Wear Under Short Dresses

1. Mid-thigh shapewear

If your mini dress is body-hugging, wearing shapewear underneath will help you hide flaws and lumps and create a smooth silhouette from the upper back to your thighs. There are different designs of shapewear, depending on what you want to achieve. There are those body shapers that will flatten and control your stomach (they’ve been reviewed here sweetskinliners.com/body-shape/best-body-shapers-for-large-stomach) while others have the additional ability to lift and accentuate your butt and/or firm up and smooth your hips and thighs.

There are also different levels of compression and control-from light to moderate to ultra-firm. Light and moderate control shapewear smooth out light flaws like cellulite but they can’t redefine your overall figure. They are, however, comfortable and the best choice if you’re looking for an everyday figure shaper.

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Ultra-firm shapewear is made of stronger fabric and reinforced with side boning to compress your figure into an hourglass silhouette. However, the pressure might be too much to wear often, and high compression shapewear is best reserved for those occasions when you want to wear special outfits like a bodycon dress.

Are you undecided about what to wear under short dresses? The best shapewear for under short dresses is Lover-Beauty Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Body Shaper Butt Lifter Thigh Slimmer Faja Plus Size with Zipper Crotch

2. Boyshorts

Wondering what to wear under a mini dress?

Boyshorts are not considered so indecent to expose compared to underwear like thongs and bikini bottoms. So they’re the best to go under a short dress when you expect the day to be windy, placing you at the risk of the breeze blowing your mini dress. When you’re outdoors, your handbag or backpack could also make your dress ride up.

These things happen all too often but you don’t have to worry when you have a boyshort like Werena Women’s Seamless Shaping Boyshorts. The mid-waist slimming boyshorts will flatten your tummy and prevent a muffin top for a better body shape. It has a seamless, stretchy, and moisture-wicking fabric that fits snuggly without cinching or sliding. It also rises an inch or two above the mid thighs and so it won’t show under the hem of your short skirt or dress.

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3. Bike Shorts

If you’ll be cycling, hiking, doing yoga, or into such other outdoor activities, a pair of biking shorts are a great way to ensure that you don’t feel too self-conscious as your dress moves up and down. You just need to ensure that your dress fully covers the pair of shorts. You can also opt for neutral colors like black, skin-colored hue, or even a color that matches that of your dress.

The fact that you’re going outdoors means that the weather is warm and it makes sense to wear cycling shorts that are fully breathable to keep you cool on your active day.

Here’s what to wear under short summer dresses:

Thousands of women have never felt anything as buttery soft and comfortable as the Yogalicious High Waist Squat Proof Side Pocket Biker Shorts. They’re made of lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking lux fabric. Most biker shorts are sheer, which obviously creates that fear of squatting… but that’s not the case with Yogalicious.

Its material is thick and dense enough to provide proper coverage when you bend, squat, or lift. The compression shorts also have a high-rise waistband that will hold your stomach in and move with your body. Best of all, a small pocket for holding credit cards is sewn into the waistband. And the cycling shorts still have two spacious side pockets that can carry your phone, wallet, and keys. You don’t need to carry a bulky handbag with these shorts.

Here’s what to wear under short summer dresses: Yogalicious High Waist Squat Proof Side Pocket Biker Shorts

4. Slip Shorts

If you don’t mind wearing sheer shorts under your dress, then slip shorts are great underwear. They’ll stay hidden under your skirt anyway, so there might be no need to stress yourself with thick biking shorts. But you shouldn’t accept something that pinches you, rolls down, or creates a muffin top.

Your thighs will thank Bestena Seamless Slip Shorts for Under Dresses. They are made of breathable spandex, perfect for layering under dresses, jeans, and skirts, to help keep you cool and dry. Y’all know how uncomfy it feels when sweaty thighs rub in hot weather.

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The mid-thigh length slip shorts are nicely seamless, perfect for layering under tight short dresses. They’re also versatile, so you can use them for cycling, working out, yoga, or daily wear.

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5. Leggings, tights, or pantyhose

What do you wear under a short dress in the winter?

Wearing thermal leggings or tights under short dresses is trendy during the winter weather. If you feel cold or uncomfortable exposing too much skin in a mini, ankle-length leggings or tights can nicely complete the look when worn under the dress.

Here you’re free to experiment with different designs to your taste- glossy, lacey, fishnet, textured, and so on. Whether you want tights, leggings, or pantyhose, you can also always experiment with different colors, though black and nude are awesome choices if you don’t want to attract too much attention. A nude color is a tricky shade though and you need to ensure that it exactly matches your skin tone lest you look as if your legs have a skin complexion different from the rest of your body.

Always remember that leggings, pantyhose, and tights all go well with closed shoes or boots and not sandals and open shoes.

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How Should You Sit While Wearing a Short Dress?

Sitting, standing, or simply walking in a mini dress can be a tricky tactic of trying to balance confidence and caution, lest you expose your innerwear. But don’t fret that much about it. This is what I do to radiate elegance in a micro mini:

1. Bend your knees first

Whether you’re bending to sit down or to pick an item, you should stay upright and bend your knees first so that the hemline of your skirt or dress stays level all around. Otherwise, if you just bend your back, your butt might lift the back of your dress to an indecent level.

2. Keep your legs together or cross-legged

Keeping your legs together when you’re sitting on a chair or couch will ensure that people won’t see more than they should. It’s a matter of habit though. If you’re the type that bursts out laughing and you can no longer keep your legs together, you might have to rethink wearing a dress that’s too short.

If want to sit on the floor, a mat, or carpet, first sit on your shins and then bend your legs to one side. From this position, you can now be free to straighten your legs and keep them together.

3. Straighten and smoothen your dress

Smoothen and hold the back of your dress with your hand against your legs so that it doesn’t flap or fold as you bend over. This will also ensure that the dress will be in good shape as you stand up later on.

4. Self-confidence matters

Don’t keep on trying to pull down your dress as you stand or walk or to lengthen it as you sit. This will ooze discomfort, lack of confidence, or even self-pity for your choice of dress. Instead, make sure that your body is well-groomed from the top down and then relax as you sit or walk, like a queen who knows what she’s doing.

5. Place something on your laps

Hide your laps with any accessory that you have. This could be a purse, a handbag, a jacket, a book, or any other item that you’ve carried with you, to help prevent attracting too much attention to your laps.

Wrapping Up

For you to wear a mini dress, you need to be confident in your legs, your skin, and your sense of style. Here we’ve discussed great undergarments that you can wear under short dresses, such as shapewear, boyshorts, biker shorts, leggings, tights, and pantyhose.

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