How to Hide Underwear Lines in Leggings (9 Must-Know Tips)

What are Visible Panty Lines?

Visible panty lines are a wardrobe malfunction that happens when the outline of your undergarments is visible on your outfit. More so when you wear tight or transparent clothing. VPLs can be embarrassing and they can easily ruin a good outfit.

They can easily take your outfit from classy to tacky so it’s good to know how to prevent them. Since leggings are made from very thin fabrics, it is not uncommon to see visible underwear lines in leggings. Fortunately, this can be avoided by carefully selecting the seamless innerwear and also being creative with how you wear your leggings.

How to Hide Underwear Lines in Leggings

1. Wear thick, opaque, and textured fabric, or denim leggings

Adding volume to your outfit is one of the most effective ways to prevent visible panty lines. You can do this by wearing thicker leggings that add volume to the butt area. Opaque fabrics and dark colors are also the best because they make the silhouette, seams, and other features less distinct.

Textured fabrics are great because they overwhelm or distract the eye. Instead of seeing the VPL, all you see is the fabric texture. You can also opt to go for denim leggings instead of regular leggings. Denim leggings are thick and look like normal jeans.

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2. Choose leggings with rear pockets

Rear pockets on any kind of pants help to conceal the bum. Thus rear pockets will add another layer of fabric to your leggings to further hide the panty lines. They also distract the eye so people will focus on the pockets rather than any VPL you may have.

A Woman Modelling the JEGGE High Waist Yoga Leggings with 4 Pockets, Tummy Control Workout Running 4 Way Stretch Cargo Pocket Leggings

3. Wear boyshorts, slip shorts, or briefs

Normal panties always show visible panty lines in leggings since their seams run diagonally across the butt. Fortunately, you can avoid this by wearing boyshorts underneath your leggings. Boy shorts, slip shorts, and briefs are much longer and go below your butt so no VPL will appear underneath your outfit.

When you decide to go for these panties alternatives, make sure that they fit properly. They should also not be too bulky or thick since they can also cause creases underneath your leggings.

A lady modeling the Calvin Klein Women's Pure Seamless Boy Shorts

4. Wear lightweight, seamless, and properly fitting panties

When we talk about underwear lines in leggings, it is usually the seams that create an ugly outline underneath your clothes. You can solve this by wearing seamless panties that create a very thin layer that seems like a second skin.

Avoid wearing bulky or ill-fitting panties because they will crease leading to the VPLs you’re trying to avoid.

5. Try thongs and G-strings

Since thongs and G-strings are highly cut-out pieces, you do not have to worry about VPL with them. The design of thongs and G-strings means that you do not have to deal with seams below your butt area. Thongs and G-strings have a “naked look” so you seem like you are not wearing any panties.

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6. Wear pantyhose, stockings, or tights underneath the leggings in winter

If the idea of going pantyless does not work for you, you can decide to wear pantyhose, stockings, or tights in cold weather. Pantyhose offer you another layer of clothes in winter for much-needed warmth.

These do not have panty seams since they are of the same length as your leggings. Unfortunately, this can only work during the cold months since it can be too hot to wear two layers of clothes on a normal hot summer day.

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7. Wear a tunic top to cover your behind

Wearing a long top that goes below your butt area is the ideal wear to cover up your behind. Tunics are the best tops for pairing with leggings. Since tunic tops are loose-fitting, they complement tight-fitting leggings.

Long tunics are great for covering sheer leggings too. Tunic tops also transform your leggings from loungewear to casual wear so you can easily wear your leggings outdoors to casual events.

A beautiful model doning the Isaac Liev Women's 3/4 Sleeve Batwing Sleeve Off-Shoulder Tunic Top

8. Try mid-thigh or full-thigh shapewear underneath the leggings

Instead of wearing panties underneath your leggings, you can decide to wear shapewear. Wearing shapewear will improve your shape when wearing leggings but will also help you prevent VPL.

We have mid-thigh shapewear that goes way below the butt and also full-thigh shapewear. These options are good because they give you the protective feeling of wearing underwear without showing any panty lines.

9. Avoid underwear altogether by wearing specially lined leggings

If you are bold enough, you can skip wearing underwear altogether. Since you are not wearing any panties, the question of visible panty lines is out of the way. You can choose to go pantyless if you are wearing good-quality leggings. We have leggings that come with a lined crotch. The crotch area is lined in a soft and comfortable cotton fabric so even if you are not wearing any panties it feels comfortable.

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