How to Make Your Breast Look Bigger (18 Must-Know Tips)

You don’t have to go through surgery and implants to make your breasts look bigger. It’s possible to create the illusion of larger boobs at home through creativity.

Over the years, fashion has evolved and you do not need to have the DDD breast cup sizes or higher in order to fit in and look good in certain outfits.

Simple wardrobe choices will do the trick but if you are looking for a permanent solution to breast size, you can start working out and doing massages. These are slow methods but they are more permanent.

Here are some ways to make your breasts appear larger.

18 Tips on How to Make Your Breast Look Bigger

1. Padded bras and bras with removable pads

Padded bras are a lifesaver for girls with small breasts. The pads are attached to the bra so every time you wear them, you look a size bigger. These bra pads are removable so whenever you feel like a flatter chest is good enough you can always remove them. Unfortunately, sometimes padded bras look unrealistic depending on the size and shape of the pads.

2. Silicone breast inserts

These inserts have the feel of natural breasts so they are comfortable on the skin. If you are looking for a realistic look, they are better than padded bras. Adhesive silicone breast inserts are firm on the skin so you do not have to worry about them falling off. It is recommended that you use high-quality silicone inserts because poor-quality ones might cause skin irritation.

3. Adding adhesive bra cups under your bra

Here’s how to make your breasts look bigger without a push-up bra – you can wear sticky bra cups on their own but you can also put them under your bra to give your boobs a fuller figure.

Since they stick to your breasts with the adhesive, they are comfortable and secure. One the best adhesive bra cups that you can try are these NuBra Seamless Adhesive Bra.

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4. Wear a push-up bra to lift the breasts and make them appear fuller

Push-up bras are one of the greatest fashion inventions since we started wearing bras. They give your breast a lift and cleavage even if you do not have one. Push bras work by squeezing breasts together in the middle to give them a lift.

Most push-up bras have an underwire so they might be uncomfortable when worn for long. If you want a push-up bra that feels more comfortable, you can go for a wireless one but you need to ensure that it fits correctly.

5. Wear an underwire balconette bra to enhance the cleavage

Balconettes make the boobs appear as if they’re large enough to spill over the bra cups. If you are looking for something more fancy that will give you cleavage, it is advisable to go for balconettes.

These bras are sexy and ideal when wearing a low-neck top. You can try sexy balconettes such as the DOBREVA Women’s Sexy Lace Underwire Balconette Bra.

Wondering what bra to wear with square neck top? Here is a lady wearing the DOBREVA Women's Sexy Lace Bra, Underwire Balconette, Unlined Sheer Demi Bra for Plus Size.

6. Avoid bandeau and tube bras that flatten the chest

If you already have a small bust, the worst thing you can do is wear a tube bra. Tube bras do not have any padding and they fit tightly on the body. The tight-fitting design compresses your boobs and they appear smaller than usual.

Tube bras also show your nipples so they might not be practical for everyday wear. If you decide to wear a tube bra, you may want to add some adhesive cups to it. You will get the comfort of a tube bra but you will also enjoy the illusion of bigger breasts.

7. Pick soft-seamed bras to make the breasts appear rounder and fuller

Bras are great for creating an illusion of larger breasts. For instance, bras with soft seams give the breasts a round and feminine look. This look is important when trying to make your bust look fuller.

A bonus with soft-seamed bras is that they are comfortable and feel good on the skin. You can try these bras such as Fruit of the Loom Women’s Seamed Soft Cup Wirefree Bra.

A woman modeling the Fruit of the Loom Women's Seamed Soft Cup Wirefree Bra

8. Tighten the bra shoulder straps to lift the breasts

A bra with a good fit will make your breasts look nice and sexy. One way to make your bra fit perfectly is to tighten the shoulder straps. Even if you are not wearing a push-up bra, simply adjusting the shoulder straps to fit tightly gives your breasts a lift.

