How to Pack Jeans in a Suitcase (Space-Saving Hacks)

A expert guide on how to pack jeans in a suitcase, how to fold jeans for packing, how to roll jeans for packing, How to Pack Jeans to Save Space, best way to pack jeans in a suitcase. sweetskinliners.comWe all love a good pair of jeans. Jeans are universally accepted across all cultures, age groups, and social classes. Next time you are traveling, you want to throw a few pairs of jeans in your travel bag. Jean pants are versatile and easy to style making them perfect for travel. The trick is knowing how to pack them so that they do not bunch up into crazy creases or take the whole space in your suitcase.

So learning how to pack jeans in a suitcase will help you carry more with your luggage and ensure that your clothes are presentable when you later put them on.

By now, you already know that I never leave behind a couple of jeans when going on trips or vacations. And I hope that my guide will convince you to pack a pair or two for your next trip. So, how do you organize jeans in your traveling bag? It’s as simple and easy as creatively folding or rolling them.

But first, is carrying jeans when traveling even worth it? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Advantages of carrying jeans when traveling

i.) No need to wash it frequently

You can wear them several times before you need to wash them. They are perfect for backpacking or on instances when you do not have the time or resources to wash clothes. If you will always be on the move during your trip, jeans are a perfect choice.

ii.) Jeans are versatile

When it comes to versatility in mixing, matching, and styling your body as a woman, jeans are the ideal choice (see the best jeans for a mom pooch here You can dress them down for weekends or informal parties. In instances when you want to look semi-formal, you can dress jeans up with a shirt or blazer to achieve a business casual look.

iii.) Hardy and durable for tough environment

If you will be tackling unforgiving terrain with rocks, thorns, and bushes, wear a pair of jeans. Genuine jeans are tough enough to resist tear and wear in an environment where other fabrics would have ripped apart.

Disadvantages of carrying jeans when traveling

i.) They’re heavy and bulky

Since jeans are made of tough material, they are heavy and bulky. They will take a significant amount of space in your suitcase and they might also make your luggage heavy.

ii.) It’s difficult to hand wash jeans while traveling

Although you do not need to wash jeans regularly, hand washing them can be hectic. It’ll take time to wash them by hand and it will also take a lot of time before they dry. However, if you have access to machine washing and tumble drying services while on the go, then jeans will be convenient for you to carry.

iii.) Uncomfortable in hot weather

If you are traveling to the tropics where the weather is hot, jeans might make you sweaty. You might even need to have different types of pants so that you can wear jeans at night when the weather is a bit chilly.

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How to Fold Jeans for Packing

i.) Folding along the Seams

Before you start folding your jeans, make sure that you stretch them on a straight surface. Close the zippers and unravel the pockets. Try to eliminate any creases with your hand. The trick with this method is to make sure that you line up the seams.

After lining your seams fold the jeans into half in such a way that the hems go up to the waist. You can fold them once more and arrange them in a vertical position in your suitcase. It is also possible to store them flat at the bottom of your luggage after folding them in half.

ii.) How to Roll Jeans for Packing

a.) Normal rolling

There is no harm in rolling jeans since they won’t get wrinkles when you do it well. And they’ll actually take much less space and in case a pair of jeans falls, it won’t unravel.

The first step is to fold the jeans pocket to pocket. After that lay them on a flat surface and fold one leg in a half diagonally. From the waist, start rolling the jeans until you reach the folded diagonal half of the leg. Tuck in the rolled jeans into the diagonal half.

b.) Army rolling and tucking technique

The army rolling technique helps you to greatly save space in your backpack suitcase. It’s essentially a rangers’ technique that turns your pants to resemble a big burrito ready for camping.

Hold your jeans by the waist, zip and button them up, and then turn the waist inside out. Tuck the pockets in.

Straighten the jeans on a flat surface and place one leg over the other.

Begin rolling from the ankles until you get to the waist and tuck the rolled ball into the area where you had turned the waist inside out.

Please check the video below on how to do it.

iii.) Folding and Rolling

It is possible to use both the folding and rolling method to prepare your jeans for packing. When using this method, the first step is to fold your jeans one leg over the other.

Look for a flat surface and fold the jeans into half from ankle to waist. After folding you can now start rolling it tightly from the hem to the waist. You can then use rubber bands to secure the rolled ball.

iv.) Wrapping into a Bundle

Bundle packing is a great way to keep clothes organized. If you are going to pack jeans alongside other clothes, this is the best method to use.

It’s also ideal if you are going to unpack your clothes at once at your destination. The trick is to start with the most tailored clothes like shirts and put them at the bottom. In the middle, you can place less tailored clothes and start folding them towards the middle until you form a bundle.

How to Effectively Pack Jeans and other Clothes in a Suitcase

i.) Pack the rolled jeans and other outfits at the bottom

When packing jeans with other clothes, it is advisable to start with heavier clothes. If you use the rolling method, place the rolled jeans at the bottom of the bag or suitcase.

The rolled jeans should be at the bottom so that you create enough and convenient space for other lighter clothes. And just like a car, having the heavier garments at the bottom of the luggage will lower the center of gravity making it easier to carry.

ii.) Keep jeans together to prevent them from bleeding on other clothes

Organizing clothes in a tight space like a suitcase comes with challenges. The denim pants might bleed on other types of garments when packed in close contact.

If you suspect that your jeans will bleed into other clothes, roll and put them in a separate packing bag.

iii.) How to Pack Jeans to Save Space -pack tightly

Tight packing is the best way to carry thick clothes like jeans. Make sure that you roll the jeans and put them in a packing cube. Packing cubes allow you to pack your clothes tightly so that a lot more of them go into a small space.

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iv.) Placing folded jeans and other outfits at the top

Unlike rolled jeans, you can place folded jeans at the top of the suitcase over the other outfits. It’s an excellent way to save space by putting all the other clothes at the bottom. Packing folded jeans at the top also makes it easy to close the suitcase.


You can carry your jeans on any adventure or business trip you want to go on as long as you master the right packing technique. Traveling with jeans does not have to be bulky or hectic. With the right folding, rolling, and bundling methods, your jeans will take up much less space in the suitcase.

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