10 Tips for Successful Postpartum Recovery

10 Tips for Successful Postpartum Recovery

Giving birth to a healthy baby is a blessing on its own. However, this ordeal leaves you straining and torn down there. You need to take time for you to heal and be able to carry out your regular chores. Simple tasks like sitting down and going to the toilet can prove to be very difficult. Here are some tips help fasten your recovery process after giving birth. They ensure that you can get back to your usual self within no time.


  1. Rest

This sounds like a cliché, but resting can help you recover after childbirth. Resting is the apparent means of recovery, but many people don’t usually follow it. You find that you will get busy with friends and family members who come to see the newborn baby and you forget to take a break and rest. Take advantage of the friends to help you out and take a nap to recharge. Additionally, you can take advantage of the time the kid sleeps to take a quick nap yourself.

  1. Wear Pads

When you have postpartum bleeding, you are not supposed to wear tampons or menstrual cups. This is because you are still tender, and you need to avoid getting any infection or injuries. Additionally, your flow is very heavy, and the best postpartum pads will absorb a larger quantity of blood. You can put two pads side by side or overlap them to get more coverage. This will prevent you from leaking and messing your clothes after a few hours.

  1. Wear Comfortable Undies

During this postnatal recovery time, you also need to wear very comfortable underwear that can hold the postpartum pad in place. Also, get panties that promote breathability and ensure that you have enough air circulation. You can invest in the best underwear for postpartum or get those mesh undies from the hospital. Yes, they are really ugly, but at least they are comfortable and ensure that you don’t spoil your favorite pair of underwear.

  1. Make Use of Ice Packs

After childbirth, you realize that you are still sore and tender. This proves to be painful when sitting or even going to the toilet. You can make use of ice packs to reduce the swelling and tenderness. You can opt to sit on the ice pack or tuck them in your undies.

  1. Use Medicated Pads and Tissues

The first time you go to the toilet, you will find that you are experiencing pain. Especially if you get hemorrhoids after childbirth. Making use of medicated tissues and pads soothes your skin, and you don’t feel that much pain.  Also, the use of medicated towels and tissues ensures that you don’t get any infection.

  1. Make Use of Donut Pillows or Pregnancy Pillows

Sitting down can prove to be difficult after delivering a baby. And it’s actually recommended that women should lie or sleep on their sides during their pregnancy and in the first couple of months after childbirth. You can invest in a great donut pillow or pregnancy pillow to lessen the pressure that you apply to your hurting areas. These maternity pillows help you to sleep or sit comfortably without straining.

  1. Eat Healthily

What you eat usually has an impact on your health. You need to ensure that your body is getting lots of fruits, vegetables, fiber and water. This is to ensure that you have the energy that you need to heal. Also, healthy eating helps replenish all the blood, minerals and body mass that you had lost during childbirth.

  1. Don’t Strain

The first time you go to the toilet, you may find that it’s difficult to poop. Don’t be tempted to strain and force the poop out. Take your time, eat a lot of fiber and stay hydrated as this will soften your stool. Moreover, when you strain while in the toilet you may find that you can get hemorrhoids which can pose a health issue.

  1. Lean or Hover

Staying in the toilet may prove to be a difficult task. This is because you might be sore and swollen down there. You need to find a comfortable position for you to use to avoid straining and being in a lot of pain. Try to hover or lean to a position that does not cause pain to your pelvic floor.

  1. Make Use of Sitz Bath

Sitz baths are a great way to soothe your swollen vulva. They help reduce itchiness and tenderness. This makes it easy for you to heal and be comfortable while nursing your baby. A sitz bath incorporates salt to reduce inflammation and essential oils that soothe your skin. After giving birth, you need to take care of yourself to ensure that you get back on your feet and carry on with your life as normal.


You need to take care of yourself after giving birth in order to speed up recovery. You deserve that after bringing life to the world. Don’t be shy to ask for help with the baby and the house chores and then take the time for a little self-care…

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