Types of Waist Trainers for Women

Types of Waist Trainers for Women

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Enter the Kardashians and co. with their wasp size hips and a plus size butt and nowadays everyone wants to dress to impress like them.

But what do you do if you have acquired bad food habits for long and you can’t leave the couch, leading to a saggy tummy? Think waist trainer.

A waist trainer, also called waist shapewear is a type of body shaping undergarment designed to compress your midsection and augment your weight loss efforts. These garments have been around for several decades but they have been made popular in recent times by the celebrities.

Benefits of waist trainers for women

The popularity of waist trainers has recently surged due to some of their short term and long term benefits. Some of them include;

– If yours is a big belly, or you have love handles, this innerwear gives you instant curves that you’ve always dreamed of. There are those occasions where you have to impress and waist trainers can help you attain an instantaneous hourglass shape.

– It supports your back, helping you to stand upright, while also relieving you of lower back pain

– Not only does the tightness of a waist trainer for losing weight make you feel almost every visceral muscle moving as you move, it motivates you to start or continue getting in shape because you can see your artificial curves already turning heads.

– With the compressed midsection, you are likely to take less food portions than you normally do, helping you to lose weight.

So what types of waist trainers for women are there?

1. Waist cincher

A waist training cincher, also called compression shapewear or underwear, is a type of undergarment designed to compress the waist and create a flat abdomen.

Waist cinchers are usually made of latex, a blend of nylon and latex or a combination of latex and cotton. The latex rubber helps increase temperature and sweating in the area covered, thus burning fat cells and accelerating weight loss.

The material is tough but synthetic enough for comfort at all times.

2. Waist Corset

Most of the corsets you see are fancy garments that you can wear for fun, medical reasons, to keep up with the trends or to impress your boyfriend. The light duty ones occasionally squeeze your waist and create a cute silhouette on those days when you want to stand out, but it ends there.

If you want to waist train, then you should go for a waist training corset that will compress your waistline, lift up and shape your bust, flatten your belly and raise your posture.

These types of corsets are usually made of materials like polyester, spandex, denim or silk, leather or cotton.

3. Bodysuit

If you want to work on your whole torso and not just the waist, then a bodysuit is for you.

This is a one piece, body shaping undergarment that laces the full torso as well the crotch. The crotch can be opened through hooks, snaps or Velcro, to allow for your other human needs.

They are made from materials such as cotton, lace or nylon and there are some bodysuits such as Spanx, which extend to the thighs, the perfect choice if you also want to tone your upper legs.

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