How to Hide Bra Straps With Spaghetti Straps

A pictorial guide on how to use double sided tape on bra straps. How to hide bra straps with spaghetti straps
Spaghetti strap tops are beautiful and sexy, but they’re bound to show your bra strap. You can tuck the strap under, only for it to pop out after a short while.

You can wear a jacket or cardigan over your shoulders, but that looks clunky and awkward. What if there was a more effective way?

If you want even more help to conceal those bra straps, we’ve got six different ways for hiding your bra straps when you’re wearing spaghetti straps.

1. How to keep your bra and spaghetti straps from slipping

To prevent your straps from falling off your shoulders, ensure that you wear a bra with the correct size of the band. You can know this by trying to squeeze two fingers between the band and your skin. If they can go through, then the band is too loose and the straps will slide on your shoulders even if they are tight. The straps should also fit you snuggly- not too tight and not too loose. Just like the band, if you can slip two fingers between the bra straps and your shoulder, then they’re too loose.

The next step is to stop the spaghetti straps from shifting along your shoulders. Ensure that the straps are snuggly fitting, just like bra straps, and keep the two straps aligned, the spaghetti straps over the bra straps. You can then use clear double-sided tape for clothing such as Fearless Tape – Womens Double Sided Tape for Clothing and Body to keep the two straps attached the whole day.

Fearless Tape - Women's Double Sided Tape for Clothing and Body, Transparent Clear Color for All Skin Shades. Best silicone tapes for hiding bra straps

2. Wear a bra with clear straps

When a strapless bra doesn’t cut it for you, a bra with transparent straps is still a nice option to go with. The straps won’t be totally invisible, but they’re obviously thin and will be camouflaged better underneath the spaghetti straps.

3. Hiding bra straps under racerback tank tops

I know convertible bras are pricey, but you don’t need to have one if you want to wear a racerback tank even if it has spaghetti straps. You just need to get a plastic bra strap clip, pinch the bra straps at the back together and clip them into an X shape all day long.

Here is how to hide bra straps under a racerback top by clipping the bra straps at the back together

4. How to avoid strapping the bra on your shoulders

Your desired bra’s straps might be wider than or might not match the spaghetti straps in color, and still, you could be unwilling or unable to wear strapless bras. In such a situation, you can choose to slide them off your shoulders and hide them underneath the sleeves of your top. You now just need to use tiny safety pins to hook the straps to the inside of your top or shirt sleeves.

5. Put on a cardigan or jacket over your spaghetti strap shirt

If the day is cold, you will have to wear a jacket, cardigan, or blazer, and you’ll simply get away with hiding the straps of your bra. In case the weather starts getting warm, you’re free to unbutton your jacket or blazer.

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