What to Wear Under a Bodycon Dress (Here’s All You Need to Know)

Wondering what to wear under a bodycon dress? So you’ve got a tight fitting dress to wear for an event, but you don’t know what kind of underwear will help you avoid pesky VPL, hide your love handles, and leave you with sexier curves.

Here are some tips on choosing the right undergarments for your body type, whether you are in a bodycon or bandage dress. It’s important that you match the level of coverage with your comfort level so that you’ll be able to dance or sit comfortably in them all evening without worrying about tummy folds, panty lines, or wedgies.

What to Wear Under Bodycon Dress

1. Here is why you should wear shapewear under a tight dress

If you’ve been worrying about what to wear under a tight-fitting dress, don’t stress about it because the right size of body shaper can help to give you curves and make sure everything stays fitted where it belongs. However, this reshaping is temporary, so don’t expect a body shaper per se to improve your body silhouette for the long-term.

Having a tummy and love handles is not a death sentence because you can always get in shape whenever you commit yourself to do so. And the good thing is that you can always achieve a curvier and smoother silhouette in a body-hugging outfit by slipping into a body shaper for large stomach.

There are several types and styles to choose from when it comes to tummy shapewear, but one thing is certain – a perfectly fitting size of any type will improve your self-esteem! Learn more about fitting shapewear in this post- how to stop shapewear from rolling down.

Order your shapewear here and start feeling great about yourself during night outs as you show off those curves in a sexy way.

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2. Seamless bras

If you don’t want bra lines to show under your bodycon dress, then you need to wear a bra with seamless cups. The bra would work even better when it has unpadded cups since padded bras would bump under close-fitting garments. The most you can have is a bra with removable pads to suit your different outfits.

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3. Silicone bra cups

If your breasts are not too heavy, say less than 36D, then you can comfortably put on adhesive backless bras that let you wear a gown with an open back, a single shoulder (see more bras for one shoulder dress here www.sweetskinliners.com/bras/best-bras-for-one-shoulder-dress/, or shoulder-free. In fact, even if yours is not an open-back dress, seamless bra cups such as Niidor Adhesive Bra would help you avoid a visible bra band in a clingy dress.

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4. Push up bras

Bodycons and cleavage are two sides of the same coin and push-ups bras are your best buddies for cleavage enhancement. If your dress has a low-cut neckline, then the cleavage from a bra like Warner’s Women’s No Side Effects Wire-Free Contour Bra will give you that extra.

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Appropriate Underwear is What to Wear Under a Tight Fitting Dress

Wearing the wrong innerwear in a clingy outfit can ruin your day out. Let’s see what options you have.

1. Thongs and G-strings

Thongs and G-strings are the middle point between going commando and enduring the discomfort of VPLs in a close-fitting dress all day long. Thin and seamless thong like Under Armour Women’s Pure Stretch Thong will feel sexy and barely there. Your thong should also be high-rise so that it provides minimal rear coverage. And what I like about Under Armour Women’s Pure Stretch Thong is that it provides full coverage of the crotch area.

If you’re bold, you can go for a T-back g-string and forget about lines and folds altogether. Though you’ll have to put up with some wedgie.

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2. Seamless underwear

If thongs and G-strings are a no-no for you, seamless undies are the ultimate comfort and confidence underneath figure-hugging skirts, dresses, and even under other tight undergarments like shapewear. They are made from smooth, light, and seamless fabric that feels like a second skin, saving you the discomfort of panty lines and irritating side seams. It also works best if your underwear matches the color of your bodycon.

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3. Seamless boyshorts

Boyshorts are great for looking alpha and a great point is that even if it has VPLs, they will be down on the thighs after all and it won’t be a bother to anyone. The story does not end there because just like knee-length leggings, we now have seamless boyshorts like Werena Womens Seamless Shaping Boyshorts that are incredibly invisible invisible and decent even under short dresses.

Your boyshorts should be perfectly fitting and breathable so that they don’t bunch up your thighs or irritate you with a wedgie.

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4. Going commando

Bare skin has no VPL and so if you’re daring, going commando can let your ladybits take a breather in hot weather. Some ladies end up bruised by the chafing from thongs and other thin panties and going bare can be a healthier alternative. The major problem with having nothing underneath is that you have to be extra conscious in public lest you flash people.

Wrapping Up

You shouldn’t have doubts or concerns about desiring to fit into a bodycon dress for a special occasion, after all, life is short. Wearing a body shaper is an excellent way to look more defined and smooth in a close-fitting dress, and this gets even better when paired with a seamless bra, adhesive bra cups, or push-up bras for cleavage enhancement. If you don’t fancy shapewear, then you can wear seamless innerwear, boyshorts, or else go commando. If you’re looking for ideas on undergarments to wear under a tight fitting dress, we’ve done a good job reviewing great choices.
What do you wear under body-hugging outfits? Please let me know in the comments.

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