Benefits of Going Commando at the Gym over Wearing Innerwear

A lady showing the benefits of going commando at the gymBenefits of Going Commando at the Gym

There has always been a debate about how beneficial or detrimental it is to slip into your underwear every day, especially when you want to hit the gym. However, in this article, you’ll discover that as a woman, there are more benefits than disadvantages to your lady bits when you work out commando. Apart from the common reason of avoiding ugly panty lines while working out, going commando at the gym can be very healthy and it reduces the chances of you getting any yeast infection. Additionally, you get to sweat out comfortably without having any wedgies and chaffing while squatting, lifting and so on.

1. No Visible Panty Lines

Every woman hates having visible panty lines forming an outline on the outer garments while working out, walking or anywhere else in public. You need to be comfortable and to walk confidently around the gym without someone scanning your behinds. You don’t want to have those pesky VPLs showing under your yoga pants. Most gym garments are thin and slim, and if you are not careful, people can easily see your innerwear. For this reason, some women opt to go commando while working out. The major catch here is that your gym pants need to be properly knitted and fitting so that they don’t split right in the middle as you squat.

2. Breathability

Sometimes while working out, even with the best women’s workout underwear reviewed here, having that extra layer of cloth can be suffocating and uncomfortable. For this reason, many people opt not to put on any underwear while sweating out the pushups, lifts, squats, and so on. This allows them to breathe freely and enjoy the session.

Additionally, some of the shorts and yoga pants come with built-in undies that are elastic and breathable. Meaning you don’t necessarily need another pair of underpants.

3. Comfort

Nothing is awful, like getting a wedgie while working out. You keep pulling and tagging at all the wrong places. Instead of concentrating on your reps, you focus so much on fixing your panty or thong. This, in the end, is very embarrassing, and you don’t enjoy the workout. You can avoid being uncomfortable in the gym by getting rid of your panties and going commando. It allows you to focus on training to achieve your goals.

4. Lowers the risk of yeast infection

Yeast infection is caused by dampness around your private area. The dampness is caused by wearing wet panties or sweating a lot. When you are in the gym, you have to sweat a lot. Thus, when you are wearing panties, they retain the moisture and dampness, enabling harmful bacteria to thrive. For this reason, going commando at the gym is not only comfortable but also healthy.


If you want to enjoy your gym session, ensure that you are comfortable. This way, you get to exercise and achieve your goals. If you don’t want to have restricted movement, distractive VPLs, suffocation and yeast infection, then avoiding any innerwear while working out is the right decision for you.

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