What to Wear Under a See Through Dress?

Wearing a see-through dress is an exciting experience, but you want to make sure that your body looks great underneath it. Nowadays, women aren’t afraid to show off their bodies, even if they do happen to be wearing something that leaves little to the imagination. To find out what works best with different types of dresses check out our guide below:

1. Types of underwear that you should wear underneath a see through dress

Skimpy innerwear such as thongs and string bikinis will cause indecent exposure under a revealing dress. Great protection against exposing yourself will come from choosing innerwear such as full coverage briefs or bikini bottoms, high waist and control briefs, and high-rise hipsters and legging pants (see a review of the best leggings to wear underneath a dress here https://www.sweetskinliners.com/body-shape/best-leggings-to-wear-under-dresses/). Just like the bra, nude-colored underwear will give you nice barely-there-but-there coverage. You can also go for a swim skirt, such as the Septangle Women’s Mid Waist Swim Skirt since it will hide any appearance of innerwear beneath.

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Before leaving the house, get someone to take a photo of you with camera flash, and ensure that you’re satisfied with how revealing your dress is.

2. Here is why you should wear a skin-colored bra under a see through dress

You are sure to get stares when you wear a see-through dress, but there is one way that could help avoid unwanted attention especially from men. Put on a nude-colored bra or bralette that closely matches your skin tone. Just like foundation, such a bra will blend in with your natural skin tone even when the lights are in your direction.

An alternative is a bra that is the same color as the dress underneath so that you’re nicely covered without attracting too much attention to your bosom. However, due to fabric differences, such a bra will still show, especially when you are under some bright light.

3. Put on a bodysuit

A bodysuit or sleeveless leotard will provide full coverage to your torso, unlike simply wearing a bra and a panty. The bodysuit should be in plain color because prints would attract undue attention to the areas where it’s not desired. A good bodysuit such as MANGOPOP Bodysuit for Women Scoop Neck Sleeveless Ribbed Racerback Tank Tops is stretchy and breathable to keep you comfortable all day long.

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4. Unitard for maxi dresses

If your revealing or maxi dress goes all the way to the ankles, then a slim fit unitard will match it and give you a touch of elegance. Stretch Cotton Bodysuit Women’s Scoop Neck Sleeveless Unitard is our top choice for a stretchy, lightweight, and breathable unitard that is a great fit for all outdoor activities.

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5. Here is why you should wear a slip dress

A slip dress is perfect because not only will it keep your assets covered but also boost your confidence. A mini slip dress such as Avidlove Women Satin Mini Slip Dress is mid-thigh short and strapless and thus it can slip under different types of dresses. It also comes in a variety of more than 25 colors.

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Is it OK to wear a see-through dress?

If the see-through part isn’t too revealing and covers your sensitive parts, then feel free. If the full cloth is revealing, be mindful of what is underneath- we’ve laid out great undergarment choices that will not only preserve your dignity but also make you classy and confident.

That being said, a revealing dress should be limited to night outs, dates, wedding night parties, modeling, and fashion shows. Leave it out of the workplace, daytime weddings and family gatherings, funerals, and such other events where decency is required.

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