Types of Women’s Underwear for Workout

Types of Women’s Underwear for WorkoutA boyshort for running, a type of women's underwear for workout

One of the greatest mistakes we make when going out for a fitness session is slipping into just any innerwear as we would do when spending the day indoors.

While it’s impossible to accurately determine the best size and style of underpants for every woman who wants to sweat it out, some underthings are a big no-no.

One of these are the cotton thongs. Cotton absorbs and retains your sweat and the warm and moist environment is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast growth in your vag and crotch. The resultant constant desire to scratch an itchy vag due to yeast infection is not a pleasant story.

Other underthingys to avoid are the uncomfortable ones, such as those that stick up your ass, reveal panty lines or rub your skin to red sores. So much so that instead of focusing on the reps, your attention is almost fully diverted to the discomfort down there.

Without further ado, here are some of the undies you should consider when you want to have a fitness session.


Boyshorts are great for looking alpha and a great point is that even if its panty line is visible, it’s a short after all and it won’t be a bother to anyone.

If you are wondering how to stay dry down there, then this is the best women’s underwear for sweating. This is because the full coverage does sop up tanks of sweat, as along as you’ve chosen something whose fabric is part spandex.

However, boyshorts are notorious for wedgies and even a tad larger than your perfect fit will constantly bunch up your thighs, crotch and butt. This gets worse when you are on the treadmill or biking and they may best suit those who are used to lazing around at home in these small pair of shorts.


A seamless thong won’t wad up and if it’s made of sweat wicking material such as spandex, then you have something that you will barely feel its presence when you are working out. The right fit thong is therefore sexy, invisible under your sportswear, and you almost feel like you’ve gone commando.

However, albeit better that underwear, thongs are not the best there is for preventing wedgies.


The popular bikini is a versatile wear whether you are swimming, out for a date, or just spending the day lazing on the couch. And it actually serves you great when you decide to spin the bike or do reps at the gym.

This is because bikinis hold up really well and you will have less bunching up and wedgies to deal with. It also provides better coverage of your nether area and they come in countless sizes therefore finding your perfect fit is easier.

The only disadvantage is the annoying panty lines which become peskier when you want to do a tidy rep of squats. To avoid this, you have to put in the effort to find a seamless bikini.

Cheeky underwear

Cheeky means these undies are more girlish than bikinis and you actually enjoy less wedging than thongs and bikini because there is less material for that. The panty lines are also more subtle than other types of innerwear.


If you are the sweaty betty type that oozes tanks of sweat, then you will thank the moisture wicking spandex in the best boxers for working out. Also, if you like cycling, padded boxer briefs give all your sensitive lady parts the necessary protection while allowing them to dry fast.

The panty line is more visible with boxers but luckily, it’s not the diagonal line type.

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