What Bra to Wear With Square Neck Top (10 Amazing Picks)

A square neck top looks cute and simple to style until you realize that your bra’s cups are popping above your top. For a square neckline, you need a low-cut bra like the balconette bra style. With this type of bra, the cups are non-molded and they lie low on the bosom.

So you can comfortably wear your square neckline top without your bra showing. And if your top is strapless or features spaghetti straps, you can get it done with a bandeau bra.

From our tests and buyer feedback, we’ve concluded that Deyllo Women’s Sexy Lace Underwire Balconette Bra and b.tempt’d Women’s Ciao Bella Balconette Bra are the sexiest if you love lace overlay, while the Carole Martin Strapless Comfort Wireless is the best for a spaghetti strap top.

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Editor’s Pick for the Best Bras for a Square Neck Top

Editors remark
1. Deyllo Women's Sexy Lace Balconette Bra, See Through Underwire Unlined Demi Bralette for low cut tops and dresses
51% Polyester, 49% Nylon
Sexy overlay and side-set straps
2. A woman modelling the b.tempt'd Women's Ciao Bella Balconette Bra, one of the best bras for wear under a square neckline top
86% Nylon, 14% Spandex
Sexy overlay and really low-cut cups
3. Carole Martin strap-free comfort wire free brassiere, strapless bra for low cut tops and dresses
82% Nylon -18% Spandex Microfiber blend /Lace trim
Best for tops with spaghetti straps

Wondering What Bra to Wear With Square Neck Top? Here are the 10 Best Choices

Balconette Bras

1. b.tempt’d Women’s Ciao Bella Balconette Bra

A woman modelling the b.tempt'd Women's Ciao Bella Balconette Bra, one of the best bras for wear under a square neckline top

This bra is all you need when wearing a low-rise top. It is a small and sexy bra made with lace fabric. For added details, it has a bow between the bra cups. Its shoulder straps are properly side-set to ensure that they hide underneath the square-shaped neckline of a top.

Just like the normal bras, it has a hook-and-eye closure design for easy adjustment. The bra cups also have underwires so they will give you a good lift. With this bra, you get a unique style, a sexy look, and guaranteed comfort.

“This bra fits great. Exactly what I needed for  square-necked tops . Great fit and color. Though the lace is pretty I wish there was a non-lace option.”- SkinnyJeansGal

Material: 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Ideal for low-rise square neck tops
  • Sexy and unique style
  • Functional design – hook and eye design, easy to adjust
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • The lace may be noticeable under some light clothes

2. DOBREVA Women’s Sexy Lace Underwire Bra Unlined Balconette Demi Bra

Wondering what bra to wear with square neck top? Here is a lady wearing the DOBREVA Women's Sexy Lace Bra, Underwire Balconette, Unlined Sheer Demi Bra for Plus Size.

If you are looking for a sexy bra, this is your best choice. It’s made from beautiful sheer fabric and it’s not lined so it shows the skin underneath.

The best bra to wear with square neck tops has low cut cups, the best for wearing with a low neck outline. For that extra lift, it has an underwire so you can show your cleavage. You can also adjust and style the shoulder straps in different ways.

“I’ve been looking for a balcony style bra for square neck tops and this was perfect!  Fits true to size  and is so flattering. Will be purchasing in another color!”Alexis

Fabric: 82% Polyamide, 18% Spandex

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Sexy sheer fabric bra
  • Balconette style for low-neck tops
  • Under-wired cups to give you some lift
  • Straps are versatile
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • It’s not an everyday bra

3. Deyllo Women’s Sexy Lace Bra, Underwire Unlined See Through Balconette

Deyllo Women's Sexy Lace Balconette Bra, See Through Underwire Unlined Demi Bralette for low cut tops and dresses

A sexy see-through bra with lace is a must-have in your lingerie closet if you like celebrating your femininity. This embroidery bra is sheer and it has an underwire to keep your boobs looking attractive.

It has double straps at the front for added comfort but they are still adjustable and side set to match a milkmaid neckline top. The wings are made from a mesh fabric so they are stretchable and comfortable to wear.

Fabric: 51% Polyester, 49% Nylon

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Sexy see-through design
  • Adjustable straps for comfort
  • Stretchable fabric design
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • No padding

4. Panache Women’s Jasmine Balconette Bra (6951)

A model wearing the Panache Women's Jasmine Balconette Bra (6951), a bra that helps to projects the boobs forward and to shape them

This balconette bra has a simple but beautiful look. It’s a tailored bra with wired cups so it almost looks like a corset.

If you want to enhance the shape of your upper body, this is a good choice to consider for your bra. The bra offers all the support and comfort that you need since it has stretchy lace and laminated cups. Its Powermesh wings and side support panels help to project your boobs forward and to ensure that your bust is centered.

