How to Wear Booties with Leggings {9 Must-Know Tips}

When we talk about timeless fashion, booties paired with leggings fit the bill. These two can be worn by women of all ages. And they are easy to style given the many options available.

When the weather starts getting chilly, this is the perfect combination if you would love to keep warm but still stylish and trendy during winter. Here are 9 different ways to wear booties with leggings:

Ways to Pair Booties with Leggings

1. Don’t layer thick and seamed leggings under a skirt or dress

There is nothing wrong with wearing leggings under dresses (see the best leggings to wear under dresses here) and skirts, but wearing thick and seamed legging pants in this combination is bulky and out of style. Things would become even worse were you to add booties to such an ensemble.

Thick leggings should be worn on their own with booties or any other type of ladies’ shoes. So if you want to keep warm by wearing leggings under a skirt ensure that you choose lightweight legging pants. They should also be plain colored to simplify your look.

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2. Skin-tight full-length leggings should be tucked into the booties

If you are wearing skin-tight full-length leggings, the best thing is to tuck them inside booties. It does not matter whether you are wearing ankle-length or knee-length booties.

Tucking the leggings will help you to achieve a more polished and clean look. Your booties will be the star of the show so make sure that you choose unique and stylish ones.

You might be wondering can you wear booties with leggings? Here is A lady pairing booties, socks, and legging pants
Tucking leggings and bunching up the socks is fashionable

3. Looser fitting but full-length leggings can be rolled at the hem

When wearing looser-fitting leggings with ankle-length booties, make sure that you roll the leggings at the hem. You can do it the same way you would do a pair of jeans paired with short boots.

It is a good way to add some style to the look. Rolling the leggings at the hem makes the look appear edgy and out of the norm.

4. Slit hem leggings can be paired with any type of shoe

Slit-hem pants are still fashionable and they are very easy to style. One way to style them is to pair them with ankle-length booties.

Wearing ankle-length booties with slit hem leggings is advisable so that you can show the slit hem. Knee-length boots might not be ideal because they will cover the leggings. So if you want to show off your slit hem make sure that you wear short boots.

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5. Don’t be afraid to show the skin left by ankle leggings

Your leggings don’t have to cover your boots. It is possible to wear ankle-length leggings and ankle-length boots. This might leave out a slit of skin showing where the pants reach the booties. This is fashionable and gives you a younger vibe as compared to wearing socks.

6. You can opt to style some booties with socks

Pairing booties with lightweight socks is also a great way to add style to your outfit ensemble. If you are wearing plain boots, you can wear long socks in a different color or pattern. Short, lightweight, and neutral-colored (black, gray, or white) socks are currently in vogue but you can still wear thicker ones when the weather is chilly.

You can add some drama or a rugged-chic look to the thicker socks by bunching them up above the boots and over your leggings.

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7. Detailed booties to be paired with plain leggings, and vice versa

When wearing booties with leggings, mixing and matching designs and colors will help you bring out a beautiful contrast.

For instance, if you decide to wear booties with detailed stitching or prints, ensure that you wear plain leggings like burgundy so that one thing is more noticeable than the other. Creating contrast is the key thing in fashion and after this, you can style the rest of your outfits with a sweater, jacket, or even a jersey if you’re a sport’s enthusiast.

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8. Pair flat-heeled boots with shorter tops and jackets. Ditto for high-heeled boots

Balance is everything when it comes to fashion. If you love flat-heeled boots, ensure that you go for a shorter top and jacket to balance your upper and lower heights.

On the hand, if you love high-heeled boots, match them with a trench coat or any long coat to elongate your height, especially when you’re a short girl.

9. Tight Capri leggings paired with booties are old-fashioned

Although there are tight and fitting ones, Capri legging pants are out of fashion. You can wear them around the house but pairing them with booties is an old-fashioned look. Taller boots would look even worse, so it’s best just to avoid it.

FAQs on How to Wear Booties with Leggings

Difference between ankle boots and booties

As the name suggests, ankle boots are short female boots that go up to or above the ankle. Ankle boots also have a more masculine look than booties, but they are versatile and you can wear them in both casual and professional settings.

Booties are slightly shorter than ankle boots: they end at the line of your ankles while most ankle boots are an inch or two above the ankle level. Booties are more feminine than ankle-length boots and so they’re easy to style since they almost look like normal women’s shoes. Both booties and ankle-length women’s boots come in a variety of styles and designs to suit your preference.

Are booties out of style?

Women’s booties are not out of style. They are a classic look that will never go out of fashion. The reason booties will never go out of style is because they come in a variety of designs. Designers are always inventing something new so it is easy to choose the latest trends. We also have classic designs like cowboy booties that have been there for ages and are still stylish to date.


Wearing booties with leggings is one of the most fashionable combinations for any woman and it’s especially awesome during cold weather. There are several styles of matching booties with legging pants, including tucking the leggings, rolling the hems of the leggings, contrasting the colors, prints and designs, wearing a jacket or cardigan, or sweater that balances the boots’ heels.

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