How to Wear a White Shirt without Your Bra Showing (10 Key Hints)

If you’re like me, you’ve certainly and severally been discouraged from wearing your white shirt or blouse, the reason being that your bra was showing underneath. Many have been in such an awkward situation, but the good news is fashion gurus have come up with excellent solutions that now make it easy to wear a white shirt without worrying about revealing the bra you’re wearing underneath.

Many ladies tend to grab a white bra or bandeau top when wearing a white shirt, assuming that they’re the best compliments. However, the fact is that this is an outright mistake since a white undergarment will unashamedly show under a lightweight white cloth. And a black undergarment will be the worst you’ve ever tried because its outline will be clearly visible. Here we’ll show you how to wear a white shirt without revealing your bra.

Have a look at some of our ideas on what you can wear under or over your white-colored shirt without revealing the bra.

How to Wear a White Shirt without Your Bra Showing

1. Wear a red bra

You’ve obviously heard of the nude bra tip? It hardly shows as long as the undergarment you wear is as close as possible to your skin color. I know this might blow your mind but the fact is that a red bra will hide under a white shirt better than a skin-colored one. Just try it if you have a red-colored bra and see.

The red undertones on the red bra resemble your skin’s tone and that is enough to blend with your skin. When worn underneath your white top, it becomes difficult to show. For the best results, ensure that you stick to a deep red or burgundy color and avoid pink undertones. It would also be better to go for wireless and unpadded bras that won’t look bulky under your shirt.

Smart & Sexy Women's Signature Lace Push-up Bra. One of the best bra colors to wear without showing under a white shirt

2. A nude one-shouldered tank top

Besides being a perfect undergarment for a white top, this nude shoulder tank top works perfectly as the garment to go under a one-shouldered top or shirt.

Verdusa Women's One Shoulder Sleeveless Ribbed Knit Crop Top. best skin colored top

3. Wrap a scarf around your neck

If you have tried all types of undergarments and have not succeeded in concealing your bra, consider wrapping a scarf around your neck. If your scarf is long enough, ensure to lower it to your chest level, just above the breast or chest area.

The scarf works perfectly in covering your front and back, not revealing the bra color underneath your white shirt.

Wondering How to Wear a White Shirt without Your Bra Showing? Here is a woman wearing Calvin Klein Women's Pashmina Scarf round her neck and over the bust

4. Tank tops with a built-in bra

A tank top with an in-built bra takes away all your worries of having to wear your favorite white top, shirt, or blouse. The tank top will automatically blend with your white shirt and they’re also form-fitting to keep your torso in a better shape. Your job is to ensure that your white shirt’s neckline and hem cover the tank top so that nothing will be seen under your shirt as you sit or move.

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5. Nude and strapless bandeau

A white shirt needs a flexible undergarment, and the nude and strapless bandeau bra is what you are looking for here. One, the bandeau is already blending with your skin. Because of this, it becomes pretty invisible under your white shirt. It is also a comfortable garment and stretches to your bust shape most comfortably.

Wondering what to wear under a white shirt? The undergarment to wear is Kurve Seamless Lace Reversible Bandeau Tube Top (Made with Love in the USA)

6. A skin-colored bra

A skin-colored bra means a bra that matches the color tone of your skin. Any undergarment that matches your complexion is not revealed when worn under your favorite white colored outfit. You may get a nude bra or one that has a slightly darker shade, a shade that closely matches your skin tone.

While wearing these types of bras (read more here), could you take note of their outlines? If their designs are colored differently, they will undoubtedly show underneath your top. These bras should be even in color, that is, the same color all around.

You should not worry about finding a bra that will not show under a white shirt. You need this Hanes Women's Oh So Light Foam ComfortFlex Fit Wirefree Bra MHG521

7. Wear a tank top or camisole underneath the white shirt

If your white top appears sheerer and not opaque, complement it with a fitting camisole underneath it. The camisole’s main task is to minimize the extent to which the bra is seen underneath your top and to cover your midsection, preventing attention from going there.

The camisole or tank top you wear should have either the same color as your shirt or a nude color.

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8. Short-sleeved undershirt

Your white top will go well with a short-sleeved undershirt that is nude. The short-sleeved shirt will not only prevent your bra color from being seen, but it will also play the additional role of preventing your white shirt from getting deodorant stains.

Short-sleeved shirts that match your skin color are most preferred. If you do not have these or cannot get them from a departmental or clothing store, a gray or white colored one would be a great alternative.

SweatyRocks Women's Basic Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Crop Top for concealing the bra when you wear a white blouse or shirt

9. Wear a thin slip under your see-through white shirt

Lightweight shirts have their limitations, since the cami or tank top that your wear underneath them might create an outline and make you look bulky.

To avoid this, you can get a thin slip with a smooth fabric that will not cling to your shirt or blouse. The thin slip’s extra layer blocks the light, making both the slip and the bra underneath your white shirt unnoticeable.

10. Layer other garments over the white shirt, such as a jacket or sweater

If skin-colored bras and other undergarments are not your sense of style, you can try layering a garment over your white shirt. Stylish outfits that you can layer over your top include sweaters, jackets, or lightweight garments like mesh tops and shirts. Ideally, the outer layer should be longer than your shirt so that you don’t appear like you’re trying to match your outfits.

Wrapping Up

Having everyone see your bra through your white shirt can be very uncomfortable but it does not mean that you should not spend on white shirts.

All you need is to use the above tips on what to wear under a white shirt and still rock your favorite white-colored shirt. It’s essential to feel comfortable in the clothes you choose to wear but most importantly to feel confident when mingling out there.

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