Best Shirt Material for Hot Weather (13 Choices that You Need to Know)

Heat and sweat can turn fun summer months into a disaster. At this time, you need to wear clothes that feel comfortable, light, and airy. You also need to wear moisture-absorbing fabrics that keep away sweat and encourage evaporation.

Natural fabrics are the best shirt materials for hot weather since they are breathable, light, and comfortable. Avoid chemically treated fabrics that irritate the skin because, during the hot months, they will cause discomfort.

The Best Shirt Fabrics for Women’s Shirts

1. Woven fabrics

Woven fabrics are great for shirts for hot weather since they’re breathable. The small holes in the fabric allow heat to escape and also allow cold air to cool the body. If you decide to go for a woven fabric, choose natural fiber since apart from the cooling effect, it also feels good on the skin.

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2. Modal fabric

If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to cotton, modal fabric is a good option. It is made from a spinning beech tree. According to experts, it is superior to cotton since it absorbs sweat 50% more than cotton. Also, unlike cotton, it does not wrinkle so it’s easier to maintain. Modal lasts for a long time and does not fade so you get great value for money.

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3. Cotton

Natural cotton has all the qualities you need to stay cool in summery weather. A lightweight cotton shirt will absorb all the sweat and it will also dry very fast to keep you cool and dry. Cotton is also soft, lightweight, and feels smooth and comfy. The best thing is that cotton is also affordable.

4. Rayon

Rayon is a popular fabric for summer wear. It’s made from very thin fibers so it’s good for hot weather. The thin fibers allow air inside the body to provide a cooling effect. It also does not stick to the skin so it’s ideal for sportswear. However, rayon is only good for dry heat because, unlike cotton, it does not absorb moisture.

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5. Lyocell

A Lyocell top is all you need for those scorching months. It is considered a luxurious fabric when it comes to natural fibers. Lyocell is a relatively new fabric but it has already won the hearts of many for offering both comfort and luxury. It’s a hypoallergenic fabric so apart from making shirts, it’s also used for bedsheets.

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6. Spandex

Spandex is not breathable but it still has several qualities to help your shirt beat the hot summer months. It’s moisture-wicking so it will help to absorb and wick most of the sweat, keeping your garment free from sweat stains. The best thing about spandex is that it dries up quickly so it is the best for sportswear.

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7. Linen

Linen is a very breathable fabric. Apart from breathability, it has super absorbing powers. It can absorb sweat from your body without feeling heavy. If you want a good linen shirt for summer, choose one with loosely woven fibers that allow airflow. Lightweight linen is also the best since it absorbs moisture and dries out fast.

8. Chambray

If you are not keen, it’s easy to mistake chambray for denim. A simple way to define chambray is that it is a lighter version of denim. Unlike denim which is hard and rigid, chambray is a no-see-through fabric but soft and flexible. It also feels good on the skin. Chambray has a fine weave so it allows air inside the body. It is also breathable and feels soft on the body for comfort.

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9. Polyester

Unlike popular belief, polyester can be good for summer. It is fairly breathable so you will feel cool. Most sports fabrics are made from polyester fabric because it is lightweight. It also allows moisture to evaporate from the skin and feels comfortable.

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10. Nylon

Nylon might not be the best summer material but it is still good for the warmer season. One of the qualities that make it a good choice is its lightweight nature. It does not feel heavy on the body so it will keep you comfortable and even allow sweat to evaporate quickly.

11. Silk

If you are looking for a natural and high-end fabric, silk is a good option. It’s a natural fiber so it feels good and comfortable on the skin. Apart from being lightweight, it can regulate your body temperature and even absorb excess moisture. It’s a comfortable and luxurious fabric so it might be a little bit expensive.

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12. Hemp

Hemp has many qualities that make it the perfect hot-weather fabric. It is breathable and also absorbs a lot of moisture during sweaty days. If you are worried about getting sweaty, the material has anti-odor properties and is also anti-microbial.

13. Bamboo

Bamboo is a great alternative to cotton. It has the features of cotton fabric but it is better than cotton. Unlike cotton, it has high absorbing power, is soft, and dries moisture fast. Growing bamboo is easier on Mother Nature than growing cotton so it is a good eco-friendly alternative.

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Do cooling shirts work?

Cooling shirts work since they are made from hollow fiber fabrics. The fibers absorb moisture from the skin so they do not soak in sweat. Through regulated evaporation, the sweat dries out by passing through the tiny holes thus cooling the body.

What fabrics should you not wear in summer?

Synthetic fabrics are the worst for summer. They are chemically treated so they might irritate the skin. Fabrics like acrylic and satin should not be worn during summer. Some natural fabrics like wool and leather are bad for scorching weather since they are very heavy.

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