How to Wear Off the Shoulder Tops with Bra

The off-the-shoulder top is a timeless trend that never goes out. It can be worn with everything from high-waisted jeans to skater skirts and it will always look so chic! And they’re a style staple that can be worn any season. However, it is important to know how to wear off the shoulder tops with bra if you want to look stylish and not tacky.

If you don’t do it right, your bra or nipple will show and that’s not sexy!

Follow these simple tips for wearing off-shoulder tops with bra so that your outfit looks chic, rather than trashy.

1. Choose a stretchy off the shoulder top

If you want your skin on show but don’t want anyone seeing more they should then choose an off the shoulder stretchy top or dress. Stretchier clothes hold your breasts in place, preventing them from bouncing out of their cups or spilling over onto the armholes. And you can avoid those dreaded nip slips by wearing a supportive undergarment underneath for all-day comfort without sacrificing style!

2. Go for strapless bras

Why are strapless bras and off the shoulder tops a match made in heaven? The answer is simple; they both accentuate your neckline. It doesn’t matter what kind of breast size you are because even smaller breasts will be pushed up and inward to create a beautiful cleavage.

Here are the strapless bras that can go with off shoulder tops:

a.) Bandeau

This is a strapless band of cloth that wraps around the breasts. It has thick top and bottom bands for it to hold since unlike a bra, it doesn’t have any closure.

b.) Strapless bra with adhesive.

Go one size down to ensure that it doesn’t slip.

c.) Plunging strapless bra

This is a type of strap-free bra with a plunging neckline that can hide underneath plunging tops and dresses.

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d.) Bra cups

If you’re comfortable with trying something new, you can avoid the encumbrances of a conventional bra by sticking strapless and backless bra cups to your breasts. One of the best is the Nubra Seamless Adhesive Strapless Backless bra cups.

3. Strapped bras

If you have to wear a strapped bra, go for these strapped bras:

a.) Bras with clear straps

As long as the lights are not too shiny, these will look less out of place with the off-shoulder outfit.

b.) Convertible bras

Get a bra with convertible straps to help you match the design of your off shoulder top. For a one off-shoulder top like this One Shoulder Strappy T Shirt, you can use the one strap bra style to hide the bra strap under the covered shoulder. If your off-the-shoulder top covers your front and back like this Bluetime Casual Fall Lace Long Sleeve T Shirt Blouse, then criss-cross bra style will go with it.

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c.) Full coverage bras

To look stylish when wearing an off the shoulder top and a bra, you need to find a bra that has enough coverage for your chest area. This is important because if there isn’t any support in this region of your body then it will be likely for them to shift out from beneath the garment which can cause embarrassment or could even lead to accidental exposure!

4. Tube top

The snugness of a tube top underneath your off-the-shoulder top will keep everything from moving around like they could if left bare.

5. Sewing in the cups of an old bra

If you have a strapless and backless bra that you no longer wear that much, you can consider sewing it into the chest of your shoulderless top. A strapped bra can also do- just cut out the band and let the straps remain with the cups.

6. Wear your hair down

If you want to wear an off-shoulder blouse without exposing too much bosom or cleavage, consider wearing your hair down and having it flowing over one or both shoulders. It doesn’t have to be rumpled and boring. Silky blowouts, sleek strands, or the Olivia Wilde curly bangs will grab some attention away from the cleavage.

7. Accessories for your neck

A multi-circle choker or necklace and matching earrings are a classic combination that never goes out of style.

Is it OK to show bra straps with off shoulder top?

Revealing your bra straps under an off-shoulder top is a flirty fashion statement that is becoming acceptable, as long as you’re comfortable in what you are wearing. That being said, the exposed straps should appear deliberate and they should not color-crash with the top. You also need to consider the design of the straps. You can’t go wrong with clear straps for a sundowner party or spaghetti straps any time of the day.

Most importantly though, you need to consider the occasion- exposed bra straps would fit an informal event more than a formal meeting.

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