“The wires are wide and high enough that  they get all my breast tissue into the cup , and the way the sides are designed it really pulls the tissue out of my armpits and onto my chest where it is more comfortable for me. I also like that the straps sit so wide apart – most ladies’ dress shirts these days have wide-set necklines and often show bra straps. I can wear these right at the edges of my shoulders so my straps don’t show out of my shirt but they also don’t fall down.”Follow Your Arrow in Oklahoma

Fabric: 70% Polyamide, 23% Polyester, 7% Elastane

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Simple but beautiful design
  • Great for shaping your upper body
  • Comfortable fabric that feels good on the skin
  • Functional laminated cups
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • It’s a tailored bra so it has to fit you well for comfort

5. Rosme Sexy Plus Size Balconette Bra Lace Bralette Lingerie Annija

Rosme Sexy Plus Size Balconette Bra Lace Bralette Lingerie Annija available in Black, Beige, and White colors. Best balconette bra for cleavage

If you have been low on confidence due to a lumpy breast, this bra will help you get your sexy side back.

This bra gives you a combination of sexiness and comfort and for fibrocystic boobs, it gives you the right support and coverage you need to give your breasts some tender comfort. The cups are large enough to cover your breasts while at the same time showing an attractive cleavage. Besides what bra to wear with a square neck top, the balconette design is an ideal choice if your fibrocystic lumps are painful or uncomfortable in the upper side of the breast.

It is made with a soft fabric that gives you a gentle feeling. Although benign breast lumps don’t hurt in most cases, the last thing you would want from a bra is to feel any form of discomfort. It comes with thick adjustable straps and an under-wire to give you proper lift and support.

For women with odd-shaped breasts, this bra helps them to achieve a more spherical shape.

Material: Polyester/ Elastane

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Sexy balconette bra design
  • Decent coverage for low-neckline tops
  • Comfortable – lightweight and seamless material
  • Gives breasts natural shaping with minimal padding
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • It’s a laced bra so might not be ideal for everyday wear

Demi Bras

6. Simone Perele Women’s Eden Demi Cup Plunge

Simone Perele Women's Eden Demi Cup Plunge bra, a feminine brassiere for squared neckline tops

If you are looking to explore your feminine side in squared neckline tops, this is a good choice of bra. It is made with a beautiful lace that gives it a French design. Unlike other bras, it has some unique features that add to the style like a bow between the cups and also spaghetti straps.

The double spaghetti straps add to the comfort but they also make the bra unique.

Overall, it’s a comfortable bra with beautiful stretchy lace and it’s also seamless.

Fabric: 78% Nylon, 22% Elastane

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Feminine French design
  • Unique features and style
  • Comfortable stretchy fabric and seamless design
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Does not have padding to make up for small boobs

7. Iris & Lilly Women’s Microfiber Demi Bra

A woman modeling the Iris & Lilly Female Microfiber Demi Bra

The Iris demi bra is a simple bra that you can wear as a t-shirt bra. It is made from a beautiful microfiber fabric so it feels good on the skin.

This is a simple bra but has unique accessories like a bow between the cups. It has some light padding so it feels good on the skin without feeling too bulky. The bra also has features that you would get from other bras like an under-wire and adjustable straps.

“I ordered this bra for my tween who says it fits comfortably. It works well under a t-shirt, in particular, as it has soft cups that are contoured well so  the bra shape isn’t visible under your clothes . She says it stays in place all day and the cup design makes it good for wearing with most shirt styles, even a v-neck or loose round neck.”- J. W.

Fabric: 51% Polyamide, 22% Polyester, 15% Elastane, 12% Cotton

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Simple everyday bra
  • Comfortable and lightweight fabric
  • Light padding for versatility
  • Easy and versatile to adjust straps
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Might not fit well for plus-size women

8. Deyllo Women’s Sexy Lace Balconette Bra, See Through Demi Unlined Bra

Deyllo Women's Sexy Lace Balconette Bra, See Through Demi Unlined Bra with Mesh Sheer fabric and underwired cups

If you are not keen on padding but you want a sexy bra, this unlined bra is the best choice. It’s an unlined bra so you can wear it every time you are feeling sexy for a night out or as lingerie.

The bra is made from a sheer fabric so it has no padding but it still has an underwire to give you some nice lift. Make sure that you choose the right size since it’s supposed to fit perfectly. Even if you have a small bust, this is a good bra for building confidence.