Always choose a bra with comfortable straps so that you do not have to deal with seams digging under the skin. You can find a seamless bra that will feel good to wear even for a long time.

9. Shapewear with a built-in bra

Wearing shapewear with a built-in bra can be great for enhancing the shape and size of your breasts. Shapewear is meant to enhance your silhouette so the bra has some padding and it fits tightly.

You can choose to go for a full-body shapewear or a half-body one as long as it comes with a bra attached. We have shapewear with padded bra cups for enhancing breast size.

10. Wear tighter and smaller tops to enhance the relative size of your boobs

The mistake many people do is hiding their small boobs under baggy clothing. Unfortunately, this does not work since it makes your chest appear even smaller.

If you go for a tighter top, your boobs will be more visible. Always go for tops that are snug and fit the body correctly. A classic fit is the best because it is not too tight or too loose fitting.

11. Wear tops with large horizontal stripes, beads, or ruffles

If you have small boobs, there are chances that your upper body is small. The good news is that horizontal strips give the illusion of a larger width so this is important for women with small breasts.

Vertical stripes are not recommended since they give a slimming illusion. Tops with ruffles are also great since they add a layer of fabric and still look fitted. You can also wear beads to draw attention to a different part of your body.

12. Wear tight-fitting clothes to make your waist seem smaller than your bust

You can make your breasts look larger by creating balance in the body. For instance, by wearing tight-fitting clothes, you can make your waist appear smaller.

Since your waist looks smaller, once the eye moves to the chest it will appear to be proportionally bigger. You can wear belts to achieve a smaller waist. Tailored clothes that fit correctly around the waist are also one of the best. Creating a proper balance between your upper and lower body is always a good idea.

13. Embrace chest exercises

Working out can enhance the size of your breasts. This is a long-term process so do not expect to get results overnight. Doing exercises like pushups and bench presses helps you to grow some chest muscles. Your bust will thus marginally increase in size naturally and also look firmer.

14. Massaging your breasts

Breast massage can help with increasing breast size. Massage helps to improve the flow of blood to the breasts which is important for encouraging muscle growth in that area.

Breast massage works but it’s a long-term solution. It takes time to get results and unfortunately you might only experience a small change.

15. Take foods rich in proteins and estrogen to increase breast size naturally

A good diet is important for encouraging the growth of breast tissue. If you want your breasts to grow naturally, you need to focus on consuming protein-rich foods. It is also advisable to look for foods that are rich in estrogens such as dried fruits, flax seeds, and peaches.

Estrogen is a hormone that promotes the growth of the breast and you can get it from natural sources. Avoid taking injectable estrogen as much as possible.

16. Practice sitting, standing, and walking in a straight posture

Sometimes you do not need to change the size of your breasts. Changing your posture can do wonders in making your chest appear fuller. The trick is to practice sitting, walking, or standing upright. When you do this your breasts will be more visible and this will also enhance your confidence.

17. Contour and highlight your chest and cleavage to make the bust appear fuller

Makeup can do wonders for your appearance. You probably did not know that contouring and highlighting your chest can make your bust appear bigger.

When wearing a low-cut top, you can show some cleavage by contouring the chest area. If you are good at makeup technique, you will notice a very huge difference.

18. Accessorize with necklaces or pendants plus low-neckline tops and dresses

Sometimes shifting focus from the bust area is the trick. If you are feeling insecure about a small bust, you can shift focus from the chest area by wearing fancy neckpieces and pendants. The eye will automatically shift to the beautiful neck pieces instead of your flat chest. This trick always works when you want to enhance other parts of your body.


Are bigger breasts trendy?

When it comes to fashion trends, the ideal body type has been changing over the years. However, people are now accepting that all bodies are beautiful. Everyone has their preference so bigger breasts are no longer trendy. But if your chest is flat and you’re looking for a feminine look, you can make your breasts appear bigger through fashion. The trick is to make it look as natural as possible.

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