Different Ways to Rock Active Wear Outside Gym

These days active wear is no longer restricted to the gym only. Your sportswear these days is one of the most important parts of your wardrobe and people enjoy slipping into a different kind of active apparels daily.

There are many things included in activewear like racerbacks, sleeveless t-shirts, t-shirts, long sleeveshirt, sweat shorts, sweat pants, sweatshirts, sports bra, leggings, etc. Your active attire is socially acceptable and in fact, they are very trendy to wear.

There are so many brands and retailers, those are making stylish and cool activewear for your day to day life.


It is always fun and art for all of you of how you rock the sportswear outside the gym. But there have been always a right way and a wrong way to carry your active attire outside the gym. There are so many ways to turn your daily leggings and t-shirt (activewear) outside your gym. Here we will discuss different ways to rock your active wear:

  1. Skirt/ shorts- From mini to midi to maxi skirts or shorts with a matching sports bra on a night out is very trendy for any age group. You can pick a different color of a sports bra, as there are so many colors available these days and different shapes of sports bra as well, with any kind of skirts or shorts. This look will boost your confidence and you will rock this look. One can wear a racerback as well with such skirts or shorts. You can wear a net t-shirt over a sports bra and then can pair it with a skirt or shorts.
  2. Bomber/ Leather jacket- Bomber jackets are made for everyone. It is one of the most multipurpose pieces that one can wear with almost everything you have in your wardrobe. The best part of the bomber jacket is that it is very light in weight and very comfortable to wear. A leather jacket is an all-time favorite of everyone and it never goes out of fashion. It is one of the most valuable things one can have in winters. You can pair a bomber jacket or leather jacket over a sports bra with leggings and it can never do wrong, but make sure you choose the right color.
  3. Coat- One can wear a nice coat; preferably a long coat over your activewear and this look is very trendy these days. You can wear this look too many places like to a coffee shop, to an airport, to your friends get together, etc. The most important thing when you choose to wear a long coat over your activewear is to color coordinate your look carefully.
  4. Jeans- There are so many types of jeans we have these days like, straight, bell bottom, slim fit, boyfriend, etc. and you can simply enhance your look by wearing an activewear top with any of these jeans and as you all know jeans are every girl’s best friend and all of us have so many types of jeans in our wardrobe and we can rock our look by wearing them.

These different ways will help you rock the activewear outside the gym.

Good Luck!

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    • Loose and moisture wicking outfits are recommended because they’ll allow you to breathe and relax

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