Fabric: 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane

It’s amazing that an unlined bra can make such a nice shape, and be really comfortable as well! (Especially since I’ve got the post-breastfeeding sag and nipples.) And as a bonus, this bra is also quite sexy. I also really like that it doesn’t show even with a pretty low neckline. I wish I could get it in more colors.”- G. R. Odhner

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Sexy see-through bra
  • Low-cut and non-molded cups
  • Versatile to wear for a night out or as lingerie
  • Ideal for women with a small bust
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • No breast cups padding

9. DOBREVA Women’s Strapless Floral Lace Longline Mini Bustier Bra

DOBREVA Women's Strapless Floral Lace Longline Mini Bustier Bra

This longline bra’s sheer lace will make you look charming in plunging and low-cut tops, unbuttoned crop tops, and even sheer or off-shoulder dresses (see more bras for one-shoulders here www.sweetskinliners.com/bras/best-bras-for-one-shoulder-dress/).

The beautiful bra features side boning and a well-shaped front for excellent support and a seamless look. It also features silicone along the upper band to keep the bra firmly in place throughout the day.

The longline lace inserts with a stunning mesh layer offer better breathability and a feminine charm. The side boning ensures no side spilling or bulging, while removable straps provide for multiple styles of wearing the bustier.

The lightly underwired and lined cups are suitable for support and a natural bust shape. And the available colors, black, white, and beige, are convenient for different dresses and tops.

Material: 100% Polyamide

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Soft and safe polyamide fabric
  • The sheer lace is stunning and breathable
  • Side and front boning provide support and prevent spillage
  • Sexy when worn underneath jackets and unbuttoned shirts and tops
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • If you have large breasts, the balconette cups make the busier unsuitable for wearing alone

10. Carole Martin Strapless Comfort Wireless Bra

Carole Martin strap-free comfort wire free brassiere, strapless bra for low cut tops and dresses, best strapless bra for large bust Australia

Planning for a special day? Then Carole Martin classic strapless bra is the bra for you.

Long gone are the days of complicating your life with shoulder straps that looked like ropes.   This strapless comfort bra gives you no strings-attached comfort no matter your bust shape or size. So if your square neck top features side set spaghetti-sized straps like this Verdusa Square Neck Spaghetti Strap Cami Top, then this bandeau brassiere is the best choice.

You will feel and look superior in this plus-size strapless bra made with a blend of soft microfiber fabric. You only need to pull it over your head and spin it into position.

If you don’t like the pressure and suffocation of padded bras, then we recommend this brassiere because it is unpadded and wire-free.

“I had a super low-cut blouse that I loved and recently bought but the neckline was too low for me. After giving up on sewing a higher neckline,  I looked everywhere for a bra like this . I love that it has a clasp at the back. It is still pretty see through so if your shirt is made of a thinner material and doesn’t have a lot of support, be careful of that.”- Justyn

Material: 82% Nylon -18% Spandex Microfiber blend /Lace trim: 91% Nylon/9% Spandex blend

<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Unpadded and wire free
  • A touch of class
  • Easy and fast to wear
  • Snugly fits the bust and band line without undue pressure
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Doesn’t have detachable straps

FAQs on What Bra to Wear with Square Neckline

What are the best bras for a square neckline top?

The two best bras for a square neckline are balconette and demi bras. Both of these bra types have small and low-cut cups so you can be sure that the cups will stay hidden even when wearing a square neckline.

Which body shape suits a square neck top?

The square neckline top shows the larger part of your collarbone, so it would bring out the best in you if you have a square jawline. If you have a shorter neck, the low neckline top will also help to highlight a longer neck.

Since the milkmaid neck top or dress design accentuates broader shoulders, it’s ideal for pear-shaped women because it’ll help to balance your wide hips.

A square neck top is also ideal for a fuller bust because it highlights your curves devoid of unnecessary layers.

What neckline looks best for broad shoulders?

If you have broad shoulders the first instinct is to cover up. However, the best neckline for broad shoulders is something that shows off the shoulders. Women with broad shoulders look good in strapless clothing with a neckline that cuts horizontally above the bust.

This is a great style that brings attention to your beautiful neck. If you have broad shoulders avoid collars or anything that adds bulkiness around the shoulders.

Difference between balconette and demi-cup bras

Both demi and balconette bras expose the upper part of the boobs but there is a difference in the push-up effect. Most balconettes have an underwire and are designed to lift the breasts, hence their ‘balcony’ appearance.


Square neckline tops are great for many reasons, such as accentuating a sexy bust and cleavage, elongating the neck, balancing the shoulders with the wide hips of pear type woman, blending with a square jawline, and so on.

The challenge comes with matching the top with a bra that won’t show over the low-cut square neck top. From our tests and customer reviews, we’ve concluded that b.tempt’d Women’s Ciao Bella Balconette Bra and Deyllo Women’s Sexy Lace Underwire Balconette Bra are the sexiest if you love lace overlay, while the Carole Martin Strapless Comfort Wireless is the best for a spaghetti strap top.

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