How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Woman Own?

Pairs of innerwear hanging on a cloth line. how many pairs of underwear should a woman own, how many pairs of underwear should i have, learn about when to replace your underwearSome questions like “how many pairs of underwear should a woman own?” ring into your mind and you’re left wondering what others are doing.

But the number of pairs of underwear that you should own should not be all about comparison.

Because we lead different lives; you might be in Hawaii, Peru, and the Maldives backpacking for a lifetime, someone else is a fitness buff, while another has an insanely busy corporate job.

And still, whatever you’re doing with yourself, we all have different obsessions. You might be one of those who can’t stop buying shoes, or you might be a fashionista who keeps hoarding all styles and colors of panties.

So, How Many Pairs Of Underwear Should I Have?

Unless you are a minimalist, the most popular opinion based on responses from women on various social platforms is that a 3-week supply of innerwear is a comfortable figure. The benefits of this number include;

– It will save you on that weekend when you’re just too busy or tired to do laundry.

– Your laundry machine may fail on a fateful weekend and you have to start the next week with the stock of clothes still left in your wardrobe.

– If your collection has some breathable underwear for workout, then you can hit the gym, wash up and change at the gym and then head to work.

– If you are on your menstrual cycle and you need more than one panty during the day, then you’ll be sorted throughout the cycle without the need for frequent laundering.

– You will avoid washing your panties frequently, which quickly wears their elasticity and shape.

There are exceptions to this typical number of pairs of innerwear:

i.) If you are on vacation, you want your luggage to be as minimal as possible and thus you may want to carry only a few pieces of breathable and quick-drying briefs.

ii.) If you are like me, one of those ladies who like to enjoy the good things life has to offer, then besides the 3-week-long pairs of basic underwear, you need an extra set of stylish panties. Get a week-long set that includes fitting bikinis for swimming, comfortable boy shorts for lounging, and sexy lingerie for parties, candlelit dinners, and a busy night : )

When to Replace Your Underwear

The number of pairs of underwear that you own is not as important as their hygiene and replacement when they wear out.

A large collection will help you rotate your thongs and panties thus avoiding infection, as well as slowing wear and tear.

If the elastic band and the seam have started to fall apart or the fabric is ratty, it’s time to say goodbye to such a panty and buy a new one. Even when it’s clean, women’s underwear keeps collecting bacteria with time and so wearing old panties increases your risk of vaginal and urinary tract infections.

Experts advise that you need replace panties between a period of 6 months and 1 year. Here is how to know when you need to retire an old pair of underwear.


Although this is subjective, the rule of thumb is to have pairs of innerwear enough to last you almost a month, plus special undergarments for certain functions such as working out, parties, menstruation, and so on. This ensures good rotation and infrequent washing.

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