How to Unstrap a Bra with One Hand (2 Seconds Only)

You don’t want to fumble with the bra and appear bland just when you’re about to make out with your woman for the first time. Unhooking a bra is not a complex task as long as you’re confident and you know the different types of women’s bras. Something that you can do with your left hand yet you’re a right-handed person means that it’s simply easy peasy. Unstrapping the bra using one hand will free the other hand to continue with the fondling so that you don’t have to interrupt the pleasure just to remove the brassiere.

This article will let you stop worrying about how to unhook a bra with one hand.

How to Unhook a Bra with One Hand

First things first,

1. Know the different types of bras

There are different bra designs that affect how to unhook them and whether you can unhook them at all in the first place.

i.) Back-closure bras

Back closure bras are the most common types of bras and any woman will always have a back-fastening bra in their closet. Back closing bras may have one hook and eyelet mechanism but they typically have 2 rows and between 3 and 5 columns of hooks and eyes.

Learn how to unstrap a bra with one hand by trying it on Vanity Fair Women's Illumination Full Figure Zoned-in Support Bra

ii.) Front-closure bras

Front-closure bras have either a single hook-and-eye set or metallic or plastic hooked pieces that clasp together with the straps lying flat against the sternum.

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However, sometimes both the front and back closures might be too wide to hold and unstrap using one hand and you’ll just have to use both hands. An example is Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Easy On, Easy Off Front & Back Close Post Surgery Bra.

iii.) Clasp-free bras

This is common with sports bras that are pulled over into position and have a stretchy band that keeps them in place. Tube bras, bandeau bras, and bralettes also don’t have any form of closure.

This means that you cannot unstrap the bra with one or both hands and you or your lady will have to pull it over her head.

You can visit a departmental store and familiarize yourself with the different types of bras. We’ve also reviewed more than a dozen types of bra designs here. Otherwise, trying to prove you can unclasp a bra one-handed when you don’t know that not all bras have a closing mechanism at the back might embarrass you like this Redditor.

A comment by a member of a subreddit forum on how to unhook a bra with one hand

iv.) Don’t worry about unhooking the shoulder straps

Some bra straps have rings and buckles or hooks to provide for their tightness adjustment but opening the bra band closure is what will get you to a woman’s Queendom. So don’t confuse between opening the shoulder straps and the band. Once you undo the band, the bra detaches from the bust and you can now start to gently caress her breasts. But if you only open the shoulder straps while the band is still hooked, the bra will still be tightly hugging her bust. If the bra doesn’t have shoulder straps like this Vanity Fair Women’s Full Figure Strapless Bra, then good for you because there will be no confusion.

2. Get Consent

Don’t force sex on a minor or a woman you’re not intimate with. You will set everything right when you first seek permission to slip your hand under your girl’s top or blouse. If it’s OK, continue. If it’s not OK with her, then it’s not yet the time to go beyond kissing.

3. Use One Hand to Check the Type of Bra She’s Wearing

Slide one hand under her top and get to feel if there is a front clasp above the sternum. Run the hand up the back and check where there is any form of closure. If it’s a clasp-less bra, then you’ll have to pause the fondling at some point and pull it out over her head.

4. How to Unhook a Back Closure Bra with One Hand

– Ensuring that your hand is warm, slide your middle and index fingers under the bra band exactly underneath the hook and eye closure. Pull the band slightly away from the body to partially relieve tension in the closure.

– Place your thumb on top of the hook closure and pinch the bra band strongly between your thumb and the two fingers. Your thumb should squeeze the edge of the strap that has the hooks while the index and middle fingers should press the edge of the strap that has the eyelets.

– Use your thumb to push the hooked strap in the direction of unhooking the clasp. That is, if the hooked bra band is on the lady’s left-hand side, then you should slide it to the right and release the hooks or clasp. If it’s on the right-hand side, then you should push it to the left.

5. How to Unfasten a Front-Closure Bra using One Hand

– Once again first ensure that your hand is warm, since touching someone with a cold hand is a mood killer.

– Insert your middle and index fingers under the eyelet closure or the clasp if that is what the bra uses. Lift the band about an inch from the body to help relieve tension.

– Placing your thumb on the hooks, squeeze the closure between the three fingers and slide the hooks to release it just like in the back-closure bra.

– If the bra has a clasp made of two hooked plastic or metallic pieces that lock together when hooked lying flat against the chest, here is what you should do:

– Spread your index and middle fingers so that they’re on either side underneath the clasp. You‘ll notice that one side of the clasp is hooked facing down while the other side’s hook faces up. The clasp can be opened by pulling one side up and then pushing and sliding the other side to release it. Squeeze the down-facing hook between your thumb and the finger underneath the hook. Pull that side of the clasp up as you push down and slide forward the other side to detach the two sides. Some front-closure bras such as Glamorize Front-Close bra have a plastic snap closure where you would need to flap and slide up the closing side to unclasp it.

Glamorize Women's Plus Size Wonderwire Front Closing Bra with Underwire #1245.

How to Practice Opening a Bra with One Hand

If you’re committed to learning how to undo a bra one-handed before your big day and you don’t live with your lady, you can right away order two bras, a back-fastened bra here and a front-fastened bra here. You don’t have anything to lose since you can gift the bras to your girlfriend later on. Many women also don’t know how to take off certain types of bra clasps and if you’re such a lady, then you just need to use one of your bras.

Strap each bra around a pillow or a backpack so that it closely mirrors how it would appear when worn by a woman. Practice unhooking the bras at different levels of tension in the straps. Practice also unstrapping the bras with the left hand alone, the right hand alone, and with both hands. You can even practice unsnapping a bra with your eyes closed. So that you hack it on undoing a bra using one hand whatever the situation you find yourself in.

Wrap Up

Taking off a bra with one hand doesn’t need ninja tactics as you might think. You just need to know the location of the clasp or hook-and-eye closure and how to apply pressure and maneuver with only three fingers so that your woman’s bra snaps open in just 2 seconds.

However, just like any other exercise, practice makes you perfect and you’ll become confident after two or three attempts.

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