Types of Swimsuits for Hot Models

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
― Maya Angelou

And just because of that, you cannot exhaust the number of swimsuit design styles in the market. They are works of art.

When shopping for a bathing suit, you can get lost and frustrated with the endless terms, brand names, designs, and sizes, so this post will put that to rest by exhausting the different types of swimwear.


Types of Bathing Suits

(i) Monokini

Monokini is a single-piece undergarment that partially covers both the bosom and the genitalia. Unlike a full or one-piece swimsuit, a monokini is skimpier and it may partially expose the lady bits. In fact, it was originally designed in the 60’s as a topless swimsuit, as a symbol of sexual revolution.

YiZYiF revealing monokini swimsuit for women

(ii) One-piece swimsuit

A one-piece swimwear is a single-piece lingerie that provides better coverage of the midriff. It can be a full swimsuit that entirely covers your midsection and tummy, or it can have cutouts to partially reveal your figure.

This is the best when you want more coverage and support, thus if you want to cover your belly, the best tummy swimsuit to hide tummy bulge is a one-piecer. However, you don’t get to accessorize with colors and designs between the swim top and swim bottom.

Women's 1 Piece Bodysuit High Neck Plunge Mesh and Ruched Monokini Swimwear marketed by Tempt Me, among the best swimsuits to hide tummy bulge

(iii) Bikini

A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit that comes with a bra or bandeau top and a bottom of whatever type; a thong, boy short, boxer brief, tanga and so on.

A bikini is best for you when you want to show off your waist and midsection, as well as to mix and match different types of colors and designs between the top and bottom.

Smart & Sexy String Bikini Set for Women, best types of bikinis

(iv) Two-piece swimsuit

The difference between a bikini and a two-piece bathing suit is brevity. In the bikini, the swim parts are skimpier and low cut, representing an evolution into moral liberation.

Smart & Sexy Full-Busted Supportive Underwire Bathing Suit for women, best full coverage swimsuit

(v) Tankini

A tankini combines a tank top and a bikini, so you get full coverage of your midriff and reaching the upper edge of the swim bottom.

Holipick best tankini for women

(Vi) Swimdress

Just like the tankini, a swimdress comes with a short dress attached to a one-piece bathing suit. The top in a tankini top goes up to the waistline, so a swimsuit dress is your choice if you want to cover your butt and upper thighs.

Plus size swimdress for women by Lane Bryant

(Vii) Skirtini

Skirtini is a two-piece swimsuit, featuring a bikini top and short skirt attached to the bikini bottom.

Rekita Women’s halter tankini top skirtini

(Viii) Tan-thru swimsuits

You spend a better part of your lifetime indoors, so it makes perfect sense to maximize the sun during summer. Tan through swimwear like this Kiniki Amalfi Tan Through Bikini Top Swimwear allows up to 80% of the suns tanning rays to pass through to your skin while preventing tan lines.

Kiniki Amalfi Tan Thru Bikini Top Swimsuit

(ix) Wetsuit

Expect to see surfers, scuba divers, water skiers, snorkelers and people in other water-sports wearing this swimming costume.

It is a one-piece or two-piece designed to provide thermal protection in cold water. It is made of neoprene foam that provides heat insulation.

Cressi Women's Short Front Zip Wetsuit for Water Surfing, Snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports

Types of bikini bottoms

(i) Ruched swim bottom

The ruched bikini bottom features a scrunched up detail at the center of the butt, creating the illusion of a fuller booty.

Smart & Sexy Women's Swim Secret Ruffled and Ruched Back Bikini Bottom

(ii) String bikini bottom

These underpants have straps that tie at the sides allowing you to adjust and fit it. The strings may also be untieable, serving only a decorative purpose.

Luli Fama Cosita Buena Wavy Tie-Side Brazilian Bikini Bottom for Women

(iii) Scoop bikini bottom

Unlike a thong or g-string, a scoop bottom provides moderate rear coverage, has a slight dip at the center front and the sides rise higher up the legs.

Norma Kamali Women's Scoop Swim Bottom

(iv) High-cut swim bottom

If you want your legs to appear longer, then this underwear will help you because it rises above the hip bone.

High-cut is also the best swimsuit for big thighs and hips if you want to camouflage those parts.

(v) High-waist bottom

This swimming bottom rises higher up the waist to cover the belly.

(vi) Boy short bottoms

Wearing these doesn’t mean that you are a tomboy; it’s just that they resemble shorts and most of them cover below the butt.

(vii) Thong bikini bottom

If you want to show off you booty, then you need this. Also called the tonga bottom, a thong bottom barely covers the your rear to give you that sensual seduction!

(viii) Cheeky bikini bottoms

This style also lets you show off your best assets. The front has a normal triangle shape, but the back has a wedgie shape to give your buttocks a sexy cleavage.

Bikini Top Variants

(i) Halter top

The halter top features straps that tie around the neck, and they offer better coverage and support for fuller busts.

(ii) Bandeau top

This is a shouderless, strapless and sleeveless strip of cloth for women that wraps around the breasts. Bandeau was originally only a part of swimwear or sportswear, but it has now been accepted as part of formal wear and you can wear it with a short skirt or pants.

(iii) Crop top

Also known as cropped top or half-shirt, a crop top is a swimming costume top design that exposes your abdomen, navel and waist.

(iv) Tie-front swimsuit top

As its name goes, this top has straps that tie at the front below or over the breast for stronger support. Some of the designs such as the SweatyRocks Women’s Sexy Tie Knot Front Bikini make you simply stunning!

SweatyRocks Sexy Tie Knot Front Bikini Swimwear Set for Women

(v) Underwire bikini top

This top may come in one of the several bra designs but it has an underwire for push up and lift effect and extra support.

(vi) Triangle bikini top

If you have a small bust, then you might like this triangle top that features two sets of straps, one around the neck and the other around the back. It thus appears like two triangles, one triangle for each boob.

(vii) Flounce bikini top

If you have a large bust, then the flounce top will be your favorite. It is a bikini or swim top with adjustable straps and a flounce overlay that shifts the focus away from the bust.

(viii) One-shoulder top

This is an asymmetrical swimsuit top with one strap that goes over one shoulder.

(ix) Rash guard tops

If you loathe sunburns, then a rash guard is what you need. A rash guard top is a long or short sleeved top designed to prevent rashes or abrasion due to sunburn or abrasion in sports.

It is a swim shirt for water sports and it’s made of light weight and breathable material such as nylon or polyester combined with spandex.

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